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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: Woods Hole Film Festival

Author: Mary Rodgers Posted: 07/04/08 10:26 AM

Congrats to Connie T. for taking second place honors in the Sci-Fi category with The Raven's Treasure! Woot woot!

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 07/04/08 10:31 AM

Great, Connie. We're so proud.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/04/08 11:07 AM

Fantastic, Connie! :)

Author: Connie Tonsgard Posted: 07/04/08 04:50 PM

Thanks Friends -- I am so happy that I even got on, as I sent all three to them. One of mine is written about a sort of place right close to them.

Well, it is funny because when I first looked on their place, they only showed the first one that won. So here is what I said to him: <<


Is that IT??? I went to your place. All you put there is: ___________ Announcing Screenplay Competition Winner SWEET MARY JANE by Jennifer Harrison ___________

Did not say a damed thing. Why not? Don't you think you should have told us a little bit about this girl's screenplay? What she wrote, what it sounds like?

How many screenplays did you get? 20, 70. 100. 200, or 300???

If there are 100, you should have put up maybe 50 would be "Quarter" and maybe 2 weeks later you would put "Semi" maybe three screenplays -- Then a week later you will say who is the winner.

You also need to tell everyone at "MovieBytes" so everyone can see it. If you did that, you would have more people try to be your winner person.

Does Jennifer Harrison live close to you people? If so, that is also terrible. I sent and payed for three of my screenplays. It has been six months of me WAITING, WONDERING, ETC.

You really should tell everyone who sent you their screenplays. This is so bad for you. You may never have anyone to send you their screenplays. I will tell everyone what I found (NOTHING FROM YOU PEOPLE). YOU SHOULD REALLY TAKE YOUR STUFF OFF FROM "MOVIEBYTES" AND ALSO OFF FROM "WITHOUTABOX". >>

Well, I did say that. Sorry, but I was very unseat two days ago. But I've told them "OOPS -- sorry"

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 07/04/08 09:11 PM

Great job Connie!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 07/04/08 11:40 PM


You rock!!!!!!!!!!!


Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 07/05/08 03:54 AM

Congratulations on the 2nd place win, Connie.

And a sci-fi too. :-) One of my favorite genres.

:-) Orlanda