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Topic: When to put your WGA # on your script?

Author: Terri S Posted: 06/20/08 01:37 PM

Hello, everyone. I just had a production company request a read of my script (yay!). However, I've read conflicting answers as to whether you should put your WGA # on a submission. Can anyone answer this for me? I'm supposed to send it via email later today, so a quick answer would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/20/08 02:45 PM

Hi Terri - It's not necessary to put the WGA# on your script unless a prodco specifically asks you to do so. Sometimes they request this info on a release, in which case put it there. Good luck! :)

Author: John Arends Posted: 06/20/08 03:16 PM

Terri -

Congrats on the request!

I'd go with those that recommend you NOT put the WGA# on the script. There is no downside to leaving it off. However, if you put it on the script, it can be seen by some as the mark of a newbie or amateur.

Good luck!


Author: Martin Stack Posted: 06/20/08 03:29 PM

Wow! I had the WGA# on my cover for a year and a half.....but then again, I am a newbie and/or amateur:)

Author: Terri S Posted: 06/20/08 03:42 PM

I've just heard so many conflicting things about whether or not it should be on there. I don't want to make a bad first impression! :)

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 06/20/08 04:21 PM

There's no need to put it on.

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 06/20/08 04:42 PM

There's no need to put either the WGA number or the copyright notice on a script. It's regarded as amateurish.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/20/08 05:41 PM

Congratulations, Terri!

Keep us posted.


Author: Martin Stack Posted: 06/20/08 07:00 PM

Thanks for askin' the question, Terri. I learned something new today.