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Messages posted since 08/29/2014


Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 07/09/08 09:02 PM

A big congrats to Jean Hunter for her terrific script "Lady Jazz" which just made the crime drama finals with the Action on Film comp! Jean has dominated the contest circuit with all her terrific work. Way to go, Jean! Keep up the good work.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/09/08 09:13 PM

Thanks, Eric. I'm still in shock as I entered last minute.

Congrats also to Geoff Breuder for making finals with "The Ace of Aces" in the Most Ambitious Script category.

I also saw Christopher Canole has been nominated in a few categories.

Sorry if I missed anybody else.

Good luck to everybody! :)

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 07/09/08 09:21 PM

As Lawrence Welk used to say, "Wonerful, Wonerful!"

Author: Dorothy St. Louis Posted: 07/09/08 09:29 PM

Great Job.....


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/09/08 09:35 PM

Thanks, Nathan & Dorothy.

Author: John Arends Posted: 07/09/08 09:46 PM

Great the hear that the LADY JAZZ is winning kudos for the classiest contributor to Moviebytes community.

Way to go, Jean!

And to Geoff the Ambitious One!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/09/08 09:50 PM

John, thanks for the kind words. :)

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 07/09/08 10:16 PM

Way to go again Jean! Awesome job!!! And thanks for the mention John and Jean.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/09/08 10:40 PM

Thanks, Geoff.

Hope you can make the awards ceremony.

Author: janet hogate Posted: 07/09/08 11:51 PM


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/10/08 12:08 AM

Thanks much, Janet! :)

Author: Sarah Jane Stevenson Posted: 07/10/08 12:13 AM

Congrats, Jean! That's awesome!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/10/08 12:16 AM

Thank you also, Sarah! :)

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 07/10/08 12:46 AM

Congrats, Jean.

From one of your biggest fans.

And for the others that placed in the finals. Way to go and I hope this means a leg up for your careers.

Good luck at the festival, Jean.


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/10/08 12:50 AM

Thanks so much, Peter. :)

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 07/10/08 12:53 AM

Congrats, Jean! Well done!

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 07/10/08 04:08 AM

Congrats to both Jean and Geoff for making the finals, and great going for Chris as well.

:-) Orlanda

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 07/10/08 04:24 AM

Jean, fabulous!!!! Congrats, Geoff.


Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 07/10/08 05:19 AM

Thanks Heather and Orlanda!

Author: Robert Ward Posted: 07/10/08 10:10 AM

Jean, Geoff and Chris:

Way to go!

Congratulations and major props to each of you!


Author: Mary Rodgers Posted: 07/10/08 10:53 AM

Congratulations Jean! That's awesome. BTW, I have a question for everyone here - do you have a place where you post your scripts for people to read? There are so many obviously talented people on these boards, it would be wonderful to be able read your work. I don't know if that's considered kosher or not - I'm fairly new here - so please don't flame me if what I've just suggested is verboten!

Author: Julia Kubik Posted: 07/10/08 12:48 PM

Congrats everyone. Especially you Jean. I'm a big fan of film noir and hope to see "Lady Jazz" advance to the big screen someday. Julie

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/10/08 07:43 PM

Thanks, everyone!

Julie, great to hear another film noir fan on the boards! :)

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 07/10/08 09:54 PM

Thanks Robert!

Mary, some people will post their scripts or excerpts on WinningScripts -- just click on the link in the top right hand of the screen. I think that WriteSafe also allows people to post their material. I don't know much about it though. I hope that helps.

BTW, welcome on board!

Author: ERIC SENTELL Posted: 07/11/08 05:36 PM

Just found out that Jean's terrific script is gaining more steam.

Action on Film has "Lady Jazz" up for the HOLLYWOOD SCRIPTWRITER 2008 WRITTEN WORD AWARD.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Jean. Couldn't happen to a more worthy writer.

Aloha and keep up the good work.

Author: Gene Langlais III Posted: 07/11/08 06:12 PM

Congrats as always Jean et al.!

Mary, I've got my script excerpts posted on WinningScripts, so you (or anyone else here) can feel free to read them. :)


Author: Robert Ward Posted: 07/11/08 06:18 PM

Great going Jean!

That's awesome. Congratulations and good luck!


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/11/08 06:41 PM

Guys, I'm still numb.

Thanks for all your kind words! :)

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 07/12/08 01:26 AM

Good job again Jean with the WRITTEN WORD AWARD!!!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/12/08 10:53 AM

Thanks again, Geoff! :)

Author: Randy Roberts Posted: 07/12/08 11:49 AM


Good to talk to you yesterday. Really proud of the success your script is making. Now onto the hard part: Getting it made into the movie.

Stay the course and many more successes with many more scripts.


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/12/08 12:05 PM

A real pleasure talking to you also, Randy.

Thanks as always for the encouraging words to strive and work hard to fulfill our dreams and goals. :)

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 07/12/08 01:47 PM

Jean, This is wonderful news! Great work.


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/12/08 07:59 PM

Thanks again, Mike! :)

Author: Mara Lesemann Posted: 07/16/08 02:21 PM

Jean -

I look forward to meeting you at the AOF Awards, as I see that my script "A Temporary Cat" is up against yours for the Hollywood Screenwriting Award!

Best of luck! Mara Lesemann

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 07/16/08 02:50 PM

Thanks, Mara!

I look forward to you meeting you also and putting faces to familiar names.

Congrats to you, Mara! See you soon! :)