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Messages posted since 08/29/2014


Author: Bill G Chaulau Posted: 06/20/07 12:07 PM

I seriously think that all screenwriting contests out there should provide a one sentence logline to all its entries. This would make all contest fair and more competitive.

Could some Contest Admin. staff comment on this idea?

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 06/20/07 11:54 PM

I'm writing a lighthearted musical comedy about verticle challenges coupled with orientation confusion and extraordinary carnal urges.

So could we hear from any transgender nymphomaniac dwarfs out there? Anyone?

Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/21/07 12:38 PM


Talking in codes?, why?


But help the guy out with some direct advice.

We all work hard and need to help each other.

Some of the best scripts had great one line log lines. eg. Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Gremlins, Hellraiser, Ghostrider, Breach, Fight Club.

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 06/21/07 01:52 PM

I'm not sure what Bill G means. Does he mean that contests should post their entrants' loglines? If so, how would that make a contest more fair? How would that make a contest more competitive?

Author: John Pusztay Posted: 06/21/07 07:28 PM


If Bill were to ask one coherent question, perhaps he'd get a decent answer.

His question makes no sense whatsoever (proof via Terry's response), and does not deserve attention.

I'm not sure what this idiot is asking. Why would a contest create the loglines for the entrants? Who wants to enter a contest for $50 or more and have it judged based solely on a logline? See, you can't decifer psycho-babble to tell what Helen Keller Jr. here means by his inane question.

He's just posting to post and I, for one, don't put up with people like that.

Now if anyone other than Bill were to post a serious question, then I'd be glad to give a serious answer.

Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/23/07 01:56 PM

I want to know if the CONTEST should first read the script, then judge it and then create a logline.

By creating a logline, the person paying will have proof that the script was read.

And of course this would be a three line logline. You know the logline formula created by the Gurus of screenwriting.

So far there is only one contest that that will create a logline after they have read every single page of the script. And if the logline is off, you can request another read by senior staff.

And based on the logline you will know if the reader read the script.

Hope this clear up the confusion.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/23/07 02:20 PM

Hey Bobby,

Which contest does the logline for every script? I got good loglines from Slamdance, but I can't remember if that is for every script.


Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/23/07 02:26 PM

Heather, I believe it is, slamdance is one the best out there. Oustanding customer service.

Heather, do you agree if other contest create a logline(3 sentence logline), then we have proof the script was read.

Some readers are so talented they can create a 3 sentence logline in minutes.

Its just a thought, any thought on this question.


Author: Paula Smith Posted: 06/23/07 03:22 PM

It looks like Bobby Deol and Bill G are the same person since Bobby later says he asked the question and goes on to explain it.

I wish you guys would grow up or start taking your meds.

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 06/23/07 03:31 PM


Where are you getting your information? A good logline isn't three sentences, it's one sentence.

This entire thread is a ridiculous hypothetical, as I tried to make clear in my previous post.

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 06/23/07 04:22 PM

Eric and Paula are right on the money. The new round of posers is meant only to antagonize those here who really want to participate and help each other. The posers here for the past three years fake their poor English and lack of experience. Meds? Bet that wouldn't help anyway.

My suggestion is to ignore the stupid questions and ridiculous posts and let these two, and the next two with new names and no profile, just talk to themselves. It's my guess, they already do.

Author: John Pusztay Posted: 06/23/07 06:27 PM

You are oh so right Paula. How could Bobby clarify and repose the question that Bill G originally posted if they are not one and the same?

Kudos to Paula, Eric and Randy for seeing these posers for what they truly are... posers.

My points exactly as I've previously posted. Furthermore, I do not find it a coincidence that if you click on all the posts that person posted, you will find that they both (along with other personalities), began posting around the same time frame with no profiles (as Randy pointed out).

Author: Leslie Muzingo Posted: 06/24/07 05:01 AM

Excuse me for jumping in here, but Red Inkworks provides a one sentence log line for it's top 50 finalists. The names of those scripts, with their log lines and writer's email, are posted on their cite.

