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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: A Four(4) Movie Friday!!!

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 05/09/09 05:42 AM

So, I go to movies on Fridays and tend to watch multiple movies starting around 2-3pm until closing. This Friday, I saw:

Star Trek, Fighting, Obsessed and Wolverine.

Stark Trek - Loved it!! Loved!! Loved it!! Did I say I loved it?! I loved it so much I saw it twice. I started and ended with it, so I techically sat through five movies. A young James Kirk was as I imagined him to be and Spock, though more emotional with a lot of surprises, was a compelling character. Bones and the rest of the gang were pretty much the way they were in the series and I knew the minute an unknown officer went down with Kirk and Sulu he was gonna bite the dust like in the series. It was familiar enough to make me know I was watching something I have loved for years, but different enough to entertain me.

Fighting - A decent movie, though I found it predictable. Channing Tatum has got to stop playing roles where he's a poor, conflicted and struggling young man who gets a break and makes it big. I already saw him do it in Step Up, so why'd he torture me with Fighting? I see that he's gonna be in the next G.I. Joe movie, so that'll be a different role for him, but I'm not gonna see it b/c from what I've seen of the trailer: THAT AIN'T G.I.JOE. I loved watching Snake Eyes and the gang take on Cobra as a child and as much as I adore you Channing, I ain't paying to see G.I. Joe. Sorry.

Obsessed - I wasn't gonna see this, but I have a friend who works at the theatre and he strongly encouraged me to see it. Hence, I put off the 7:20 Wolverine for the 9:50 and went and saw it. I gotta say that my friend was right. I enjoyed it very much and the actress that played the messed-up stalker did such an incredible job that even I had to remind myself that there was nothing to her obsessed delusions. She was convincing!!!!

Wolverine - Okay, I'm just gonna say it: I was disappointed. I expected a lot more. I guess it's nice to know why Logan has no memories of anything priour, but couldn't they come up with something better? I wasn't on the edge of me seat and could have waited for this to come on HBO.

Well, that's my take on the movies I saw. Terminator and Transformers is up next and I can't wait. Live long and prosper.

Author: Sarah Jane Stevenson Posted: 05/09/09 12:08 PM

Excellent!! Thanks for the heads-up, Bobette. I look forward to next week's Friday reviews. ;)

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 05/09/09 08:36 PM

Great review Bobbette.

I plan to see Star Trek next week. Im so glad its worth seeing.

I saw Obsessed last week and I too was surprised I liked it. I mean sure it was allot like Fatal Attraction but there was some surprisingly good differences too.

To be honest I never liked the X-men series. The very first one was so.... busy I just couldn't watch the whole thing. So Im glad to hear Im not missing much by not watching it.

I think Channing would be perfect for my script but I just couldn't handle another street fighter movie. There have been so.....many. Im sure Ill watch it when it comes out on DVD though.

Thank you so much for the review. Please give us another real soon.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/10/09 01:53 AM

Hope you do this every week. Thanks!

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 05/10/09 07:34 PM

Star Trek did not disappoint. Bobette's review is good and accurate. If you recall the original series, there will be several aha momemts. Even if you weren't a Star Trek fan, I would recommend this movie.

Woverine was a big disappointment. Hugh Jackman did his best but I don't think the script was strong to begin with.