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Messages posted since 08/30/2014

Topic: A spiritual butt whippin

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 09/24/09 01:45 PM

Could my life get any????

In june I was put off social security disability. I didn't see it coming so now I've been penniless since June. Absolutely penniless.

I'm so ashamed that I had to go to the food pantry. Embarrassed that I had to go to a baptist church and be ridiculed for being a catholic to get a fifty dollar gift card cause the catholic church is too far away.

I applied for food stamps in July but the appointment isn't till NOVEMBER 4th.

At first I qualified for unemployment on July 5th then I didn't, cause school job would start back on Aug 18th but no money for two whole weeks Sept 4th. I resigned before I assaulted the manager. My emotions where running way to high to put up with the okie from the skokie. The teachers called her Hitler.

I got my teacher retirement fund back yesterday went to the bank but in order to get cash back I had to open a new account and get a temporary debit card.

Tried to pay electric over phone with card, no can do, no security number on back, go to bank get cash, go across town on a tire that keeps going flat even after twice filling it with fix a flat, to pay bill 274 bucks and thats not a total payment.

I decide I'll treat myself to breakfast at Denny's, waitress brings coffee, I go to bathroom. While washing my hands, (don't need swine flu) I look in the mirror and low and behold what do I see? A urinal. I'M IN THE MENS ROOM for crying out loud. I'm not packing one of those.

get back to table, waitress gave away my seat, for heaven sakes.

Enough already, its that Job syndrome thing happening where God and Satan are betting on me. Looka here God I'm not going to turn my back on you so stop with the beat down already. How the hell did Satan sneak into heaven anyways, I think God needs to fire some of the guards cause they ain't doin their job.

I just had to share that with you. I am at an absolute stand still right now. I am down right pissed, angry, and ashamed.

No pity party, even Job got blessed tremendously after he got wiped out. So I have to believe that something fabulous is coming my way eventually, dagnabit.

and Dan, no I was not wearing over sized briefs, no boxers, no thong, just old lady bloomers. In fact Dan you probably changed the restroom signs and hid in the vent, datgumit. If I see my ass on U'tubby I'm suing for cuntinuous hair-ass-mint. I should have known where I was cause of the smell, au de toilet. eewwww


it's going to get better. I have to believe that, have to, wholeheartedly.

Author: James McLain Posted: 09/24/09 05:57 PM

Keep the faith. If no one else out here is pulling for you, I am. My family and I will pray for you. Some years ago I left the lower 48 for Alaska because I was working two jobs, had a new born baby, and couldn't afford the money it took to pay the co-pay on my food stamps. It worked out finally. Keep the faith. You will survive too.

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 09/24/09 06:42 PM

Thanks James I have to believe that it will work out.

At Denny's when I went to pay for breakfast with temp debit card, the register wouldn't take card. I offered my drivers license until I could go to gas station's ATM, Nope won't work. I asked well what can we do? I'm thinking they don't let you wash dishes anymore, so I guess I'm going to jail. Waitress let me go to gas station, so I went and got money to pay bill. Tipped waitress three bucks.

I went home and went to bed.

You know that old saying 'the best steel has to go through the fire. I'm thinking how strong do i have to be? I think my steel got left in the fire and is melting, daggumit, dagnabit, consarnit, damn it.

I'm finding getting a job at my age isn't going to be easy. Everywhere I go the workers are kids, 35 and younger.


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 09/24/09 07:04 PM


I've been really hard up before, but I was much younger then and more resiliant. I'm so sorry this is happening to you right now. You have such a good attitude and know that you'll come out stronger the other end, but it still make the here and now hard.

I'll keep you in my prayers and if you were in the Pacific NW I'd take you out for a hot meal.

Please tell me you're joking about the Baptists. Did they really make fun of you for being Catholic? I hope not. Just to defend the Baptists, I've know lots of them and although they have a rep for being judgemental, I've never personally experienced it myself.


Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 09/24/09 08:33 PM


Hang in there. You're right; the steel is in the fire. Stay strong.


Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 09/25/09 12:13 PM


Yeah he did say bad things to me about being Catholic. About how we baptise our kids shortly after they're born. Says it like giving the kid a bath. I never went back for another gift card.

An Apostolic pastor told me all catholics are going to hell.

My mother is dead so he's telling me my mother went to Hell? This happened at my brothers house cause he converted to the holy roller church. I never went back to my brothers house again. But that church is no out of business.

I went to Gov Rick Perry's face book and let the republican governor know that he represents all the people in the state, not just big shot money republicans, but us peons too.

Thank you guys for your prayers, the devil is a liar and incapable of telling the truth.

Years ago, I made the mistake of thinking logically. I figured if God can forgive anything, why not forgive the Devil? So I prayed for the devil to change his ways. Lord have mercy what a mistake that was. Trouble aplenty. I guess prayer can't change him, that won't work.

Thanks again for your prayers.