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Messages posted since 08/29/2014

Topic: Congrats to Michael Murphy!

Author: Patrick Daly Posted: 09/15/08 07:44 PM

Congratulations to Michael Murphy whose script, "The Knuckleballer" just advanced in Writers on the Storm. That script keeps tearin' 'em up in the contests. Good luck in the next round! Sorry if I missed any other MB'ers.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 09/15/08 11:11 PM

Congrats, Mike! :)

Author: John Arends Posted: 09/15/08 11:38 PM

Nice going, Michael. Patrick's right - lots of buzz spinnin' round The Knuckleballer. Keep mowin' 'em down!

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 09/15/08 11:45 PM

Thanks, guys! I've uploaded some pics of some of the real life characters on its page at the Prince Edward Island FF. (Geoff Breuder's 'Ace of Aces' is a finalist there as well!)

If you like a blend of the Golden Ages of Hollywood and baseball, you might get a kick out of the 'slideshow.' The web 'address' is below.


Mike Murphy

Author: Dorothy St Louis Posted: 09/16/08 01:52 AM

Congrats Michael!

Remember when he pitched for the White Sox...I was a little girl then....


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 09/16/08 10:58 AM

Congratulations, Michael!


Author: Robert Ward Posted: 09/16/08 01:13 PM

Congratulations Michael. Way to go! Robert

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 09/16/08 08:44 PM

Great job Michael! I like the photos you put up on the slideshow.

Author: Joseph Kenny Posted: 09/17/08 12:37 AM

It's Murph's turf, and we're all just visitin' ;)

Congrats!! Congrats!!

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 09/19/08 04:12 AM

Geez Michael, I'm gone for a few days and you go and jump up a notch.

Way to go!