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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: Congrats to Ron Brassfield

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 03/01/09 07:33 PM

Congratulation for the AWS finals -- that was over some stiff competition! Best of luck on the next round.

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 03/01/09 08:44 PM

Well done, Ron! Congrats!

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 03/01/09 09:33 PM

Great job Ron, congratulations!

Author: Sun Tze Yun Posted: 03/02/09 12:07 AM

Congratulations, Ron.

Good luck in the final round.


Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 03/02/09 06:42 AM

Congrats Ron, good luck.

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 03/02/09 07:23 AM

Whoa! My name in a thread! I found out Friday night when someone from another domain congratulated me on getting so far. It was a pleasant surprise. I entered two scripts and only one made this status. Some of the other finalists had two or even three scripts among the thirteen left standing (of 55 entries listed), so this is probably as far as I go, but it's an encouraging development. Thanks for all the well-wishing, folks!

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 03/02/09 11:04 AM


Author: Timothy Landrum Posted: 03/02/09 11:38 AM

Congrats Ron, You-Da-Man!

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 03/02/09 12:08 PM

Congratulations, Ron!

Author: Robert Ward Posted: 03/02/09 12:50 PM

Way to go, Ron! Congratulations!

Author: Karen Barnett Posted: 03/02/09 01:19 PM

That's terrific, Ron! Hey, it's an even playing field now, right? So no reason you won't go all the way! :)

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 03/02/09 04:20 PM

Hey Ron,

What do you mean as far as you go?

Man, you can go all the way, you should be proud, if you don't toot your own horn I'll do it for you, f'ing A!!!

Proud to know you.


it's all good!

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 03/02/09 07:23 PM

Well, I have to say, you're all worth every cent I paid! ...

Seriously, I'm blushing. All this outpouring of 'Byters' goodwill is the best part of being an AWS finalist, as far as I'm concerned.

Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 03/04/09 01:05 AM

Congrats, Ron! :)

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 03/05/09 02:29 AM

AWS! Awesome, buddy!

:-D Two thumbs up for you.


Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 03/12/09 06:19 AM

And the winners are...

1st Place: Stranded by Brian Pittman and Rachel Long

2nd Place: Colter's Hell by Robin Russin

3rd Place: Demons & Gargoyles by Elizabeth Pfeiffer

So, if any of these writers lurk here, please post if anything develops from your win. Thanks!

Author: Thomas Rechtin Posted: 03/12/09 08:36 AM

Hi Ron--Belatedly, I just wanted to pass along my congratulations as well. Well done!

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 03/12/09 07:32 PM

Thanks, Tom. Since this morning, it looks like the contestants received one-page synopses of their scripts, along with scoring in seven categories on a 1 (poor) - 5 (excellent) scale.

They're tough graders at AWS, as they should be. My script that made "finalist" scored 25 of a possible 35 (the score if all seven categories were scored "excellent"). The one that was eliminated scored 22. Respectively, reduced to percentages of 100, that would make their grades like a 71% and a 62% for my scripts. At least they didn't score either of my pieces of work less than "Good" in any category.

They say they're sending the synopses to their short list of sponsoring companies. One would hope that might lead to an interested phone call, but in reality, the moral of the story is probably to just "keep on trying to improve."

Recommended reading: "Breakfast with Sharks" by Michael Lent, who says it's five years of diligent, targeted and regular writing and marketing effort to reach "overnight success" status, and ten years of same to establish an actual screenwriting career in Hollywood.