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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: Worldfest-Houston: Opinions

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 03/29/08 04:51 PM

Hi All. Has anyone had an experience with the Worldfest International in Houston? I've received a notification that I've placed in a category, and I've read a few comments in the contest section, but was interested in "first hand" experience. Should I go?

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 03/29/08 05:11 PM

Hi Michael -

I attended two years ago (awards ceremony only) and I had a great time! The entertainment provided was topnotch as well as the gourmet supper provided and networking opportunities. Didn't hurt either that my thriller noir took home the Platinum Remi in its category either!

I'm going this year as well (my family drama is a Remi winner)

Maybe others can fill Michael in on the actual festival itself as I didn't see any of the screened films.

Congrats, Michael! :)

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 03/30/08 02:04 PM

I also went two years ago with a gold remi for scifi/fantasy. Since I'm from Houston, I went to several events: The regatta was really fun (even though I'm not a boat person.) It was a good chance to meet people in a friendly, informal atmosphere. I went to some of the movies and the seminars. It also was friendly and informal.

I haven't heard about my entry this year, so that probably means I didn't win this year -- Oh well, just keep writing and learning.

CONGRATULATIONS on your success!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 03/30/08 02:09 PM

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Nathan! Worldfest's web sez it's sending out emails and letters through the end of this month and will be posting Remi nominees by tomorrow. :)

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 03/30/08 05:19 PM

Thanks Jean.

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 04/21/08 05:59 PM

Congrats Jean and Nathan on your Remi awards at Worldfest.

Jean, I meant to introduce myself and say I after you received your Remi but got caught up in a glitch where my award was not available for Saturday night. (I was pleased to learn that they'll mail my platinum Remi for "The Knuckleballer" in the adaptation category!)

It was a new experience and we met lots of nice, creative and enthusiastic folks.



Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 04/21/08 06:52 PM

Hi Mike -

Big congrats to you as well! I hope this win opens big doors for you (and Nathan and me too!) Guess it just wasn't in the cards for us to meet that evening - but there's always other film festivals and hopefully big awards awaiting us all. :)

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 04/21/08 06:55 PM

P.S. The Worldfest award winners are up on their website! :)

Author: Gene Langlais III Posted: 05/08/08 03:48 AM

Hi Jean and Nathan,

Congrats again -- great job. :D But I'm curious how you guys came about submitting to the competition.

I've always shied away from Worldfest for violating several of the conditions I once outlined in a dissertation about screenplay contests (may be time to bump that thread up again!), specifically the confusing website (coupled with the fact that you need a graphing calculator and an MBA to read the actuarial table they use to report the competition results) and the seemingly egregious entry fee (something like $85 now -- enough to enter two or three other comps).

So hey, if I'm missing out on a great competition, let me know the mitigating factors which drew you to it, so I can decide whether or not to put it back on my "to-enter" list!

Thanks -- and congrats a few more times. ;)


Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 05/08/08 09:41 AM

I started writing screenplays late in life, about four years ago. I did not know about Moviebytes and the rest of the online screenwriting universe. So, I read several books on screenwriting. I first read about Worldfest in the Screenwriter's Bible, and since I live here in Houston, it was a no-brainer.

I did not win the first year (or third year). But I got a Gold Remi in 2006 and a Silver this year.

The festival is really good. The Sunday after the banquet is unique -- a regatta and barbeque. Being on a sailboat for a couple of hours is really a good way to get acquainted with some of the interesting people that make up our community.

I highly recommend the conference.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/08/08 07:28 PM

Worldfest has been a "must enter" for me for many reasons. One is their absolute professionalism and dedication to indie!

Their entry fee is higher than most, but I will support them (and my resume) by entering if I have a script ready. I've entered twice so far, "medaled" twice and I love this comp!

Yes, their entry form is very long with many categories and looks complicated but it's really not. Once you scroll down to the screenwriting section (#700 I believe) it's very easy and they offer several sub-categories for scripts. They also accept short scripts.

The awards ceremony is beautifully presented in a first class hotel ballroom with live entertainment, a delicious 4 or 5 course meal and Hunter's stories (worth entering alone!) He's a wreath of knowledge and a real character.

Give it a try next year, Gene. I think you will be pleasantly surprised - they are great about answering emails and keeping on track with announcements. :)