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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: Seeking Producer For Cool Short Film

Author: Christopher Stapleton Posted: 06/20/08 01:26 AM

Title: "Compulsion"

Page Length: 15

Logline: The hunter becomes the hunted when a sadistic sexual predator with homicidal tendencies has the tables turned on him by a female serial killer who happens to be on the government's payroll.

If you have producing experience and access to financing, please feel free to contact me. Thanks.


Christopher Stapleton 310.871.0537

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 06/20/08 09:01 AM

Nice demo reel. But with the shows you've been on and the actors you've appeared with I would think you would already have the contacts to produce your short.

I'm just a small time writer who has produced my own shorts on my own dime. I have bigger aspirations but I'm not at that point yet (I wasted much of my life in social services). Most of the people here are in the same situation.

So, my question is, with your contacts why are you asking us? And I'm not being snarky. As a long-time member of this board I'm actually flattered.

Author: Lisa Almstead Posted: 06/20/08 01:49 PM

Gosh, I sure missed the boat. I produced my 40 thousand dollar short in 2007, every dime my own. Who knew all I had to do was ask you guys on Moviebytes for the cash. And they told me the film industry was hard to break into. :)


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/20/08 05:49 PM

Hey Christopher,

Is this your first short? The reason I ask is that 15 minutes is somewhat long for most festivals. I've heard many a programer say that 5-7 minutes if best unless it is amazing.

I learned the hard way with a 17 minute short.

Good luck with the money.


Author: Paula Smith Posted: 06/20/08 07:09 PM

$40K? You must have shot on film or had a long script with lots of speaking roles.

A minute per page is a rough guideline. He may have a lot of description that filmed, wouldn't take very long. And 15 minutes is not pushing it if the film is really good.

Author: Lisa Almstead Posted: 06/21/08 06:27 PM


No, shot the film on a rented HD camera. Twenty two minutes long. Four characters, very little dialogue. It cost so much because I paid everyone, and because I wanted to shoot the film in seven days, I paid for all the crew and actors to stay in a bed and breakfast on the location. I paid for some professional editing after I did what I could on my own and paid for a composer to score the film and paid for sound mix and edit. I did get breaks on prices, but, even at that, it all mounts up very fast. I figured I'd give myself one shot at this and do it right. This film is geared for the Christian market and I wanted to give it my best and hope someone will like it enough to distribute. We're in the BCIFF in Houston in August, the first festival we entered, so, maybe we did right to spend the money to make it the best we possibly could. Only time will tell. :)


Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 06/21/08 10:58 PM


Good for you. I did the same with my first short film. Rand 12 1/2 minutes and I spent $17K (shot on super 16 because an HD tech (we used to call a "colorist") in L.A. wanted $1,000 a day, and I got the camera and lens for a weekend for $500.

Try to edit it down to 20 minutes, as that is really the cutoff for a lot of film festivals. I screened 100+ short films for the AFI-Dallas Film festival this year and several good shorts were out due to the fact that one of them was 27 minutes and the other was 40 minutes.

A good Christian short might be marketable as some of the "mega-churches" in their bookstores, as a lot of Christian families love to have such for their kids and families to view. I work part time for a large church in Colleyville and will try to see if they might have any suggestions about marketing it.

Good luck in Houston.


Author: Lisa Almstead Posted: 06/23/08 01:39 PM


Thanks so much for the advice. I wonder, since you were a screener for a mainstream festival, can you give me any idea what folks like you are looking for in a good short? Is it purely production quality and time? How much does story content weigh into your decisions to accept or not? I'm asking because, we would like to submit our film to mainstream festivals, but, have been reluctant to toss away entry money, if the mainstream festivals won't consider anything with a spiritual message. Our film does not have a super hard core message, but, the religious imagery and context are there. Thanks for any help you can give us. I wish you the best with your career as well. :)


Author: Irin Evers Posted: 06/23/08 05:18 PM

I highly recommend DC Shorts. Besides being a festival of only shorts (and a lot of them) so all directors are on equal footing (you're not second to features), it was incredibly well run. It was a lot of fun, well attended, and about 90 filmmakers attend each year. Also, they help with free housing, zip cars and free food. I'm still in touch with the group of filmmakers I ended up hanging out with there. I wish I had something to submit this year.