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Messages posted since 08/29/2014

Topic: Slamdance

Author: Lisa Tignor Posted: 08/25/07 02:45 PM

I have been notified that my screenplay has advanced to the second round at Slamdance. Small potatoes to you vets, I'm sure, but it's pretty darned exciting to a first-timer. :)

Best of luck to everyone else who made the cut. I was reading the titles of the other screenplays and I really hope some of them get made because the titles alone make me want to see them!


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/25/07 02:51 PM

Congratulations, Lisa!!!! Very exciting.


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/25/07 05:00 PM

Congrats, Lisa!

My family drama "Serena's Thunder" made the cut as well.

Anybody else? :)

Author: d santiago Posted: 08/25/07 06:13 PM

Congrats to all!

I didn't make it but I entered with my first attempt at a horror script and look forward to the feedback.

Author: Lisa Tignor Posted: 08/26/07 11:07 PM

Thanks, guys! And congrats to you, too, Jean!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/27/07 01:49 AM

Congratulations, Jean!!!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/27/07 12:28 PM

Thanks, all! :)

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 09/10/07 10:10 PM

Gonged in the quarters...

Best of luck to those that are going on.

Author: Lisa Tignor Posted: 09/10/07 11:34 PM

I made the quarterfinals! I can't believe it! :)


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 09/10/07 11:43 PM

Whoopie, Lisa!

Great going! :)

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 09/11/07 03:27 AM

Great going in the running moviebyters. :-)

I haven't entered a screenplay in Slamdance, but I did enter my first short movie. ;-) It'll be a little while yet before those are posted.

Cheers to you all.


Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 09/11/07 11:46 AM

Well done, Lisa!

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Author: John Arends Posted: 09/11/07 02:50 PM

Congrats, Lisa!

Enjoy the ride, drink in the moment, and keep on rollin' on!