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Messages posted since 08/23/2014

Topic: Austin Hotels for AFF

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 05/28/10 01:07 PM

Just got some serious sticker shock looking at hotels for Austin. Anybody know of hotels near the action that aren't 300-400 a night?

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 05/28/10 03:34 PM

You also might be able to find someone to split a room with.

Author: Michael Scott Posted: 05/28/10 05:34 PM

Check on the outskirts. Round Rock. Georgetown. I dont' thinks it's a UT football weekend. What hotels are you looking at?

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 05/28/10 06:25 PM

So far I've just checked Driskill and Stephen Austin. Obviously the most convenient, but pricey.

Author: Michael Scott Posted: 05/28/10 06:43 PM

The Omni, not's that far away, depends what you need. It's Texas, best rent a car. Unless your hotel is so important? Don't think you'll be in there too long...

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 05/28/10 08:14 PM

I think there is actually a big football game that weekend - I forget where I saw that. So definitely book something and you can always cancel it later.

You might not need a car if you plan on staying near the Driskill/Stephen Austin all day - then maybe you can take a cab home at night and a bus or cab in morning. I'm not sure what parking is like in Austin (I'm a NYer). It might be okay to rent and park.


Author: Michael Scott Posted: 05/28/10 08:27 PM

one simple site. Book, rent, check out Austin, you'll save a ton.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/29/10 12:38 PM

Hi Robert,

If at all possible see if you can share a room with someone at the Stephen F or Driskill. The proximity to sessions is really a plus. Running upstairs between sessions to retreive something is way better than taking a shuttle.

Having said that I emailed a friend who stayed in a cheaper place last year and I'll post it when I hear from him.


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/29/10 01:03 PM

PS My friend wrote;

The Sheraton Austin Hotel 701 East 11th Street, Austin Texas 78701, United States Phone: (512) 478-1111 Fax: (512) 478-3700

it was a nice room, though a bit farther from the conference than i would have liked. about a 15-20 minute walk, i think. just fine in the morning, but a little long after a party.

Author: Michael Scott Posted: 05/29/10 02:20 PM

Can anyone give me a ballpark on how many people attend. Thank you!

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 05/29/10 05:41 PM

Thanks for all the input. For now, I've booked the Driskill, for convenience, not needing a car, etc. I have some time to do more research before I'd have to cancel, and figure it's not getting any cheaper closer to the Festival. I'll just have to count on winning, I guess.

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 05/29/10 05:51 PM

Okay, one more question. People are only there, basically, the 21st through the 24th, right? I mean, there are films going on, but the conference activities are just those dates, right?

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 05/29/10 08:51 PM

I think you have to cancel a month before or you have to pay - double check that and put it on your calendar.

Look for Heather's Austin info from 2008 (that really helped me - thanks HH!) and I think she had one last year too. Heather - where can he find that?

But yes, basically people do the 3 1/2 days. I flew in on Wednesday so I could register that day, wake up in the hotel on Thursday and get started. Though many fly in on Thursday. There's also a Food & Film event Wednesday night - I didn't go last year, but wish I had. Thursday, Friday and Saturday - seminars and roundtables all day, films and parties at night (especially Saturday night where there's several parties and I even went to an after hours in the Driskill). Sunday is the brunch. There are a few roundtables after that (I stayed for one), but most people leave after brunch. A few stay until later in the week - there are just films for the rest of the festival, but most writers will leave Sunday (or Monday).

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 05/29/10 10:17 PM

Thanks, Irin.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 05/30/10 03:28 AM

I'll update it for this year, but here's the link for last year's article and things mostly stay the same.

Author: d. santiago Posted: 06/02/10 12:31 AM

Great topic and thanks gain Heather for the posts.

I'm also planning to attend this year but if it involves renting a car and a expensive hotel, it may already be out of price range. And that's not including airfare and the festival pass.


Author: Greg Beal Posted: 06/02/10 06:28 PM

Having attended every year, I'll echo what has already been said - far more convenient to be in the Driskill or Stephen F. Austin.

Still, the Omni is just across the street diagonally from the Driskill. The Courtyard Marriott is about two blocks away and the Hilton at the Convention Center about four. I have stayed at the Radisson on the river, which was pretty but those six blocks up hill going were not much fun. There are other hotels in the four-eight block range.

Far easier for attending panels and films at the Paramount and parties and the Driskill Bar or SF Austin bar to be in one of those two hotels or the Omni.

Staying on the outskirts of Austin or at the airport Hilton or in Round Rock would mean a 15-30 minute drive depending on time of day and traffic and then paying for valet or garage parking.

Didn't know the rate was in the $300-400 range. That's through the festival? I believe they block book rooms and make them available to attendees.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/02/10 06:37 PM

Greg, I hope you won't be breaking your yearly routine.

Don, I wouldn't rent a car if you stay at one of the closer hotels. We take a taxi in from the airport and the festival provides shuttles between all the events. By all means book your hotel through the festival since they have very good rates.

Author: Lara Pyles Posted: 06/02/10 08:35 PM

Go to Craigslist. A lot of filmmakers rent rooms/houses during AFF. I usually lodge with a former Amblin exec. Found her through CL. Great, cool place... and a kitchen to boot.

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 06/02/10 11:02 PM

They do have discounted reservations for attendees. Thanks for the info, everybody.