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Messages posted since 08/26/2014

Topic: Barb Doyon vs Scriptsavvy & A Feeding Frenzy

Author: Toby Cook Posted: 05/27/08 05:10 PM

I have received feedback from A Feeding Frenzy and Scriptsavvy (old format) which helped a great deal. I have a rewrite that I am sending to both consultants/contests. I have read some solid reviews of Barb Doyon's work. I'm considering sending her my script as well.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether it would be valaulbe to add her or whether the other two will suffice?

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/27/08 05:52 PM

Hi Toby - I've always had at least 3 coverages done on my work before it goes anywhere and Barb's #1 on my list.

This month she is running a terrific special - order her expedited review (I believe a 3 day turn-around) and you get a free 30 minute phone consultation (US writers only)

I've used both of these services and she's timely, detailed and definitely worth every penny (not to mention she's one of the least expensive out there, but don't let that fool you. She's the absolute best without gouging your pocketbook)

Give her service a try with confidence :)

Author: Toby Cook Posted: 05/27/08 05:57 PM


Thank you for the advice. I read that you optioned a script (congratulations)- that's the kind of success I can believe in.

I'll give Barb a try.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/27/08 06:16 PM

Thanks, Toby.

Keep us posted :)

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 05/27/08 08:46 PM

You certainly can't go wrong with Barb. She runs an excellent show. I've dealt with all three of those as well. I'd say they're all class acts.

And like Jean says, it's probably worth triangulating your coverage. If all three of them are detecting the same issues, than it is definitely something worth taking a closer look at before the 'spit and polish.'

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 05/27/08 09:31 PM

I am taking your advice. I just sent a script to Barb Doyon. Of my seven scripts, it's my favorite and it's never gotten anywhere. It's semi-autobiographical, so I'm obviously too close to it.

You guys are incredible and generous, sharing your experiences to help the rest of us avoid at least some of the pitfalls!


Author: Sarah Jane Stevenson Posted: 05/28/08 04:20 AM


Okay, I've now read so much about Barb on this board, I've gotta give her a try. Sounds like everyone's gained so much from her notes, I'm very curious to hear what she'll say about my stuff.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 05/28/08 02:09 PM

I sent movies 1 and 2 of my quartet to scriptsavvy earlier in the month. The feedback won't come before the HBFF next week, but that's my fault. Maybe I'll send them to Barb after I've seen what scriptsavvy has to say.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 05/28/08 02:10 PM

I sent movies 1 and 2 of my quartet to scriptsavvy earlier in the month. The feedback won't come before the HBFF next week, but that's my fault. Maybe I'll send them to Barb after I've seen what scriptsavvy has to say.

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 05/28/08 08:11 PM

Barb has an excellent expedited service. I don't know about you but once I've sent a script for review the sooner I get it back the better. Like Jean, I use three different reviewers. So far I've always considered Barb's input above all others.

Author: d. santiago Posted: 05/28/08 09:10 PM

Just wondering...

Is there a certain reason why some of you use more than reviewer/coverage service? (ie. one specializes in a certain genre) And is it for the same script or different scripts?

I have looked at some of the fees and having more than one coverage would be a little too expensive for me.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 05/28/08 09:49 PM

Hi - I use three different readers to see where my scripts fall in their opinions of story, structure, character, dialogue, etc. These readers do not specialize in genre. Sometimes all agree on what works/doesn't work. Sometimes 2 out of 3 feel one or more areas needs work and offer concrete suggestions. I then take that up with the 3rd reader for their opinion. I've found that using this approach (3 different readers for the same draft at the same time) gives me a well-rounded view and solid feedback to incorporate into my rewrites. I don't enter the script into comps and/or market the script until I've received three unanimous thumbs up.

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 05/30/08 12:13 AM

Not much to add to what has been said (and said very well) about Barb.

Her insightful comments and helpful criticism never fail to lead to a more improved version with less dangling elements.

I have no trouble and am proud to refer her to anyone who might be straddling the fence on whether to seek help and comments on their script.