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Topic: Quotes about moviebytes

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/25/08 08:22 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm promoting moviebytes to my film school graduates and wondered if any of you would like to give me a quote in support of it. It would just go out in an email to our alums.

I can leave off names if you like or just do first names and last initial.

Thanks so much,


Author: Irin Evers Posted: 08/25/08 10:05 PM

Do you teach at film school? Where?

(I never went, but wish I did. The film bug bit me later in life and I met people who taught me how to make films).

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 08/26/08 01:17 PM

Hi, Irin,

I'm on the board of The Film School in Seattle. It was founded by Tom Skerritt and Stewart Stern (wrote Rebel Without a Cause, Sybil).

I was a student at the school four years ago, but don't teach there (yet!)


Author: Irin Evers Posted: 08/27/08 08:19 AM

Very cool. If I could do it again - that's the kind of place I'd have gone.

Have you made any shorts?