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Messages posted since 08/27/2014

Topic: ADA Management Group .. new agency .. queries accepted !!

Author: Ashraf Edris Posted: 09/07/09 05:57 AM

hi all

try it

or you can submit from the site

best wishes for new writers .. like me

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 09/07/09 03:24 PM

I got a security alert from my computer when I went to their site so I didn't go fuirther.

Also, the term "South Florida's Leading Entertainment Group" doesn't inspire much confidence.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 09/07/09 05:16 PM

Now if it was "North Florida" then that would be another thing.

Author: Ashraf Edris Posted: 09/07/09 10:03 PM

is it wrong to contact them ? i think we should knock all the doors ?

Author: d. santiago Posted: 09/08/09 07:02 PM

I'd personally wait.

They are brand new and I just did a search on Andrea A. Albin. Nothing came up.


Author: Eric Shuler Posted: 09/08/09 07:12 PM

Agree with Don. I would at least wait till they have an office space in Florida. Check out there FAQs on the site.

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 09/08/09 08:19 PM

The only "security alert" I saw was that the web page wants to run a QuickTime video plug-in.

The site didn't arouse my tingling Spider-sense, nor any high hopes.

You always take a(n even bigger) chance with the new outfits, it's true. I foolishly entered a new contest this year, which was out of character for me. And, wouldn't ya know, its site vanished from the web a couple of months ago. We're about a week shy of the submission deadline, right now, I think... Things must have gone pretty well for those "contest" organizers.

Probably no harm in heeding the voices here and waiting a while.

Author: Jake Coulter Posted: 11/06/09 01:12 PM