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Messages posted since 08/26/2014

Topic: Opportunity for someone with Drama/Suspense Chops

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 07/24/09 02:23 PM

Here stands my dilemma.

Apparently, I have a knack for comedy. I recently optioned my comedy and we're looking at a winter start of production.

I wrote the comedy to get familiar with screenplay formatting after putting all of my focus on novel formatting for my entire life. I wrote the comedy as somewhat of an exercise, to prepare myself to take on my true goal, adapting a novel I had been working on.

I have since completed that screenplay and am not happy about the feedback I have received. The main problems are:

It crosses genres It's too dark to market

Here lies my problem:

An associate of mine absolutely loved it. He has a solid connection with a VP of a major production company. He wants to bring him the screenplay. However, I can't have that while it's flawed, possible losing this contact for future projects. I have to have the best product available before I allow this read.

The best route to go with this script is the Drama/SUSPENSE. I think I have found that my talent is comedy. I have the chops for Drama, but from a marketing standpoint, straight up Drama is not where it's at right now.

Bottom line:

I'm looking for some fresh eyes with someone who has talent in the area of Suspense. I was about to shelf this idea and move on to my next project, but I figured, better then shelving it, I might be better off sharing it with someone's who talents compliment mine.

I have a major studio connection and can get this read from the top down at the studio.

If anyone is interested in a merger of talents, so to speak, I am willing to work with someone and share writing credit to get this finished the right way. E-mail me at if this sounds like a business proposal that you can help with.

The script is done. I have the first 138 page draft and the most recent 117 page draft. The story is there and complete, but I need it scaled to a strict drama/suspense story.

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 07/24/09 02:33 PM

Drama is not a real big box office draw, but suspense is. So you may want to go more suspense than drama, if that's possible.

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 07/24/09 02:54 PM

I realize that. That's why I am possibly looking to work with someone with talent in the area Suspense.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 07/24/09 05:18 PM


My writing partner and I have experience in successfully rewriting scripts. We call it "flipping" like people do with houses. It really is the equivelant of slapping on a coat of paing and getting the ugly 80,s bathroom fixtures out. Only works though if the structure is sound.

If you want to talk to us about it why don't you email me. We have not done suspense, but our method is aplicable to most things.