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Topic: ROSE'S WAR wins cash thanks to MB logline lookers!

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 11/22/09 04:03 AM

Hi Guys,

This project received so many hits from the logline posting here I actually submitted it to a couple of competitions...well blow me down I've actually won cash for the first time! Not done anything with this one as a friend of mine knew someone in Aardman they were going to get it forward two years, maybe they missed their chance. Anyway, this site is great for seeing what attracts viewers to a logline. So far in the running Louisiana Blood is first, then Rose's War then Shadow Trade, so thank you all for the heads up!

ROSE'S WAR - RUNNER UP IN ISFMA Festival - Screenplay Contest

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulating you. We received nearly a thousand scripts, your script ''Rose's War'' was one of the best and chosen as a runner up for the Independent Short Film, Music and Art Festival, in its short screenplay competition. It was a difficult decision.

All the scripts we received were read at least once. From there less than half moved on to the second phase and within the second phase only four scripts moved on to the final read. From the four, your script was one of the four! It was a delightful read and something we could see being produced!

The Independent Short Film, Music & Art Festival will take place February 19-21, 2010. The award ceremony will take place on February 21, 2010. The festival itself will take place in Long Beach, California at the historical Queen Mary, where we would like to invite you to stay. We would like to arrange a day and time which would be good on your schedule to discuss this further, as well as possible production of your winning script.



Author: Terry Frazier Posted: 11/22/09 05:22 AM

Congratulations, Mike! Feels good, don't it?

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 11/22/09 11:45 AM

Hi Terry,

Yes, but I'll have to hold off becoming a comp chaser as it's a sure way to get broke!

I would like to find some cash competitions that pay out $50,000 and are weekly tho' :)


Mike PS I think that's called the lottery.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/22/09 01:57 PM

Congrats Mike!

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 11/23/09 07:43 AM

Thanks Irin,

Just need to find an animation contest that pays big bucks to survive the winter!



Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 11/23/09 11:43 AM


Fantastic news! Congratulations.


Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 11/24/09 03:38 PM

Hi Heather,

Thanks for that, hope your hard drive recovers okay.



Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 11/24/09 05:02 PM


I had to buy a new hard drive. The second in two months.

SO happy to have my computer back!


Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 11/25/09 04:19 AM

Hi Heather,

As a writer that's scary, I have back up to hotmail, and separate hard dive, and occasional DVD copy...but it's never enough is it!

I had a logic board falure on my macbook pro...that's a polite way that mac have of saying the entire motherboard is F***ed at start of year, luckily I had household insurance that covered it, but I paid $4000 for a Rolls Royce and ended up with a Skoda (but not as reliable!) As Spooky Mulder would no one!!!!! Never had a motherboard fail in over 20 odd PC's and Laptops.



Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 11/25/09 11:57 AM


Author: d. santiago Posted: 11/25/09 09:37 PM

Congrats Mike.

Funny you should mention the mac. If the price is right on friday, I may buy a macbook pro.

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 11/26/09 03:29 AM

Re: MAC,

Make sure you take out the Mac insurance thingy where they cover you for a few years, as a replacement logic board is around $1600 to have fitted in the UK...also there are issues with some Nividia Video a little googling, trust no one...



Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/26/09 09:29 PM

Yeah - a friend told me to get that and I did. Thanks!

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 11/26/09 10:38 PM


So glad you were covered!!!

Toshiba has replaced my hard drive twice, but they require me to give them the old one, so there's no chance of retreiving my old work.

Don't buy a Toshiba!


Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/27/09 12:25 PM

That's crazy Heather. No, I won't buy Toshiba.

And I was tired of having issues on my Dell with Dell telling me "it's a Microsoft (or other) issue" and Microsoft telling me "it's a Dell issue." I'm hoping the Apple customer service will be much better. Now if only I wasn't so tired at night and could set it up already...