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Messages posted since 08/25/2014

Topic: English or American English?

Author: James Pickering Posted: 05/24/10 10:17 AM

It's always stated that the scripts should be in English, but as a writer from England does it matter how I spell words like colour/color, realise/realize, etc. Is it just a case of being consistent? I always spell them the English way typically (because it's the correct spelling here), but for American Screenwriting contests should I be using the American-English spellings?


Author: Robert Watson Posted: 05/24/10 11:28 AM

If you're submitting it here, I would use American spellings. Even if it's the proper spelling there, I'd think it would hamper the flow for the reader to use the English spelling.

Author: Michael Raymond Posted: 05/24/10 11:34 AM

Agree with Robert.

Just like when I used to live in NZ or Australia, I'd modify all my spellings accordingly . . . including scripts I had already written in American English.

Author: James Pickering Posted: 05/24/10 11:51 AM

Cheers guys.

Author: James Schannep Posted: 05/24/10 11:58 AM

Which I think roughly translates into American English as "thanks guys".

Author: James Pickering Posted: 05/24/10 04:50 PM

Haha, you wanna patent that translator of yours.

Author: MIKE DONALD Posted: 05/25/10 06:02 AM

As an English writer I have a real problem with "Gotten" but the "z's" also drive me crazy. I was told to use English for English dialogue being spoken, and American in the directions...

As a reader the difference's didn't bother me...but if they toss your script for that reason, there's more than that wrong with it!


Mike The Limey in La La Land :)

Author: Michael Raymond Posted: 05/25/10 11:20 AM

Actually, what drove me crazy (turned me into a "nutter" -- love that word) back in those days (the American living in NZ or Oz that is) was the A4 size paper and plastic spiral bindings that most companies seemed to prefer.

I'm sure times have changed since then . . . like here . . . with a simple transmission of a PDF file.

Author: James Pickering Posted: 05/25/10 02:09 PM

Thanks for that Mike. I'm probably being picky but the z's just look wrong to me as well!

Did you move to LA because of your writing?

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/25/10 04:06 PM

Mike, When I was really young and moved to England I always got reprimanded for using "gotten" which is correct her ... as you know. H

Author: Mike McGeever Posted: 06/01/10 01:37 AM

I'm American, but I do business with Canada a lot so a lot of people on the web assume I'm English because sometimes I'll just slip and talk about "colour" or write a man's name as "Barrie," for example.

The strange thing is I actually live in a place called Chicago, which has a form of English all it's own. :-)