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Messages posted since 08/24/2014

Topic: Expo Quarters...drum roll please!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 10/03/07 11:47 PM

Here's what I found...congrats to all who made this cut. I see a lot of familiar names!! :)


The 2007 Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition received more than 3000 scripts this year: 211 Television Scripts, 350 Shorts and almost 2500 Feature Screenplays. We want to thank all of our entrants for helping us make this the biggest Expo Competition ever.

We are proud to announce the quarterfinalists as well as the top feature scripts.

Congratulations to all who advanced.

Semifinalists and winners will be posted by October 9.

Television Quarterfinalists

Battlestar Galactica - Old Soldiers by Brice Parker Boston Legal - Boy Interrupted by Hilliard Guess Cold Case - Smooth Criminal by John McKinzey Criminal Minds - Trophy by Drew Traglia CSI NY - Bull and Bear by Cameron Morris Curb Your Enthusiasm - Brand New Car by Pat Kiely Desperate Housewives - The First Time She Got Paid For It by Ryan Harris & Brian Lubocki Entourage - The Big Apple by William Park Entourage - Vince’s Big Break by David Martin Cohen Entourage - Superhero by Wayne Chiang Family Guy - Kill Your Vegetables by Ryan Harris & Brian Lubocki Family Guy - No Holds Bored by John Cordova & Josh Gorden House - Blame by Ealeana Ostrem House - Blood Feud by Y. Shireen Razack House - Make It Work by Kristopher Michel House - Two Certainties by Michael Patrick Sullivan King of the Hill - Trouble From Down Under by Emma Rigney Lost - The Road by Frederick Kim Medium - You Say Tornado by Becca Smith My Name Is Earl - Guru Larry by Casie Fox My Name Is Earl - Labeled a Carousel Barker a Pedophile by Rebecca Howland Scrubs - My Boss’ Boss’ Boss by Deron Sedy The Closer - Dead Man Not Walking by Dick Belsky The Office - Anger Mural by Adam Sass The Office - April Fools by Benjamin Darrin The Office - Childhood Obesity by Brock Ruess The Office - Company Picnic by Tracy Reilly The Office - Happy Earth Day, Dwight! by Rod Pulido Ugly Betty - Ay, Black Betty by Jane Mountain Will & Grace - Nose Wide Shut by Eric A. Klee

Short Screenplay Quarterfinalists

Angels Of The Mohawk Mall by Xaque Gruber Cages by Kyle Michel Sullivan Convenience Store by Michelle Auda Cut by Arthur D. Summers Daniel’s Letter From Heaven by Kristin Johnson Don’t Mind The Sun by Jacob Wynn Fixer by Stephen Kunc Heaven Help Us by Josh Gilbert Just Hungry James M.Mullin Mascot by Beth McMurray Nowhere by Dennis Shutty One Box Each by Kit Conners Recipe For Raising The Dead by Milly Sanders Revisiting the Ritual by Perry Lueders Saul and Paul by Addison A.A. Bhuyan Scenario by Joey Fidler Stranger by Jennifer Razon Sunflowers by Jessica Scalise The Dealers’ Tale by FrankThurmond The End by Jason Siciliano The Pool Contest by Troels Jacob Hundtofte The Pool Party by Sean J.S. Jourdan The Rollerblader by R. M. Jones The Tale of Griffo Chubbs by WesTeasdale The Value Engine by Ed Stahr The Ward by Douglas Stark The White Corner by Terri Lubaroff The Winemaker’s Wife by Caroline Carrigan Uncirclelight by Donovan Fletcher Unholy Encounter by Allan Amenta Virgin Wanted by Casey Geisen Welcome Home Soldier by Michael Wheeler

