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Messages posted since 08/24/2014

Topic: Write a short - win great prize

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/18/08 04:14 PM

Hi all,

Blatantly promoting our short screenplay contest - again. Below is the little speach I'm suposed to give before screenings at the Seattle Film Festival, so here it is again for all of you.

Enter, and I'll take any "moviebyters" who win out to an amzing dinner to welcome them to Seattle. (I'll of course, charge the dinner to my massive Film School expense account)

Anyone going to enter?

Thanks, Heather

Did you ever want to try your hand at writing a short and seeing it procuded? Here is your chance. Write a short screenplay(7 pages or less) and submit it tothefilmschool/SIFF Great American Shorts Contest by June 1st. The Winner is awarded a free session at thefilmschool in July(worth $3000)and gets their film made as a part of SIFF's FLYFILMMAKING program andpremiered at SIFF 2009. Not to mentioned guaranteed distribution through OFFICIAL BEST OF FEST. Yes, you get it all. You can apply online at