If you've never entered this contest, I highly recommend it. While there is no prize in the traditional sense, everyone gets in-depth feed back. I got more worthwhile feed back from entering Red Inkworks than I did from sending one of my scripts to Script Shark. And Red Inkworks is A LOT cheaper.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/24/07 01:46 PM

Hi all,

I'm just curious why not having a profile available makes people worried about credibility. I rarely allow my information to be made public, but I didn't know that would take away from my credibility. It just feels like a safety issue.

It seems that posters should be evaluated by the quality of the post.

Also, I tried to update my profile here and can't do it. I just keep getting a generic registration page.



Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 06/24/07 03:04 PM

I don't believe those comments were directed at you, Heather. They were referring specifically to Bill/Bobby, as some of his questions have been rather absurd here, lately. Chill :)

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 06/24/07 03:13 PM


Since I made the comment, I will try to answer your post.

Security is an important factor, I will agree. I have been a member here since 2000 and have seen many people come and go. We even had one frustrated writer who committed suicide about 2002. We have also had a LOT of posers and liars. Almost all of the posers did not have a profile and would never admit their experiences in the biz. Most of their bragging was BS and we got a lot of "a lot of my friends are in the decision making positions of power in Hollywood and they read this MB all the time" as a veiled threat to those of us who disagreed with them. Anonymity has it's perks, but it also lacks a certain amount of credibility when someone starts to profess some sort of knowledge of how to do things properly and can't prove that they are an expert.

Another website, Two Adverbs, has a very credible resource (Christopher) who is a very well respected writer agent with a very large and respected agency, so posers there don't stand much of a chance trying to BS and get it past him. Here we are a group of mostly unsold writers who are trying our best to get ahead in the starting positions. Most here will try the "Hollywood" submittal route and a few of us, like me, will go the independent route.

I know that some can also lie on their profile about their background, but that would make it more likely to get caught at the lie.

When someone like Bill or Bobby make such statements or ask ridiculous questions in order to merely start a thread of dumb vs. dumber posts, I first check their profiles to see if they have any sort of credibility. If they do not post a profile, which they are not required to do to post here, then that does not automatically disqualify them in my eyes, but since I have had so many experiences here with posers w/o profiles, I start to question their intentions and credibility.

If you are in a crowded room and you hear glass break, I usually look for the guy with the hammer in his hand. Yeah; I know. Profiling.


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/24/07 08:13 PM

Thanks, Randy and Laqueta!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/24/07 08:14 PM

Thanks, Randy and Laqueta!

Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/25/07 09:36 AM

O.k. guys. Stop it.

I just got back I can't believe if I am in the twilight zone or a 300,000 per draft writer with the Sopranos.


Very confusing.

Move on to the next thread(t). lol

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 06/25/07 10:28 AM

No, Bobby. Don't move on to the next thread. Move on to the next website.

Since you have shown us that you cannot write a single sentence with correct composition and grammar, why should we believe that a reader wrote 10 pages of notes that raved about your writing skills? Not buying it.

Sure. Many of us do a better job of writing our scripts than on a MB, but your questions and responses are inane. You are a poser.

You are intentionally ignoring the previous posts about your participation here. At some time you should have know that we would stand up against your inane remarks. You seem to ignore them and figure you can continue your unintelligent posts.

Try Done Deal. They'll eat you up and spit you out on the first attempt.

If you want to lurk here and learn something, go ahead. But quit with the stupid and poorly constructed questions.

Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/25/07 10:38 AM

This is not needed.

I think you should apologize.

O.k. lets have a vote --

1.who wants me to leave, just type "PLEASE LEAVE" 2. WHO wants me to stay, just type "stay"

If 60% of the folks here want me to leave, I will leave.

I think, everything is fine. Not all that I write or say is totally off. Just like coverage - some like it, some don't.

I want someone to tell me what I should do and how to manage this situation?


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 06/25/07 10:53 AM

No apology will be forthcoming.

My only regret is not taking my own advice to ignore these poser's posts.

It seems that this may be exactly what these posers want: To distract us from intelligent discussions about screenwriting to dumb discussions like this.

