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Messages posted since 08/27/2014

Topic: Austin Heart Of Film Contest

Author: Michael Spohr Posted: 08/01/07 03:51 PM

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know when Austin announces their quarterfinalists? I've checked their site but can't seem to find the info anywhere. I believe it is some time in August but I'm not sure. Can anyone help? And did anyone here enter?


Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 08/01/07 07:26 PM

The letters (informing of status) I received last year were postmarked September 5th. So give it another month, I'd say. Otherwise, you could email or call them up for a more concrete answer. Good luck :)

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/01/07 10:09 PM

I'm entered also, Michael. If you find out when the letters go out, please share the info! I thought I received my letter last year sometime in August (wishful thinking!) But I think Laqueta's right. It probably was more into September.

Good luck everybody - I'm rooting for all of us! :)

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/02/07 09:11 PM

Good luck everyone. I went last year (because one of my scripts advanced)and it was amazing . The speakers are fantastic and there is no where for them to go after they lecture so more often than not you get to hang out in the bar with them at night.

Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 08/02/07 09:30 PM

Thanks, Heather! Good info :)


Author: Laqueta Lewis Posted: 08/03/07 11:10 PM

Update. Found this on AFF's website:

"The Austin Film Festival would like to thank everyone who submitted to the 2007 Screenplay and Teleplay Competition. We are no longer accepting submissions for this year’s competition. Announcements for this year’s competition should go out in August. Please check our website for more updates, and we hope to see you all at the festival this year!"

So looks like sooner rather than later for those letters! :)


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/03/07 11:16 PM

Hi Laqueta - Thanks for sharing the update. Hopefully we'll get our letter soon! :)