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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: Pitch Sessions

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/24/08 03:09 AM

I used to go to a good pitch sessions that were held by Eva Peel. I wonder what happened to her pitch sessions. Anyone know of any good pitch festivals or Eva's pitch sessions. I know of one that is a bit too much around $400 bucks, which includes a pitching lessons. That's not where I want to spend my money.

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 03/24/08 05:46 AM

Fade In's Hollywood pitchfest is terrific.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 03/24/08 09:53 AM

Ditto Eric...

I've been to several of the Fade In Pitchfests, both their 1 day seminars/1 day pitching and also their 2 solid days of pitching. I much prefer the latter. I've had several read requests and open invitations to submit future work to certain prodcos.

A good investment - but make sure you have your pitch down pat. You only get about 7 minutes per pitch.

Author: Poetist Soul Posted: 03/25/08 04:05 AM

Thanks, guys!