Since this is only a MB, voting on polls historically has not been a part of the process here. Everyone is free to stay, or go, or just get frustrated with some of the posts. I fall into the latter category.

See ya'll on a more intelligent thread.


Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/25/07 11:01 AM


I know the word "apology" does not exist in hollywood.

o.k. i'm busy. I will work harder.

And I will be there watching CNN.COM WHEN Paris Hilton is out or when Tarantino releases his war epic and when Rodrigez releases Barberella.

And I will apologize for writing too fast.


Author: Walter Winton Posted: 06/25/07 02:20 PM

The only part that confuses me is the "why?"

I don't post much on this board, but I've lurked for awhile. I've read some of the threads by posers before. Usually, the posers invent some elaborate life story that tricks us into caring. I tend to believe they do it in hopes that some big time producer will read their thread and say, "What a great story they've created! They must be an amazing writer! Let's sign them to a contract."

Others pose on message boards in the pure hopes of starting fights. They start threads on controversial topics and insult other users.

But Bill/Bobby, if they are the same person, don't seem to have much point to being "posers." They're not starting fights, and they're not entrancing anyone with their story-telling ability. There's the vague appearance that they want to start some sort of writer's revolution against studio readers and contest judges.

So, why are they here? Perhaps they're here solely to waste our time, but as far as character motivation goes, that's pretty weak.

Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/25/07 02:35 PM

Hi Walter,

Come on, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I have four scripts. And only two are being marketed by me. I never went to film school. I learned my screen-writing skills by reading over 50+ books and magazines and spend over $2000.00 of coverages, development notes, contests and networking. I am not faking anything or trying to pick a fight. Why are people complaining? Hollywood has no rules. I am civilized and treat people with respect. I only write specific style of screenplays. I'm trying to make. Everyone has a hungry heart. I just have 4 scripts in this life time. If I sell it, good. If not, I'll work harder. I don't get it why pick on me.

Why can't we break the rules and respect rule-breakers.

Also I do help other screenwriters, THEY don't criticize me like I'm a nobody. I want to be a somebody.

So if you guys want me to leave I'll leave but I have to know that and I respect your views.

Maybe do a survey to see if I should leave.

Good night and good luck in future writings.

Thank you kindly.

Author: Walter Winton Posted: 06/25/07 03:30 PM

Hey Bobby,

I guess I'm just confused. You have some allegations being thrown at you, but as far as I can tell, your posts haven't been malicious at all.

I may as well come out and ask you directly: Are you and Bill the same person?

Author: Bobby Deol Posted: 06/25/07 03:45 PM

Hi Walter,

No, its not.

All I was trying to do is help.

I think stress and confusion in life and from bulletin board is good.

As long as I am struggling and never giving up, I will give life to my scripts.

All the writers I meet are all stressed out to the max.

I don't think I should give up on writing. Its stressful but sometimes thats why I take an affordable vacation.

Maybe if allowable, I'll post a sample of my writing and all can judge it.

Is this o.k.?


Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 06/25/07 05:53 PM


Walter asks, " Are you and Bill the same person?"

You answer, "No, its not."

Can you see why some people think you're either a poser or a complete idiot?

Author: John Pusztay Posted: 06/25/07 07:08 PM

Alas Terry,

If he only HAD a brain, he could answer.

I vote he go fuck off.

Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 06/25/07 08:07 PM

To be fair to Bill/Bobby, I'll agree he hasn't been outright malicious in any of his posts. However, he does come across in a way that makes it hard to take him seriously at times. It's good to ask questions, which I can appreciate - but a little common sense never hurt anyone.

As far as the double-posting, well...I guess that's something Bill/Bobby is going to have to work out on his own.

Two thumbs up for Bill/Bobby for asking questions (when they make sense). Bill/Bobby, keep in mind that you are not the only "stressed out writer" on the board (believe that!), and some people get ticked off a little easier than others. We don't all share the same sense of humor, and asking silly questions is a good way to get your feelings hurt.

Feel free to leave or stay, and post a scene if you want. We can give you some feedback on it. Good luck :)