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Messages posted since 08/23/2014

Topic: Congrats to Geoff Breuder!

Author: Gene Langlais III Posted: 04/23/08 01:33 AM

Once again I am *powerful proud* of Geoff Breuder for pulling 3rd Place in the Phoenix Film Festival with his WWII action/drama THE ACE OF ACES. Rock on Geoff!!

Geoff, how about posting the address for your MySpace page here so people can see how awesome it is?

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 04/23/08 08:53 AM

Geoff, that's great! And I LOVE that time period, the fab '40s :)

Author: John Arends Posted: 04/23/08 09:50 AM

Let's also give a shout out right back to Gene and Paul, the Brothers Langlais, for being recognized by A Feeding Frenzy for BEST FEMALE CHARACTER NOT USED AS A MURDER PROP OR DECORATION ON THE LEADING MAN'S ARM in their screenplay UNITY.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 04/23/08 09:54 AM

Add my shout! :)

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 04/23/08 04:27 PM


Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 04/24/08 03:58 AM

Sounds great!!! Keep on keeping on, Gene.

:-) Orlanda

Author: Geoff Breuder Posted: 04/24/08 04:45 AM

Thanks Gene -- and for the support from everyone else! It's very humbling.

If the script does a fraction as well as yours and as so many of the other veteran screenwriters here on MB, I'd be very happy.

Here's my webpage link if you wnnt to check out what it's about:

And way to go on A Feeding Frenzy!

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 04/25/08 02:56 AM

Oh! I'm so sorry. :-D And you too Geoff.

Moviebyters rule!! LOL


Author: Gene Langlais III Posted: 05/09/08 02:15 AM

Jean, if you love the 40's, then Geoff's Myspace page is going to blow you away!

It has 30 whopping minutes of good ol' 1940's music, so be prepared to spend some time there. While you listen to it, you can enjoy the spinning newspaper headlines and photo slideshows that tell the whole story of America's all-time greatest fighter pilot (and his sweetheart back home).

And when you finish with that, pause the music on that old-fashioned radio control and watch the Machinima movie Geoff made to illustrate one of the scenes in his script. :)

I encourage everyone to check it out. Did I mention that I am *powerful proud* of Geoff's work? ;)

Oh -- and thanks to John and everyone else for the props for UNITY!


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/09/08 09:11 AM

Hey Gene, yeah, I've gotta check it out! Congrats to you and your brother for advancing to the semis in ASA.

Go Moviebyters! :)

Author: Gene Langlais III Posted: 05/20/08 07:51 PM

Nice job on making the StoryPros semis Geoff! *Powerful proud.*

Also congrats to Jean and Connie for making the semis too!

And Jean, thanks for the props for us on the ASA semis. :) Did you ever check out Geoff's myspace page?


Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 05/20/08 08:09 PM

Thanks again Gene! It's also great to see two of Connie's scripts advance. And Jean seems to be Jazzin' it up. Way to go!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/20/08 10:16 PM

Gene & Geoff - Thanks for the congrats (right back at ya, Geoff!)

Yes, I did check out Geoff's site - the detail is awesome. Everything swept me right back to my favorite era (in spirit though - I wasn't around yet)

And Connie, big congrats to you as well. That's fantastic that both of your scripts advanced!

Here's hoping we all see our names as finalists in a couple of weeks. :)

Author: Connie Tonsgard Posted: 05/21/08 06:50 PM



Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 05/22/08 08:58 PM

Thanks for those kind words Connie. You're an inspiration in many ways!