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Messages posted since 08/24/2014

Topic: Short Screenplay contest -The Film School / SIFF

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 04/13/08 03:55 PM

Hi everyone,

I am on the board of The Film School in Seattle. We are having a short screenplay contest and the winner will receive a fully funded scholarship to the school (Tom Skerritt and Stewart Stern are two of the teachers).

In addition the winner will have thier screenplay produced as part of Seattle International Film Festival's fly filmmmaking series. The short will debut at next year's SIFF.

This is a very prestigious film series and past filmmaker have had their fly film picked up by Sundance.

Here is the link if you are interested.


Author: John Arends Posted: 04/14/08 09:53 PM

Heather -

WOW! What an impressive group of committed artists. The website is a real eye-opener for grasping just how deep and experienced and successful the Seattle scene is in developing talent. Wish I lived closer so I could tap into it and learn...

Kudos to one and all!


P.S. And congrats again on earning the week-long retreat!!!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 04/15/08 03:09 PM

Thanks, John.

We do have a great environment for filmakers. Very supportive arts organizations. SIFF is particularly nurturing.