Feature Screenplay Quarterfinalists

25 Lbs. by Kenan Minkoff 400 Yards Under Cleveland by Jonathan Reedholm 53 Hours in Harpers Ferry by David Sabbath A Better Tomorrow by Michael A. Weiss A Criminal Action by Harold Brown Adrift by Mel Melcer Afraid to Shoot Strangers by Andrew Davie Alias Bonn by John Bain Alma Road by Donna Maree McInerney Alpha by Timothy Miller Alpha One by Brian Trotter Amlith by Kirk Faulkner Angel’s Wing by Alan W. Johnson ATM by Adam Farhi & Darin Cerreto Bad Rap by Mark Grisar & Marcus Howard Baddest Troop Alive by Steve Hauser Ball and Chained by Kaisa Ajaye Balls by K. Ray Thomas Balsawood by Trai Cartwright Bare by Kevin Lee Miller Beyond Valor by Michael J. Kuzenka Blood Rush by Kevin Campbell Bloodlines by William S.Teal Blue Motel by Ted Campbell Boat People by David Kane Bogie’s Falcon by Ryan Condal Book of Shadows by Alan Lavender Born In The Rain by Ian Goh Hsien Jun Bridezilla vs. Deer by Colin Costello Camp Fire by Kris White Canaries by Craig Cambria Cargo by Cyrus Shepard Cartoon Devils by Russell Lauron Changing Billy by Yvonne Borgogni Che Bella Vista by Patricia Sorge Peragine Chevy Refugees by Jason Doty Child of the Sky by Benedek Varsanyi Chill Out by Clarence Hammond Cinephile by Robin Warder Clockwork by Michael Lea Comic/Life by Jean M. Villefranche Confirmation by Adam Vorenkamp Contemporary Insanity by Jennifer Williams & Seth Kupchick Courtroom Queens by Keith Dussell Crow's End by Colin Maguire Cumberland’s Gold by Dirk Eichhorst Daniel 12:4 by Christopher Evans Dead Men Riding by Jimmy Lui Deadly Beautiful by Frank V. Furino Decius by Jordan Dale Demon Hunt by David Gross Deserted by Ziba Shadjaani Digging Beau by Julie Anne Wight Dr. Strangeweed by John McKinzey Dutch Act by Robert Rosenbaum Dying Changes You by David Wheeler Escape From Biology by Joanne Watson Fahrenheit 2081 by Scott Hawthorne Faithful by Dennis Luu Fat Love by Robert Bellsola Fixing Emma by Heidi Hornbacher Flying Tigers by Vincent Ho Foggy Joe by Richard Guimond & Linda L. Cordeiro Frame Up by Jon-Paul Nery Frank by Jennifer Chang Freak by Jonathan W. Harnisch Gamemasters by Matthew Gray & Phil Daniel Gaydar Malfunction by Elisa Wolfe Ghosts of the Crossroads by Michael Spohr Gideon’s Stand by Mike Palmisciano Good Intentions by Alexis Croyle & Rudy Croyle Great Divide by Brice Parker G-Team by Leonard E. Lawson Guard #3 by Doug Molitor Hawaii Calls by Rick Helin Heaven’s Ladder by Mark Savage Heistwise by Clete Barrett Smith Hell Breaks Loose by M. Robert Turnage His Fair Lady by Russell Bryan Sommers Holiday Spectacular by Georgia Flight Hypergraphia by Tim Macy In Bend by Colleen Sheils In Love In War by John Stancari Into Loud Silence by Aram S. Katz Jim Hawkins and the New World Conquest by Jospeh D. Blackerby & C. Grant Smith Jugger by William M. Kelly, Jr. Julian’s Trench by James Roman & Chris Donaldson Kamikaze Dolls by Nir Paniry Kylee’s Amazing Quest by Kevin Campbell Lobo by Limary Vargas Lost Cause by Bobby Duncan Low Cunning by Odin Shafer Lyrical by Carter Stewart Mad by Nicholas Carr Mistress of the Sea by Rebecca Howland Mittfits by Richard H. Kenney, Jr. Money Game by Maureen Holohan Monkey Grass by Stone Lyons & Daniel J. Gardner Mothers by Mark Scheibert My Linh by David Kane Navy Family by Douglas J. Cook Needle in a Haystack by Irin Evers Never Blink Twice by Yvette Bou New Model Patriots by Brian Tuohy Nick Hardy & the Magic of Christmas by Alastair J .A. Thorne Night Angel by Joseph Middleton Night of Reflections by Craig Cambria Nimbus by Joe Borriello Nine Lives And The Great Mike Todd by Will Moore One Morning at Salamis by Mark R. Whittington Opus in a Minor Key by Stanley F. Werke Otherwise Engaged by Jolene Jahnke Pact by Alex Hollister Papa Was a Stolling Rone by Jennifer Harrison Penny Dreadful by Elinor Perry-Smith Phineas Gage by Dillon Euler Pistoleras by Elisabeth Fies Powder