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Messages posted since 08/30/2014

Topic: Did I offend cuz logline edited

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 06/13/09 11:16 AM

Um are you's guys offended?

I noticed on my present logline the last sentence is edited out on the Movie Bytes page but not on the WinningScript page. Hmmmmmm.

I'm figuring since everybody compares the latest race of people being mistreated and victimized as the NEW BLACK present victums Mexicans.

Well I just thought humoriously to flip the script and say BLACKS ARE THE NEW WHITES.

I think that's funny and appropriate. Well someone didn't think it was funny.

Am I censored?


Uh Oh can it be all good again. Strange

Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 06/13/09 11:53 AM

I think Frederick made some changes to the program. The same thing happened to my loglines from WinningScripts, so I edited them to try to make them one sentence. You haven't been singled out.

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 06/13/09 01:29 PM

OOhhhh that's good.

So what you're saying is if I don't make it a seperate sentance then it will ride over to MB page, oohhhh.

thanks terry, my paranoid self was getting paranoid.


don't worry be happy

Author: Frederick Mensch Posted: 06/13/09 07:54 PM

Terry's right. I posted a number of changes last week, one of which was designed to limit the length of the loglines that are displayed within "ScriptLinks." Everyone has their own definition of what a logline should include, and some of them were running quite long. I experimented with a number of ways to maintain a reasonable length, and the best way was to cut off the logline at the end of the first sentence beyond a certain numbers of characters. Note that if you hover your mouse over the listing, your full submission will display regardless of length, and your full submission is also listed within This seemed like a reasonable compromise.

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 06/13/09 11:13 PM

Thank you for the heads up Mr. Mensch and I understand completely.


its all good again.

Author: Robert Ward Posted: 06/14/09 05:09 PM

Thanks Frederick:

The new one-sentence system for ScriptLinks is working perfectly. Too many people were posting their "logline" that was almost synopsis length. You'd get three such script loglines like that in a row and it would knock everyone else off the section. So, great job!


Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 06/14/09 06:46 PM

Makes us honest.