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Topic: A Three (3) movies weekend&.Up In The Air, It's Complicated and The Blind Side.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 01/03/10 03:16 PM

Up In The Air — This is an easy movie to give a rating to, but hard to describe. However, I want to state that all the reviews about it being an example of our economic time is wrong. Given how many frequent flyer miles George's character has when the movie opens says he's been doing this his whole life, so he had a job prior to the country's economic meltdown. The meltdown has given him more work and brought him closer to his target miles, but the job was there before. Besides, once he fires people, we don't see how it affects them afterwards; we do hear about one person, but it's cursory. George's character could have any job that had him travelling more than 300 days a year and the movie would have still been the same. This is a movie about HIM, not his job. It's hard to describe this movie because the point of it is subjective. If you're a traditionalist in how you think a person should live their life, you'll think the movie is about a man who's completed isolated himself in a sad and pathetic life, encounters two women who affect him significantly and comes out a better person from the experience. If you're a non-conformist, like me, you see a man who's happy with how he lives his life, encounters two women who screw up his head and comes out a sad and pathetic person from the experience because now he's aware of all the things he wasn't aware of before and has to continue living his life prior to their involvement. I also don't like how either woman is depicted in this movie because, as much as they affect and/or criticize how George's character lives his life, they are quite sad and pathetic themselves. Granted, George's character's relationship with his family is somewhat improved, and I think both traditionalist's and non-conformist can agree that's a good thing, but he didn't think there was anything wrong with it until these two women came along. The ending is also very ambiguous. It ends with him standing at the airport looking at the departure flights and you're not sure if he's taking the advice one of the women gave him or just going somewhere to do his job. This is NOT a MUST SEE movie, but if you do see it, your emotions will be affected and you'll see it's a movie about human nature, comfort zones and the consequences of stepping outside of it. I give it a B+.

It's Complicated — Don't believe the title!!! There is nothing complicated about this movie. Alec plays a man who cheated on his wife of 20 years with his current wife, and after 10 years divorced, realizes he still loves his first wife and wants her back. Meryl plays a woman who steps into the mistress role like Alec's second wife and hurts Alec's second wife the same way that she was hurt. This movie is supposed to be a comedy, and I admit that there are some very hilarious moments, but the situations it deals with its anything by funny. There's a cheating hypocrite ex-wife, a cheating lying and selfish ex-husband and the ex-wife's supporting friends who thinks her having an affair with a married man, just because he was married to her first, is okay. And Lake Bell, who plays Alec's second wife is depicted in a way that we are supposed to feel that she deserves to be cheated on, and I supposed the average movie watcher would, but I don't buy it. Alec knew who she was when he cheated in his first wife with her and then married her after she cheated on him and had a child with another man. The only redeeming person in the main cast is Steve Martin who plays a man who's been divorced for 2.5 years who starts falling for Meryl while she's having the affair with her ex-husband. Well, all I have to say is ''Steve, run for the hills!!! You so far out of this adulterous' league it's not funny!!'' I think I've made it clear what I think about the message this movie sends, however, from a strictly a comedy standpoint, which this movie is being billed as, I give it a B- to C+.

The Blind Side — I loved it!! It left me with a warm and hopeful feeling. It's an uplifting movie that shows what we are all capable off if we give in to the good emotions in us like love and compassion. Sandra's character was a tough woman, which I like to see in movies, and she never really questions her decision to take this young man in. She knows what she's doing is right and doesn't care what anyone else says. I give an A+.

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 01/03/10 07:52 PM

Another, great review Bobbette, thanks again.

See? I knew you would like Blind side. Of course , I can't coment on the other 2 because I never saw. As a matter of fact I have no desire what so ever to see them. I dont like love triangles no matter how comical or which way they go. Which both of these movies , in a way, looked like they were.

But your reviews are fantastic.

Author: Martin Burke Posted: 01/03/10 08:28 PM

Love triangle comedies are great! Been in a few and written several.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 01/04/10 02:17 AM


I LOVE your reviews. I couldn't agree more with you take on It's Complicated. Yes, some hysterical moments and lines ("It turns out I'm a bit of a slut."), but such unlikable characters.