Blue by Steve Lanza Pride Fighter by Drew Miyaki Providence by James Denton Psycho Therapy by Frank A. Tiberi Rasputin by Laqueta Lewis Return From Tranquility by Allen P. Bishop Rickenbacker by Kevin Leonard Robbie Rebound by Travis Maruska Root Of All Evil by Elaine M. Vaughn Rose’s Choice by Mary Anna Zagorda-Rust Rough Trade by Howard Casner Second Skin by Kim Alan Pederson Seeking Sarah by John Lyes Set Up by Andrew Wong Sex and Sylvia Plath by Jennifer O'Kieffe Sherlock & Jack by Jeff Wolverton Shingletown by Robert Rhyne Show Dog by David Harris Kline Shrovetide by Peter Besson Silent Killer by Phil Ferriere Splat! by Alix Reeves Split Image by Charles Winecoff Split Rock Light by Andy Froemke Star by Ehud Lavski Stupid Bet by Erik Argenti Sun King by Steve Staniec Superior by Michael Burton Supervillain by Sam Strachman Ten Thousand Bullets Later by Scott La Cagnin Terraformed by James K. Shea Testament by Joseph Nienalt & Roman Gutierrez The Banner by Tina Juarez The Bermuda Nine by Ben McDaniel The Best Clown Money Can Buy by Bronwyne Mirkovich The Book of Wrong by Mark Caughey The Botanist by Chris Taylor The Boy From Settignano - Michelangelo by Maureen Johnson The Burning Man by Brian Craft The Burning Sky by Trai Cartwright The Cannery by Sharon Wlayserwski The Cenote by Hunter M. Davis The Chinaman by Cliff Pulliam The Christmas Collection by Henderson Smith & Brett Smith The Circle by Brian Roll & Peter Mahoney The City of Silence by PedroBonano The Crimson Mafia by Suzye Gardner-Marnino The Darkest Shade of Gray by Michael Coleman The Dirty Half Dozen by Amy Waddell The Divine Number Nine by Patrick McNair & Eric Thompson The Enemy In The Castle by Letty A. Hummel The Good Fortune of Mr. Frost by Vivienne Schiffer The Gray Ghost by David Gillis The Harrowing by David Cowper The Hogswood Incident by Simon J. Williamson The Hydrogen Thing by Kal Wagenheim The Jeweler’s Wife by David Shailer The Knighthood by Gary Woo The Last Caribou by Andrew Kamp The Last Little Thing by Robert Hull The Last Story of David Allan by Matthew Sprosty The Magruder Affair by Steven Carey Lassoff The Mamasan by Kate Perkins The Man With No Face by R. K. Mann The Meek by Brad Vassar The Misadventures of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors by Patrick James Reilly The Nine Second Club by James Rabbitts The Ninja and The Witch by Christopher H. Tovar The Opposite of Sex by Dana Schoenfeld The People In Your Neighborhood by Nate Loomis The People’s Choice by Karen Callahan The Perfect Season by Ben K. Fink & Jay L. Lohse The Plane Crash Portion of Your Amazon Adventure by Anita Jean Justice The Raven’s Treasure by Connie Tonsgard The Reliquary by Jim Lion The Rise of Fred Amazing by Scott Cunningham The Shadow Code by Layne Sheppard Salter The Spear Of Destiny by Jeff Wolverton The Suicide Table by Rafael Moscatel The Sword of Gary by Tim Stitzel The Tain by Ken White The Tale of Winter’s Tail by Diane Hodill The Titans by Matthew Solik The Violiln Player by Ian Bernard Solomon The War of the Grandmas by Mary Huckstep The Warrior Class by Hassan Mostofi Thompson’s Secret War by Gina DeAngelis Through the Night by Edward Martin III Time’s Up by Steven A. Lee To The Ice by Ruth Ellen Johnson Truthies by Carlo DeCarlo Ultreia by Mercedes Meier Unity by Eugene L. Langlais III & Paul R. Langlais Unnatural Girl by Callie Lane Victor Mark by Allen Holm Wages of Sin by Loren Lambert War is Like Totally Hell by Michael Cohen-Elyanow Way of the Sword by Chuck Duffie When The Waters Change Direction by Dennis O’Flyng White Water by Harold Brown Who Wants to Marry Joel? by Bethanie Morrissey Without Warning by J. Brockton Holbert Worm by Marc A.Sampson Wrath by J. C. Hinton Written Off by Paul Weiss & Jay Kristopher Huddy Young Arthur’s Quest by Barry P. Ambrose & Christopher Stapleton Zaitorax Defenders: Terukan Invaders by Carlton T. Saito

