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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: A Two Movie Weekend

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 12/08/09 11:33 PM

So, I could only watch two movies this weekend because I had to be in Riverside, CA Friday and Saturday for the paralegal certification test and Sunday left me too tired to do my 4 or 5 movie deal.

The two movies I saw were New Moon, which I'm sure almost everyone has seen, and Armored.

New Moon - I don't know why they keep trying to make these books because they clearly can't. IT SUCKED!!! It wasn't as sucky as the Twilight, but it's there. Since I didn't see the love between Bella and Edward in the first movie, this one, on the love front, was pretty horrible. They are playing Bella as this sad and morose person with a constant frown on her face. Bella is not that way!!

Armored - This movie surprised me. I thought I was just gonna like, and starting slow, I thought y opinion was confirmed. However, after they did the heist and things started falling apart, it was a non-stop adrenaline rush to the end. I really really enjoyed this movie!!

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 12/09/09 05:57 AM

I'm boycotting the whole "Twilight" series, if only for "stealing" one of my titles. It's not rational, but like any good 'Murkan these days, I've a right to be pissed off if I wannabee.

I'll look up "Armored," and maybe add it to my list. My wife signed us onto "Netflix" a couple of years ago, so I'll no longer even see how empty the video rental store has become of browsers. Or, the theaters of viewers.

"Dating" is left as one of only two reasons to go to movies, the other being the allure of the BIG screen and audio system, especially with the movies like "Transformers" and "2012," made specifically to employ those systems.

This is the reason only 18-25 year olds are considered the theatrical release market, and you're confronted with a stark choice of what to write in search of that huge paycheck you're imagining -- a date movie, combining peril with romance, or a by-the-numbers romantic comedy, or a huge, smash-em-up, shoot-em-up, great gawdamighty end-of-the-world gargantuan spectacle.

But with Netflix, we are seeing a lot more movies than we did, including some we can consider high quality and humanly meaningful entertainment. For examples, I recommend "Miss Potter" from 2006 with Renee Zellwegger, and "I Could Never Be Your Woman," with Michelle Pfeiffer, a rom-com that manages to be fresh and note-perfect, written and directed by a woman, too.

As far as what's in theaters now, I want to see "The Men Who Stare at Goats!" Heh heh...

THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS Written by Peter Straughan & Jon Ronson


SUPERED TITLES READ: More of this is true than you would believe.



He is STARING at us with fixed concentration. He is sweating slightly in the summer heat. We hold for a moment. Silence, apart from the soft swish of an unseen ceiling fan.

WIDE SHOT - the Man, wearing military uniform, sits at his desk in his office, still staring straight ahead.

SUPERED TITLES appear, reading: General Putkin, United States Army Intelligence SED. Arlington, Virginia. 1983.

The General's assistant, LIEUTENANT BOONE, sits at his desk, working. After a moment Putkin seems to come to a decision.



GENERAL PUTKIN I'm going into the next office.


The General stands up, smooths down his uniform, steps out from behind his desk and begins to walk.

Boone watches, with some trepidation, as the General increases his pace. He quickens to a jog, his face set with determination.

He breaks into a run...

Then he slams into the WALL of the office, rebounds and lies splayed on the floor.

He stares up at the wall balefully.


Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 12/09/09 09:01 AM

I watched New Moon and Blindside this past weekend. I liked New Moon, almost as much as the first if for nothing else except the hunky half naked warewolves. But that's the 19 year female in me.

The (older) Christian woman in me says this is just a silly (actually somewhat old fashioned) teen romance and the vampire thing is almost cult like and disturbing. But hey, we have been catering to the boys, that age, for the last 20 year, why not the girls? At least it's not promoting teen sex. Kind of.

Anyway, I adored Blindside. I like true stories and I didn't have a problem at all with a rich white (republican) family adopting a poor black homeless kid. I think it was great, funny (although I know that they emblished quite a bit) and touching. I wish more rich white families adopted homeless black, potential NFL or NBA players. Why not!

Also, I can't wait to see Avatar (the 19 year old in me again) and Invictus.


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 12/09/09 11:07 AM

Loved Blind-sided.

I wish more people of any color would adopt needy children of any color!

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 12/09/09 12:13 PM

The Blind side. The reference is to protecting the Quarter back's blindside. Of course Im sure they feel its a reference to other things in the story too. One of the main functions of the position that Michael Orr plays is protecting the Quarterbacks blind side.

And I just LOVED the way the movie started with all of diagraming and footage of that guy (oh I cant remember his name) who I guess was so good at sacking the Quarter back in the NFL. Which is why Michael's position became so important to recruiters.

Sorry, Im sure all the football fans out there knows his name (which Im not one, but my son plays football so I know a little). Anyway, it tied everything together and it just helped build the action.

And I thought it was so great to see so many GUYS in the theatre for this fairly "family type" movie. Its not really their kind of movie but hey it had a lot of football in it. I personally think thats the way to go these days. Hit every audience possible all in the same movie.

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 12/09/09 12:33 PM


Ms Bobbette why don't you ever revue any of the black films by tyler perry, Diary of ..., I could do bad...., and the rest or that one The statue of... Spike Lee's movie about Black soldiers in Italy which Mr. Eastwood claimed there wasn't any black soldiers in Italy during world war two?

The nelson mandela movie Inviticus or what ever. Once again the black woman is left out the mix. Nelson would have been lost in the mix if it wasn't for his wife Winnie! She's the one that kept the cause in front of the cameras when she was arrested for no reason continuously, her and her kids, her house was raided by the white south africans continuously, she was jailed continuously, yet there is no mention of her efforts. The fact that when he got out she was kicked to the curb. She held the hands of the freedom fighters, Nelson's ass was in prison sleeping on a stone pillow. Yeah I said it.

