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Messages posted since 08/30/2014

Topic: BlueCat semifinals

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/02/08 12:53 AM

Congrats to everyone who advanced (I saw Santa Sierra and Flo Young listed)

That's fantastic - good luck on the next round! :)

Author: Dorothy St Louis Posted: 08/02/08 12:57 AM

congrats to you two........BOO Hoo...I didn 't make it...BUT....GOOD LUCK to you guys....


Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 08/02/08 12:58 AM

Santa and Flo, it is super great that you have both progressed to the finals. Congratulations!

For myself, it was a good run while it lasted.

:-) Orlanda

Author: John Arends Posted: 08/02/08 01:10 AM

Kudos, Santa and Flo! Enjoy the ride -- you're in great company and very cool hands with the Bluecat crew!

Author: Flo Young Posted: 08/02/08 01:39 AM

Thanks guys! Really -- if any of you live in LA, you give me hope for this insane city, and industry. Such a savvy and generous board - I'll have to bake you all some cookies. Or rice crispy treats or something ;0)

Author: Santa Sierra Posted: 08/02/08 11:20 AM

Thanks everybody. I live in LA and all I can say is don't come unless you're prepared. This is one expensive place...anyway, good luck.

Author: Flo Young Posted: 08/02/08 12:57 PM

Hey Santa - congrats! Yeah, this is one crazy town. But see, we're still able to do good work, in spite of the traffic! Thanks heavens for headphones, and a tolerant roommate.

Author: Santa Sierra Posted: 08/02/08 01:42 PM


I decided to go back to my hometown. I will continue to write from home. I spent a year in LA and now I know exactly where to go if I need to come back for any meetings.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/02/08 01:48 PM

Santa, if you don't mind my asking, where in LA did you live? A friend of mine is moving down there and has been looking at the Culver City/Mar Vista area. Also Silver Lake and possibly Burbank. Any comments you care to add? I lived in Hollywood for awhile (some years back) but it's changed so much. Thanks.

Author: Flo Young Posted: 08/02/08 02:06 PM

Honestly, Santa, I would leave, too... but I'm an actor first, and so need to stick to this community for now... or head back to BROOKLYN. Am thinking about getting a PhD, so who knows where that might land me, if I decide to go for it... after LA, Minnesota sounds pretty good! Cold, but good.

Jean, I've lived in the Valley (Van Nuys), Venice, and am now in mid-Wilshire, (super convenient, very central, close to Hollywood, cheaper here, but much more congested, and the INCESSANT TRAFFIC and energy stinks-- but you can find quiet streets). Favorite hoods: Venice, Santa Monica, Laurel Canyon, West Hollywood, and Studio City.

My big brother has told me time and time again, find your job first, then decide where you want to live. But who listens to sound advice?

Author: Flo Young Posted: 08/02/08 02:12 PM

p.s. Silverlake rocks, but it is a bit of a hike to the west-west side and Culver City/Mar Vista... yes. Very reasonable. As is Palms. Tell them to check out:

;0) f

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/02/08 02:20 PM

Hi Flo -

Thanks for the info. I know there are "decent" sections in LA but in my travels it seems to change street by street! I had a friend that lived off Wilshire (Rampart division) and you're right about the noise and energy, but they had lived there for over 25 years and were used to it. I lived on the "quiet" end of Hollywood Blvd. near West Hollywood and the Laurel Canyon turnoff and loved it. The building was art deco quaint and took me right back to my favorite Golden Age era.

Brooklyn, huh? One of the managers at work is from Brooklyn (downtown) and while her family is still there, she's a California girl now and won't go back unless it's for family reunions.

Never been to Minnesota but you'll be in for brrrr winters compared to "sunny California." I remember one Xmas when I was still in LA and it was in the 80s!!

Thanks for sharing.

Author: Santa Sierra Posted: 08/02/08 02:23 PM


You can basically write anywhere. I would say West Hollywood/Hollywood would be a good place. Culver City can be expensive and is also kind of far from where the action really is. I lived in Burbank/Sun Valley for most of my stay here. It's cheaper there but the heat is unnatural. Right now I'm in LA near the staple center, not as bad as people say it is (not far from Hollywood) Central LA/Downtown LA is not that bad. Santa Monica is a bit overrated that's where I work. I come from Massachusetts where even the ghetto looks nice, here in LA the fancy places like Santa Monica, Malibu and even B. Hills aren't that different from some non- wealthy areas in Massachusetts.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/02/08 02:30 PM

Congratulations, Flo and Santa!

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 08/02/08 02:34 PM

Thanks, Santa.

Good luck on your move back home. I don't think it really matters where we write as long as we write.