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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: Working with a co-writer question

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/05/09 01:33 PM

I have the most amazing writing partner and the more we work together the more frequently we have to pass a script back and forth via email.

QUESTION: Is there any way to access the same script from different locations?

Ideally, we could go to the script and see if the other person was writing and if not dive in. The key issue being not having to call or email the other person first.

How do all of you handle this kind of thing?

Currently we officially "toss" the script to the other person and tell them when we'll be available to work on it again. We are strict about resaving the script with date and time of day. This works well, however, if she for instance can't sleep and could devote the whole night to the script, she can't have it because she can't call and wake me up to get the script back.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 06/05/09 02:07 PM

There's a briefcase function in windows that is supposed to allow you to do this. I created one and then decided I didn't need it so I didn't use it.

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 06/06/09 03:33 PM

Briefcase is fine across a single network or via direct cable connection between two PCs, but across the internet, one of you would need to own a server, or you'd have to establish a remote connection between the PCs, such as VPN (virtual private networking). Consult your "Help" section of Windows for more information.

As an alternate method, you might want to check out

By the way, as I periodically announce on this board, a link to that site is one among the many resources for writing and screenwriting listed on my website,

When visiting, to access these links, hover your mouse over "Menu" at the top left and choose "Screenwriter Research Links" when the menu pops down.

Author: Dorothy St Louis Posted: 06/07/09 07:25 PM

if you use Final Draft....they have a built-in .....have used it on a script I did with 2 other writers...worked pretty well.....

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 06/08/09 06:12 PM

And Movie Magic Screenwriter has the iPartner feature, which lets partners work on the script on each others' PCs. The booklet gives advice on configuring the feature in case of trouble (like firewall settings).

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/08/09 10:30 PM

Thanks so much, Ron, Dorothy and Paula. I can't wait to try one of these out.