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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: Good going, Nathan!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/15/08 02:41 PM

Congrats on your honorable mention for your comedy script in the Screenplay Festival comp! To make this cut is impressive as there were a ton of entries.

Is this the same script that has been doing well in other comps?

Congrats again, Nathan! :)

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 05/15/08 03:38 PM

Thank you so much, Jean.

Actually, the other one is a Gothic horror, Mademoiselle, that I wrote with my daughter Miriam. It's basically Phantom of the Opera, but the phantom is a woman.

I know you will continue to do well with all of your scripts.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/16/08 04:12 PM

Hey, Nathan. Congrats!