Blindside makes it seem that the black woman ain't taking care of her own. And the f'ing movie called Precious what a slap in the puss for black women.

For the first time in US history a black woman is in the white house who's not scrubbing the toilets, mopping the floor, washing the linens, cooking the food, and what movie comes out Precious about some gorilla looking girl, who wishes she was white. Give it a rest already.

There are at least three black female astronauts, why not show the struggles they had to even get in the training classes, why not promote the black women who made something of themselves. I could just slap the sh-t out of ms Oprah, and that cross dressing tyler perry for promoting that sh-t Precious. This film should have stayed in the book 'Push'

Why keep disrespecting the black woman in movies while promoting the white woman's agenda? Yeah I said it. Like a black woman never helped a white child. The bee story thing. Give it a rest already.

This is the reason I do not go to the movie any more, there's nothing for me to see. That's why I wrote UNFINISHED LOVE that deals with the past struggle of the black woman and the fact that we are still struggling to be loved and accepted.

Case in point Jessica Lynch and Shoshanna Johnson, the two females captured in the latest Iraq conflict. Jessica gets a movie, Shoshanna gets less compensation from the military for being dragged around Iraq with two shot up ankles while Jessica gets to lay in a hospital bed chillin. Jessica gets remembered on NBC's GMA for memorable events over the past ten years and Shoshanna doesn't even get mentioned. I think Shoshanna's story would have been a better movie, more action, more drama, more heart felt seeing as Jessica admited that she never fired her rifle. Shoshanna was too shy to step up to the plate.

Okay I'm done, I've spoken my piece as usual and forever for the plight of the black woman in american movies.


its all good sometimes for somebody

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 12/09/09 12:37 PM

Blind Side is on my list to see. Truth is stranger than fiction, so I find it worthwhile to see movies based on actual events.

I am debating going to the movies this weekend coming upor waiting for the following weeken when Avatar opens. Then, I'll see Avatar, Blind Side, Brothers and 2012. Of course, I could go this weekend and see the three that's out and go back for Avatar when it opens.

Thoughts? Opinions? Recommendations?

Author: James Schannep Posted: 12/09/09 12:53 PM

I saw "A Serious Man" this weekend, and I must say I was severely disappointed considering all the buzz this movie had been getting. I can understand if it gets nominated for sets/costumes but that's about it.

I know it's the story of Job (which somehow is supposed to be a defense in itself for the film), but I thought Job was about blind faith--not about being spineless and therefore walked all over.

Am I the only one that didn't like it?

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 12/09/09 01:35 PM

Evie, How about Lake View Terrace, Star Trek, Obsessed, Avatar, Mirrors and Run Fat Boy Run? These are all movies made in the past year starring young, strong attractive black women in mainstream movies. They're not as good or as many as there should be but I think its a start.

Bobette, I think you would really like The Blind side. Also, Invictus looks really good to me. Morgan Freeman is playing Mandella during his first years of presidency and how he wants the South African Rugby team to win the cup (they are a real long shot) thinking that it will unite the country. Matt Damon plays the Rugby star and (I think) his accent is pretty good. Morgans not so much.

"Invictus" is a poem by William Earnest Hemley and Im not quite sure of what the connection with this story is yet but I certainly plan to find out.

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 12/09/09 02:03 PM

Also, I have seen and liked ALL of Tyler Perry's movies. They are funny and he always has a Christian theme. His last one had a lot of music in it so I liked it a lot. But his movies in general are not as good as mainstream ones. YET. But I definitely think he's getting there.

I think part of Perry's problem is he refuses to collaborate so it slows up his progress. But Im sure he'll get there.

I agree with you about Precious. It's like Hollywood feels the only way they can portray black women in mainstream movies is in a very ugly and disturbing light.

But, I THINK, they are finding out that that is no longer true. I HOPE its not, because my scripts are also about very strong, attractive, Christian young black women.

Author: James F. Hollmer Posted: 12/11/09 08:04 PM

I no longer go to the movies as a film critic. I liked New Moon. Knew the story going in. The cinematography was cool. The scenery was great. The transformatioins were really cool. In the first one the baseball sceen was really cool, the fight sceens were also cool. Screenwriter and director was a woman, great. Would I go see #3 maby not, but Im told 4 will be great. Ask your self, did you like the ending, was it to long, what can you take from it to make you a better writer.

Lots of good questions to help us all be better writers. It sceemed to flow nicely from sceen to sceen, box office numbers tell the story. Im going to see any movie that makes that much money just to see if I can take any small thing they do. Modern day young love story, in this day and age that cant be so bad. Escape to the movies... Learn about vampires diets and sleeping habits, know and wearwolfs..

Author: Yvonne Mazzone Posted: 12/12/09 01:11 PM

My girlfriend netflix Public Enemy.

Why were the scenes so dark, shadows on peoples faces continuously, mumbling, not much action, more like a docudrama. Christian and Johnny looked almost alike, the bad woman looked like all the other woman, like the jail keeper, the G-men secretary, it was hard to keep them apart.

also saw some movie with Collin Farell named Shot-em up or something. there's one butt naked do the do scene where the woman is on top getting busy, the bad guys come in, Collin starts shooting everyone with the chick still humping away, he humps her on the wall while shooting his gun, (the metal gun), rolls on the floor while humping shooting his gun, believe it or not he's actually hitting the bad guys, and the chick is cumming. Oh I forgot there's this baby he's protecting so the bad guys don't kill it. What a stupid flick truly only a young boy or man would like such a movie. The whole movie is shooting and killing and humping and save the baby.

I have no idea how it ended I left to go have a cigarette.

Now do you think I would pay 8-9 bucks to see this at the show?

Oh and Avatar got good rating on the Special Effects but the story they say is weak at best. Oh well


what's up with that?