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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: save the cat strikes back

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/24/09 12:06 PM

I just got an email that it's now available at the Writers Store for $17 ($3 off). I know some of you have been waiting for it.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/24/09 01:08 PM

It seems that price was only from a Storylink email - this is the link:

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 11/24/09 05:01 PM

Can't wait! Thanks Irin.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/24/09 05:15 PM

Yeah - I just ordered it. Looking forward to reading it. Good holidays this year - I also bought a Mac and am finally switching (my PC is going to die any day).

Author: Stephen Hoover Posted: 11/24/09 08:01 PM


I love my MacBook Pro. Be prepared for some family conflict when your wife tries to swipe it!

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/24/09 09:20 PM

The plan was for the Mac to go in my office, and then we'll reformat my Dell (and get rid of all the issues, hopefully) and put it in the family room. Why do I have a feeling we're going to have to buy a second Mac very soon?! Luckily, I made my wife get the iPhone last year when I bought mine or I would've lost mine. I need to sell a script just to pay for my bill to Apple!