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Messages posted since 08/26/2014

Topic: Moondance

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 06/28/08 12:36 AM

Congrats, Acton, for making the semis with "Widow's Island" :)

Author: Acton Cordell Posted: 06/28/08 02:32 AM

Thanks, Jean. If only the semis qualified for consideration as category winners. But this is still good news.

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 06/28/08 07:53 AM

Good job Acton! Keep up the good work.

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 06/28/08 10:12 AM

Congratulations. Up, up, and away!

Author: Robert Ward Posted: 06/28/08 12:36 PM


Hope you move up.


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/28/08 01:23 PM




Author: Mary Rodgers Posted: 07/03/08 12:12 PM

Got into the finals with Common Ground. Thrilled. And, as so often happens on this board, yet another satisfied Barb Doyon customer. Anybody else going to the Moondance festival?

Author: Robert Ward Posted: 07/03/08 12:25 PM

Congratulations Mary! That's great Common Ground is in the finals. That's a tough competition.

Good luck moving on up.


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/03/08 02:21 PM

Congrats, Mary!

I attended the last two Moondance ceremonies when they were held in LA (bridesmaid in both!!) I won't be attending this year as I didn't enter and they are held I believe in Colorado. But good luck to you! Keep us posted please. :)

Author: Mary Rodgers Posted: 07/03/08 02:32 PM

Robert, Jean, many thanks! I am really looking forward to going to the fest - have heard good things about it. Happy just to make it to the finals, though it would be lovely to walk out with a win.;) Jean, how did you like the festival? I guess since you went twice, it must not have been terrible...

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/03/08 02:42 PM

Mary, the first year I went (two years ago) the ceremony was held at a posh Bev Hills restaurant/lounge and it was a blast. The event was hosted by George Lopez and needless to say he was beyond hysterical. Guest of honor (receiving a recognition award) was Phyllis Diller and I didn't think I had any laughs left in me after George, but I was laughing so hard I was nearly in tears. Even though my two scripts didn't win, just seeing them was a winning sitation for me.

The 2nd time I went (last year) they unfortunately held the event at a theatre in Universal City's City Walk. I say unfortunate as the event started late, the lighting and audio was poor and very few attended compared to the previous year. Robert Culp was one of the awards presenters. I wish they had stayed with the place in Bev Hills. That was a classy affair.

I believe the previous years they held the festival in Colorado, these were the two experimental years in LA.

Good luck to you - keep us posted. :)

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 07/03/08 05:24 PM

Great going Acton and Mary.

Whoooo Hoooooo. Can't wait to hear the who finals.

:-D Orlanda

Author: Mary Rodgers Posted: 08/06/08 11:35 AM the email this AM - didn't win, but am still very happy to be a finalist, as this is my first screenplay. I am definitely going to the festival at the end of August. The synopses of the films they are showing look really great, and I think it will be fun to meet other writer/producers, as that's the direction I'm headed. Besides, Colorado is gorgeous in the summer! Anyone else from these boards planning to attend?

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 08/06/08 11:57 AM

Mary, you have every right to be proud. Keep up the great work!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/06/08 01:15 PM

Mary, you gave it your best shot.

Have fun in Colorado and make contacts!! :)

Author: Mary Rodgers Posted: 08/06/08 01:46 PM

Thanks all - you guys are so supportive. So glad I found this board. Best of luck to the rest of you as you await the final results from other competitions!

Author: Dorothy St Louis Posted: 08/06/08 06:32 PM

Congrats....have fun in Colorado....Enjoy the nice weather too....

Lots of GOOD LUCK......