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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: Congrats Jean!

Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 06/19/07 06:02 PM

I saw your name on the list of Moondance finalists. Good job!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/19/07 10:19 PM

Thx, Laqueta! I still have goosebumps! :)

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 06/19/07 10:26 PM

Way to go, Jean. You only write winners.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/19/07 10:53 PM

Great job, Jean!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/19/07 10:57 PM

Your words mean a lot to me from someone who has been in the winners circle himself!! :)

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/19/07 10:58 PM

"Eric..." Meant to add your name to my last post! :)

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/19/07 10:59 PM

Thx, Heather! :)

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 06/20/07 01:21 PM

Way to go, Jean.


I have had a chance to read Jean's excellent script, Serena's Thunder and the script absolutely deserves the recognition.

Good luck in the finals. I know it will do well.


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 06/20/07 06:34 PM


Congrats. I hope it leads to a first sale and great credits, although cash is better in the short run.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/20/07 09:24 PM

Peter & Randy...thx much for the kind words and encouragement. Means a lot and is very much appreciated. Thx again everyone!! :)

Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 07/05/07 11:20 PM

Good going Jean, for your staggering THREE WINS in the Indie Gathering Script Writing contest!

SLADE - Crime/Drama LADY JAZZ - Suspense/Thriller SERENA'S THUNDER - Family

Keep up the good work :)

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/05/07 11:34 PM

Thx, Laqueta!

Best wishes to you also! :)

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 07/06/07 12:29 PM

Again --

Joining the chorus.

Congrats, Jean.

Well deserved wins with three terrific scripts.

Sheesh - leave a crumb or two for the rest of us. :)

On a roll, baby.


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/06/07 10:07 PM

Thx, Peter! :)

Author: Terri Dickey Posted: 07/07/07 06:34 PM

Jeez, Jean (hey, THERE'S A NEW SAYING)--

What are you? The Meryl Streep of Screenwriters? LOL!

Reminds me of T.J. Lynch. Won every single contest he entered (including Nicholl).


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/07/07 09:29 PM

Thx, Terri! :)