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Messages posted since 08/22/2014

Topic: Anybody else won in Exposurama?

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 10/29/09 04:34 AM

Hi All,

Very excited at being a finalist in Thriller category this year, and even more gobsmacked to find they published my interview! I don't think I slagged too many industry figures off...but I may have upset the military. CIA and the world's financial services etc...ah well I didn't think they'd put it out!!!

I wasn't planning on researching Guantanamo Bay but I guess all experience is good for writers. I just wondered what sort of exposure one gets with the industry mags and the billboard follow up, and if anybody had gotten repped or an agent as a result.



Author: Joseph Kenny Posted: 10/30/09 01:50 AM

Congratulations Mike, for your winning screenplay!

I was lucky enough to get a bit of recognition too, and look forward to the exposure all of the winners may get in the coming months.

Best of success to you.


Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 10/30/09 04:48 AM

Thanks Joseph,

Let's see what happens.



Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 11/04/09 09:23 PM

Well, Mr. Kenny, the ISA email today says YOU are the Exposurama grand prize winner, with "The Swimmer Manuscript." What do you have to say for yourself?

Author: Martin Burke Posted: 11/04/09 10:26 PM

Congratulations, Joseph! Bravo!

Author: Michael Murphy Posted: 11/04/09 11:25 PM

Joseph, that's great! Congrats!

Author: Stephen Hoover Posted: 11/04/09 11:39 PM

I was top 100.

But WTG Joseph! Head of that billboard!! Keep us posted on how many script request it generates.

Author: Joseph Kenny Posted: 11/05/09 01:49 AM

Thank you. I was quite pleased, of course, when Exposurama honored The Swimmer Manuscript and so many other fine screenplays.

But, I was particularly thrilled to get the call from Peter Jackson after the newsletter went out ;)

Author: Stephen Hoover Posted: 11/05/09 02:19 AM


That is some serious Exposurama!!!


Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 11/07/09 04:18 AM

Hi Joseph,

Good results. I never know when people are being ironic on these boards :) But does anyone know if the billboard is up and anything i the trades yet with this comp?



Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/07/09 02:49 PM

That's awesome Joseph!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 11/08/09 03:40 AM

Congrats, Jospeh!

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 01/25/10 09:47 AM

I emailed Jenna at EXPOSURAMA asking for some details as to what they have actually done as a result of the 2009 contest? See Below:

Hi Jenna,

I know you had some computer issues...don't we all :)

However I'm somewhat irritated by seeing you inviting people to enter the next exposurama contest, far as I'm aware, you haven't made good on the promises from the last contest?

Am I wrong?

I'd be happy to learn you have a billboard up, and have placed an announcement in a well known entertainment magazine...but if you have I'm sorry that I haven't seen anything in my inbox or on the site.

I believe you have a responsibility to reward those that paid for the privilege of entering your excellent competition, which promised so much.

I look forwards to hearing from you.


Mike Donald

I'll post the reply.

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 01/29/10 03:31 AM

The reply:

Hi Mike,

You're absolutely correct we have not fulfilled our agreement to date. Sadly we weren't as prepared as we hoped to be for what was needed to put up a billboard in LA or post in magazines. Then while we were accumulating all the info to fulfill our obligations, the computer we had archived all our info on, crashed. It's been quite a nightmare to be honest. This past week we were in Sundance and that too has taken a significant amount of our time. However, WE ARE back on track. And as promised we will have our obligations fulfilled. The trip to Sundance has made this even easier and subsequently the exposure everyone will receive will be far greater than expected. We sincerely appreciate your candor and promise to fulfill our obligations to all involved. Thanks for your patience, we ask only for a hint more. Jenna Exposurama Screenplay Contest 8581 Santa Monica Blvd #438 West Hollywood, CA 90069

Author: Stephen Hoover Posted: 01/29/10 10:57 AM

Hmmm. Computer harddrive backup costs $100.

Entry fees on contest... 800-1000 at 40-50 bucks = $32,000-50,000 gross.

Billboard (getting one somewhere in Los Angeles) = $5,000-8,000 for a solid location. Print ads = $5,000 total. Still a profitable contest.

No dates given for performance and the new contest is accepting entries already?

Not good.

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 01/29/10 02:30 PM

My point exactly, grated on me seeing their ad banging on about the new competition now taking money from wide eyed writers expecting to have their names up in lights...rather than being a cluster F***k on a broken hard drive!

Shame, I was looking forwards to seeing the billboard in Feb if I hit L.A!



Author: Stephen Hoover Posted: 01/29/10 05:37 PM

You should send a certified letter asking for specific dates the billboard will be put up. The new contest is starting up and they haven't fulfilled the promises from the last one??

Any entrant in the contest could be part of a class action to refund ALL the money if the promises of the contest are ignored. Anyone who entered put up $$ for you and the other winners to have their 15 minutes of fame. Where is it?

Send the letter and demand a timeline. Start getting your legal ducks in a row. Lot of hungry lawyers out there these days. Might also violate the laws of the State of California and the State Attorney Gengeral's office could get involved, which would be free to you.

What was on these computers? List of the winners?? They are here on MovieBytes and in emails the contest sent out. Better question is: Where's the money?

Keep after 'em!