For the The Top 20%, click here.

QUESTIONS? • Click here to read the competition FAQ • Still have questions? Email us at

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 10/03/07 11:50 PM

Or try this link...the list is line by line and not this eyesore.

Author: John Arends Posted: 10/04/07 07:45 AM

Jean - Thanks, from all of us with weary fingers from clicking the "refresh" button - for pulling this out 'em and posting it here first.

Rock on, all moviebyters who made the cut!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 10/04/07 11:33 AM

Thanks, Jean.

Two of my scripts made the top 20%, but sadly not the quarters. I've never seen a % list posted before. I've have had notes written on letters (namely by the wonderful Greg Beal).


Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/04/07 01:41 PM

Rock on to those who the made the quarters and the top percents.

Author: d santiago Posted: 10/06/07 07:23 PM

Good luck and congrats to all!

Didn't make the quaters but made the top 20% but still happy, albeit through gritted teeth :).


Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/09/07 07:17 AM

The semis are supposed to come out today. 250 scripts down to 20 or so. Bravo to anyone out there who makes the cut. God I hope it's me! Good luck all.

Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 10/10/07 03:31 PM

Hi Colin:

I just noticed on the expo site that it has been changed so the semifinalists and winners will be announced towards the end of the week of October 8.

I think I may have to take up nail biting as a new hobby.

Good luck to you, and any other moviebyters who have made it this far. If it isn't me then at least I hope it's someone from the board.


Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/11/07 03:59 PM

Did uh anyone else get a phone call.

Author: John Arends Posted: 10/11/07 09:14 PM

Colin -

If I'm reading your, uh, post right, CONGRATULATIONS are in order!!!

Did you get a call that included something along the lines of "Dude, if you haven't bought your plane ticket to LA yet, get on it!"??

Are you telling us you made the semis??? Higher???

That's FANTASTIC news! Details, please, for those of us you left in the dust...

Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/11/07 10:16 PM

Um, I'm still sort of stunned. I'm not supposed to really talk about it until other announcements are made. Plus I keep waiting for them to call back and say a terrible mistake was made. But thanks for the pat on the back. I've never been in this position before.

Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 10/11/07 10:51 PM

Well I guess this means I didn't win! ;-)

Congratulations, Colin!

Hope this opens many doors.


Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/12/07 07:05 AM

So not true Elaine! They won't tell me anything except that at the minimum I supposedly won one of the genre categories. No one finds out til closing ceremonies. I wish they would list the semis and winners though. So you still have a major chance.

Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 10/12/07 09:43 AM

I'm still in shock that I made it to the quarters. It was my first draft of my first screenplay, so I am thrilled to bits to know I must be doing something right.

Even if you don't win the grand prize, this is a huge contest, so winning a category is outstanding.

Congrats again,


Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 10/12/07 12:57 PM

Major CONGRATS, Colin

I know you have your fair share of successes, maybe this one puts you over the top.

Good Luck at the Expo.

Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/12/07 01:54 PM

Thanks, Peter. I keep checking the site (Im obsessing now) to see if the semis anad winners are listed. I wish they would list them so I can see it in print. Until then I'm still waiting for that phone call that says this is all a terrible mistake. :O)

Author: Rick Helin Posted: 10/14/07 08:24 PM

Colin... Premature congrats are still in order, whether it was all a prank or not... but, I personally doubt it was anything but the real thing.

