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Messages posted since 08/25/2014


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 03/28/09 09:53 PM

You guys rock!

1st place - Peter's "Black Ice Below" 2nd place - Geoff's "The Ace of Aces"

Congrats to all the finalists! :)

Author: Eric Sentell Posted: 03/28/09 10:22 PM

Way to go, guys! Peter, I'm not a bit surprised. "Beneath The Black Ice" is a winner from page one.

Author: Barb Doyon Posted: 03/28/09 10:31 PM

Peter, you are the best! Congratulations on winning Red Inkworks with your extraordinary script Black Ice Below!

Congratulates Geoff - love your script Ace of Aces!

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 03/28/09 11:41 PM

Thanks, Jean, Eric and Barb.

It's a wonderful feeling to have the support of such good and generous friends. And very talented writers ta'boot.

You guys had sent private e-mails before I even knew what the results were.

Geoff -- congrats dude. Sometime I would love to read Ace of Aces. You have done extremely well with this script. Good luck.

Thanks again and good luck to all the finalists.

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 03/29/09 07:22 AM

Wow, 1st and 2nd place. Way to go Peter and Geoff.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 03/29/09 10:53 AM

Congrats Peter and Geoff! Incredible news!

Author: Robert Ward Posted: 03/29/09 12:10 PM

Congratulations Peter and Geoff!!!

Yet again, job well done. Robert

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 03/29/09 01:06 PM

Thanks, Janet, Irin and Robert.


Author: Gene Langlais III Posted: 03/29/09 05:18 PM

Powerful proud!! :)

Author: Geoffrey Breuder Posted: 03/29/09 06:46 PM

Congrats Peter! And thanks guys for the support.

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 03/29/09 09:14 PM

Thanks, Gene and good luck to you with your scripts.

Author: Karen Barnett Posted: 03/30/09 01:26 AM

Awwww, that's terrific, you guys! Congrats!!!

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 03/30/09 05:08 AM

Way to go! Getting the top two spots at RedInkworks is awesome, gentlemen.

My Deceased came in at 23. :-)

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 03/30/09 05:13 AM

Ooooops, we should be saying, so far. The full list is not up.

It says March 31. Tuesday will tell if any titles shift.

Author: Peter Fraser Posted: 03/30/09 07:59 PM

Thanks Karen and Orlanda.

Rewrites, guys. Ruthless. Spare nothing.

Black Ice Below, if I remember right, was 19th last year.

Orlanda - your # 23 this year could be next year's number one. If it made it to 23 - or the Top 50 for that matter the script has potential. Good luck.

Author: Orlanda Szabo Posted: 03/31/09 05:56 AM

Thanks Peter.

LOL Yes Deceased could very well be #1 in the summer session. It is technically a war movie.

;-) And rewrites are underway.

:-) Orlanda

Author: STEVEN CALDERWOOD Posted: 04/02/09 10:33 PM

Congrats to everyone...

Sorry I cut and pasted!!!!!!!!

Special Congratulations to Peter Fraser who won the Red Inkworks Contest with his sci-fi thriller ''Black Ice Below'' — Great work, Peter!

Congratulations to Geoff Breuder who took 2nd Place in the Red Inkworks Contest for his script ''Ace of Aces''! Geoff's script also made Finals in the Beverly Hills Film Festival!

Congratulations to Patrick Daly who optioned his script ''The Bottomless Puzzle'' to Myndcast Media who's teamed up with the Freelance Jax Company to produce the project that's slated to become a movie with a spin-off reality game and it'll even have its own webisodes! Very exiting news, Patrick! In addition, Patrick's script

''Cash for Chaos'' made Finalist in the StoryPros International Screenplay Contest!

Congratulations to Jean Hunter. Jean's script's ''Lady Jazz'' and ''Serena's Thunder'' made Finals in the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Congratulations to Rana Aich. Rana's script ''Hocus Pocus in the Land of Baloney'' made Finals in the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Congratulations to Irin Evers. Irin's award-winning short ''Sweet Dreams'' is going to play at the NewFilmmakers Spring Festival on Sunday, April 5th at 6p.m. as part of the Shorts program.

Congratulations to Ron Brassfield. Ron's script ''Eclipse'' is a Finalist in the Award Winning Screenwriters Competition of qualifying scripts organized by Erin Chapman in conjunction with several industry professionals.

I'm dreamin of a group hug!!!


Author: Jean Hunter Posted: 04/02/09 10:54 PM

Thanks, Steve.

I think this might be the most shout-outs in Barb's newsletter for her clients! :)

Author: Patrick Daly Posted: 04/03/09 05:32 PM

Yes, thanks!