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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: Congrtas Jean!

Author: d. santiago Posted: 05/06/08 11:30 PM

Just read the moviebytes newsletter and saw that "Serena's Thunder" was optioned.

Congrats and wish you much further success!


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/06/08 11:44 PM

Hi Don - Thanks for the congrats! Maybe you know something I don't (yet) know in regards to "Serena's Thunder" ?!

Could it be Barb's Xtreme newsletter where you read my script "Slade" was just optioned?

But hey, I'll take an option for "Serena's Thunder" too! Send check to...

In all sincerity, I appreciate your congrats! :)

Author: Geoff Breuder Posted: 05/07/08 06:39 AM

Jeam, great job with the option on Slade!!!

Author: John Arends Posted: 05/07/08 07:12 AM

Jean -

What terrific news! Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a nicer, more generous and more talented and consistent winner among all of us MBrs...

Rock on, Jean!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/07/08 08:45 AM

Geoff & John - thanks much for the kind words. :)

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 05/07/08 01:36 PM

Jean, that's great! All the best.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/07/08 02:43 PM

Thanks much, Nathan! :)

Author: Walter Winton Posted: 05/07/08 02:57 PM

That's great news, Jean! Congratulations!

Any chance you'll give us a peak at the logline?

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/07/08 03:03 PM

Thanks, Walter! :)

An ex-con breaks parole to track down his son but ends up being stalked by his victim's brother.

Author: Walter Winton Posted: 05/07/08 03:53 PM

Ooooh. Sounds like a thriller. Low to mid-budget. Characters with very (as Blake Snyder would say) "primal" needs (need to find son, and need for revenge). Looks like it allows the possibility for complex characters while leaving the door open for plenty of twists and reversals.

Execution is key, but since you got the option, I'd say you probably nailed it.

Very nice!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/07/08 04:32 PM

Throw in the femme fatale and you got it!! :)

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 05/07/08 09:14 PM

As someone who has read Slade and gave it one of my rare recommends, I must add my congrats, Jean.

You deserve the break and I think it will make an excellent project.

Wave to us from the limo. We'll be the ones on the street corner with the pencil cups. :)

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/07/08 09:23 PM


Peter, you are too much! Thanks for the nice words, friend. :)

Author: Connie Tonsgard Posted: 05/07/08 09:33 PM

Wow, Girl! Your screenplays have been getting so many times! I hope you are getting a bunch of money -- but mostly, I hope someone will wants to make a movie!

Well, when you are the winner, please tell them your friends here are pretty good, also! HA HA HA !

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/07/08 09:36 PM

Thank you, Connie! :)

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 05/08/08 12:46 AM

Way to go, Jean! Keep us posted.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/08/08 09:54 AM

Thanks, Michael! :)

Author: d. santiago Posted: 05/12/08 05:36 PM

Sorry Jean. My mistake.

Had a lot of backed up emails, so I must have got them confused.

Then again, maybe I'm psyhic... :)


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/12/08 05:59 PM

Don, it's the thought that counts :)

But I sure do hope you're also psychic!!