I just read your extended synopsis re" "Bridezilla vs. The Dear" and you already have me laughing. You guys have a great imagination. Win or lose, I think you already created something of quality and, better yet, worth producing for the big screen. Let me be the first to request you save me a seat on opening night...

Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/15/07 11:25 AM

Thanks Rick. It's appreciated. Still waiting for those semi's and winners to be listed...

Author: John Arends Posted: 10/17/07 04:49 PM

Hey Colin -

The list has been posted, and it's officially, very for real, man!

Congratulations again on a HUGE achievement.

All the best!


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 10/17/07 06:50 PM


All that obsessing for naught. Quit putting yourself through so much stress. Believe me, there are plenty of other people out there who will do that for you. congrat's bud. Way to go!!

Elaine; first draft of first script and to do so well? Wow! What a coup! You should be deservedly proud and what a great first effort. Congrat's as well.

Yeay! Moviebyters!


Author: Elaine Vaughn Posted: 10/17/07 07:18 PM

Thanks, Randy, I haven't stopped smiling for two weeks.

For real, finally confirmed, without a doubt, CONGRATULATIONS Colin! ;-)

Everything is crossed for you snagging the grand prize.


Author: Colin Costello Posted: 10/17/07 07:28 PM

Thanks you guys. Earlier this year I had a teen girl comedy called Queen B entered in the Hollywood Black Film Fest. The top 3 winners were to have scenes performed live at a staged reading in LA. Well I got an email saying I was one of those top 3. I went through the roof...told everyone I knew in agent at the time to come on out and watch it. Well, i got an email the next day saying a terrible mistake had been made. That the "winning" email had gone out to all the top 10 finalists. I was kicked in the gut. Embarrassed.

But this makes it all better. I've been rewriting this script off and on with my wife Sharla for six years now and I guess it's true the rewrite helps.

I'm off now to Phoenix to the International Horror and Sci Fi fest. My horror script came in third place. So this will be an incredible 2 weeks for me. I call it mobile therapy!

Thanks again. And congrats to my other 5 winners and semi-winners. There is no semi-finalist. You get through 3000 scripts you are a SEMI-WINNER.

Author: Ben Lanyc Posted: 10/18/07 10:38 AM

Hi Colin,

Your logline has a bubbling effect. Meaning, it sounds like this script has to be made into a movie.

"Relationships, deer, lost!!!"......this logline is brimming with "someone has got to make this movie". Pure entertainment, bravo!!!

Keep up the marketing.


Author: Connie Tonsgard Posted: 10/19/07 07:54 AM

Hi Friends-- I have not been here for 2 or 3 years!! Two years ago I fell out of my new house and almost died. It has taken so long to even say "NO" or "UH HU" or whatever. I still can't read and right much. Just a little later. ~~~~~~ Anyway, Just wanted to tell you--yes one of mine got into the 20%. However, when the Quart came, that one did not come into that but one of my other ones got into the Quart-- not the first one. I could not figure that out. Still don't. I didn't get any better than that. That was it. Hey, I saw you in the win, Colin -- ! Wow! I'm so happy for you!! That is so great, sweetie !! ~~~~~ Well, I did win the 20/20 recently -- there were 4 of us. I got an "agent" so he will they to get someone make mine in a movie --I guess. That would be great. I don't care about money or being cool because I just won --but I want someone to make mine a movie!!!~~~~~ Again, I'm so happy for you, Colin!!! ---- Connie Tonsgard -- My things are in a couple of things -- -and-

Author: Rick Helin Posted: 10/19/07 12:20 PM

I was just wondering... if someone was accepted through to the quarterfinals, is it kosher to say "I came in tied for 21st???!!!" :-)

Once again, congrats, Colin and remember to save me an aisle seat on Opening Night(you know... small bladder and all).

Author: d santiago Posted: 10/20/07 03:12 PM


I wish you continuing success in your recovery.


Congrats! A huge door has just been opened for you!