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Messages posted since 08/03/2014

Topic: Nicholl Semifinals

Author: Paula DiSante Posted: 08/30/07 08:57 PM

I made it. The letter came today. I was rather surprised because I was bracing myself for a dink.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/30/07 09:23 PM

Hi Paula - Wow! That's great. I'm thrilled for you.

I'm putting out positive energy that we see your name on the finals list! :)

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 08/31/07 12:40 AM

Congratulations, Paula,

You have certainly earned it.

Good luck in the next round.

Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 08/31/07 11:30 AM

Congratulations, Paula!

Keeping everything crossed for you. :-)

Author: Paula DiSante Posted: 08/31/07 12:41 PM

Thanks, you guys. The next round is probably the toughest, and so I'm not holding my breath. But it would be nice!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/31/07 01:27 PM

Great job, Paula!