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Messages posted since 08/22/2014

Download: The Blues Job (PDF format)

Author: Bill York Posted: 07/10/09 12:03 PM

TJ Mission was born to play the blues -- God tells St. Peter all about it on the day TJ is born.

TJ was raised in a wealthy suburb of Chicago and has everything he could ever want: a life of wealth and privilege, a promising career, a beautiful girlfriend, rich friends, and a ton of musical talent which allows him to play regularly for his fans at a local nightclub.

But he's not fulfilling his destiny to play the blues and St. Peter has to get him on track. At first St. Peter tries a subtle approach, but when it becomes clear that TJ is just a little too comfortable with his life to have the blues, St. Peter has to take drastic measures.

St. Peter directly intervenes in TJ's life and TJ winds up losing everything he thought he cared about (just like Job in the Bible): he loses his car, his guitar, his girl, his money, his friends, his pride, and almost his life.

The movie starts with a hilarious scene at the Heavenly Blues club, a bar in Heaven where all the dead blues men hang out. St. Peter gets his mission and takes on an earthly persona to move TJ along on his quest. Along the way, Peter influences many of TJ's friends, acquaintances, and enemies and TJ gets more and more frustrated.

Finally, TJ gets the blues and realizes that's what he wanted all along.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 07/10/09 12:14 PM


This sounds so interesting. Did you post the whole script here?