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Messages posted since 08/22/2014

Topic: request for retainer fee

Author: Delaney Henderson Posted: 08/15/08 03:49 PM

Anybody heard of Starline Productions? I sent them a screenplay and they say they want a retainer fee to package my screenplay, attach an A list actor/director, put togehter a funding structure and assist in getting funding -- Anybody had any experience with this route?

Thanks Delaney

Author: Gene Langlais III Posted: 08/15/08 04:49 PM

Don't pay anybody anything. Ever.

Author: Joseph Kenny Posted: 08/16/08 01:37 AM

I'd get a new orthodontist. No retainer necessary.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/16/08 02:31 AM

No, no, no. Don't give them your money.

Author: Linda Weiss Posted: 08/16/08 03:58 AM

run, and don't look back.

Author: Joseph Kenny Posted: 08/16/08 05:20 AM

Hahaha. They must be rather dyslexic. Do they know they have this backwards?

As a production company/producer, they are suppose to give YOU a retainer.

At least Guild Minimum, and usually much more, to secure the rights to your property, in order to set up a production.

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 08/16/08 03:10 PM

Starline Productions - SPAM incarnate.

It never ceases to amaze me how the dregs of humanity conjure up new ways to demonstrate why they should rot in hell.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 08/16/08 03:35 PM

I have to go with the group here - don't pay. I know it's tough because you don't want to miss a possible opportunity, but you should really research this group on the web, imdb, etc. and see if they've really done anything. Just because they can try to package things doesn't mean they'll really get people attached (anyone can make up a budget, etc.), let alone sell it. This could easily be a scam.