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Messages posted since 08/26/2014

Topic: Do you always "age" your characters?

Author: Timothy Landrum Posted: 02/19/09 08:43 AM

If so, do you give them a specific age, JOHN 28, or SALLY 35, to go along with their description?

Do you give them a general age range, JOHN 20s or JOHN late 20s?

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 02/19/09 10:19 AM

Yes, I always give them an age. You really have to -- It's one of those rules of the trade. I generally give an age range based on the needs of my story -- 20s, early 20s. I give a specific age only if it is necessary for the story -- especially for children and teens.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 02/19/09 11:10 AM

Agree with Nathan, especially for kids.

For adults, I'm not as year specific, but will indicate a general age: 20s, mid-20s, late-20s, etc.

One minor character is simply identified age-wise as "a gnarly geezer."

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 02/20/09 10:22 PM

Jean, this is to serve notice that you shall be hearing from the attorneys for UGLY - the Union of Gnarly Little Yokels. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 02/20/09 10:28 PM

I stand warned!

But at least I didn't refer to him as an "old fogie" as mentioned in another thread. I found that description quite insulting.

Author: Timothy Landrum Posted: 02/21/09 04:50 AM


I have a very minor character in my current story that I dubbed, "FRAIL OLD MAN". I didn't give him an age thinking that the name would be as much of a description as he needed for his role.

"Old Fogie", now there's a name I haven't heard since I became one.