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Messages posted since 08/30/2014

Topic: Adobe Story -- Tell Adobe the Features You'd Like to See

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 02/02/10 09:16 PM

"...Adobe® Story, a collaborative script development tool designed for creative professionals, producers, and writers working on or with scripts and screenplays. This preview version will let you try out a few of the scriptwriting tools that will be part of the overall features in the final version of Story.

Thanks to tight integration that will be available with future versions of Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, Story will play the starting role in the pre-production phase of a planning-to-playback workflow. For example, script information will be transformed into relevant metadata that will automate the creation of shooting scripts, shot lists, and more. So in addition to being a modern screenplay tool, Story's future integration with Adobe's production toolset will help creative professionals deliver more engaging experiences, while also enabling huge efficiencies in pre-production, production, and post-production. The scriptwriting features in the preview version of Adobe Story are just the beginning! ..."

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 02/02/10 11:24 PM

I was in some focus groups for this product. I think it's especially useful if you are also a filmmaker.