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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: Any info on Ayo FIlms?

Author: Kevin McCarthy Posted: 06/24/08 03:43 PM

I can't find anything about them on the Web.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/24/08 05:24 PM

Hope this helps...there is info on Ayo Oluyemi on this site (if this is who you are looking for)

Ayo Oluyemi Films (Nigeria) is listed on IMDb but without any contact info other than a couple of videos.

Good luck.

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 06/24/08 07:37 PM

Ayo Films is Ra'up McGee's new company.

When my screenplay received an honorable mention, sent the press release of all winners to hundreds of production companies and literary managers. Ayo was one of the companies that asked for my logline and has now asked for the screenplay. So, I can give a sincere testimonial that is a contest well worth entering.

Also, I saw Ayo's request for scripts in "Writers Wanted."

I researched McGee and Ayo on the internet. Looks like the real thing. So, good luck all.