Loved the Blind-side.

Thanks so much for covering Up in the Air.


Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 01/04/10 12:39 PM


There's no love triangle in Up In The Air. One woman is a young upstart that George's character is asked to mentor, and it never romantoc, and the other is a woman that George's character meets and starts a relationship with. In fact, I don't think there's any genuine love in this movie. You could argue that his efforts to help talk his sister in her situation was a sign that he cared, but I think he was just put on the spot and couldn't come up with a way to get out of helping. I do think George's character was starting down the path to love with the second woman until the incident that put the kabash on it.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 01/04/10 12:58 PM


Thanks and you're most welcomed.

I was very disappointed in It's Complicated, particularly Alec's character because he was spineless and without any redeeming quality. You would think a man who takes a woman back after she cheats on him AND gives birth to another man's child would have the upperhand in the relationship. However, he allowed her and that kid to completely dominate and control him. Plus, what he did when she was trying to get pregnant was just more evidence of how dispicable a man he is. Even at the end, what they bith said about the affair was truly sad. I had a hard time getting past the movie to see, and appreciate, the comedy.

Thanks for asking me to cover Up In The Air. It wasn't a movie I'd go see on my own, but it really was very interesting and I understand what the critics are saying. It is such a subjective movie that you can see whatever you want to see in it. I think this speaks well, and ill, of the screenwriter because if there's a particular message being conveyed, the mark wasn't hit. However, it does leave you thinking and that's always a good thing.

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 01/04/10 02:53 PM

I had a lot of trouble with Up in the Air. I thought Clooney was great, and the first two thirds of the movie was very good.

My problem was with Act 3. It starts out okay with the standard "realization." Clooney realizes that he has been deluding himself and does need belonging and love. That is apparently the theme of the movie. His character attempts to act on his realization (the climax -- pun, not really intended). Here, he is stymied (no plot spoiler).

Now he has a choice about how to live his life. But he seems to continue with business (and life) as usual. It is worse than that because he now realizes that he needs a home and love. So, a return to his nomadic life is doubly sad because he no longer can delude himself. He has learned nothing, and the theme of the movie is at odds with the story of the movie.

That are many ways the writer could have fixed this. First, I'm glad they did not try to make a love interest out of his mentorship of the younger woman. That would have been even worse. The writers could have given Clooney a potential love interest -- that could have been either with his neighbor who is introduced earlier or with someone from his past that he could have met at the wedding sequence in Wisconsin. Another option could have been that the Clooney character refuse the request of the Bateman character that he go back on the road (in the air). At least, he could have balked at the 300 plus days away from "home." It's like the moviemakers lost track of where they were going.

BTW, I really liked It's Complicated. It wasn't great, but it accomplished what it set out to do, exploring whether we ever learn anything in love ... or life.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 01/04/10 03:49 PM

I viewed the movie the same way you did, nathan. However, I've spoken to some friends who think when he's looking at the departures at the end, he's planning to take the advice the girl he mentored told him she'd do if she had that many miles. Also, we don't hear him say yes or no to the Bateman's character plan to send him back flying. Hence, I have friends who say that he said no and is at the airport utilising his miles at the end. As I said, the ending is ambigious because you don't what the heck is happening. As I gather, he started out happy in his ignorance of wanting any other life and ended the movie wanting another life, but seemingly staying in the one he had in the beginning. If that's what he's doing, as I believe, he's about to suffer a lot until the day he dies and it's all because those two women, particularly the girl he mentored, couldn't leave well enough alone and let the man enjoy his ignorant bliss.

Author: Nathan Goldman Posted: 01/04/10 04:14 PM


I see what you're saying. It is at least ambiguous and the moviemakers failed to give us more guidance. Another movie that tended in that direction was Cast Away, but I thought it was much clearer that the Tom Hanks' character was going to explore the possibilities with the package lady.