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Messages posted since 08/29/2014

Topic: Contest Script Read

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 06/17/10 12:23 AM


I have a script that I would like to enter in a contest and I was wondering if there are any writers who would read it for me and give me honest feedback?

I have read books on screenwriting, I have been writing for a few years now (I am young, over 18 though). I have taken a class on screenwriting but I just can't afford to right now and am unaware of any free ones.

I don't know anyone in person who writes scripts and a lot of people don't seem interested in reading, at least not the ones I live around.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Author: James F. Hollmer Posted: 06/17/10 12:36 AM

My mother loves all my work.

There will be someone on this site that will help you. It may take a while, but Im sure your in the right spot.

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 06/17/10 12:42 AM

Thank you. : )

Author: Susan Russell Posted: 06/17/10 01:05 AM

You might entice more people to read if you can say what your genre is and how long your script is.

Education-wise, there are tons of great websites where you can learn a lot. I'd recommend to start and also check out is a great place to find very recent scripts and read analyses of them.

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 06/17/10 01:17 AM

Hi Susan,

You're right. Thanks for the suggestion. As for the reading scripts and information about screenwriting I've done that. I've been doing it since I was 15. What I'm looking for is feedback on my writing. That way I can actually see if I've grasped all the information I've been reading and trying to teach myself.

Anyhow, my script is an Action/Thriller called "Before I'm Dead" and it's 110 pages long.

I write in many different genres but Action/Thriller is the one I focus the most on.

Also if anyone is interested I have a sitcom piolt called "Hollywood Hustle" It's 25 pages long.

I also have a sci-fi drama hour long piolt called "Not Falling" about 50 - 55 pages long

I actually entered the television scripts into contest already.

So if anyone would be interested in reading and giving me feedback I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Author: Mike Souder Posted: 06/17/10 04:28 PM - have to give to get though

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 06/17/10 04:55 PM used to have reads. I assume it still does.

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 06/17/10 07:24 PM

Thank you all for your suggestions. I actually did find someone who was willing to read my script and they said they couldn't even get through it! Wow. Talk about thinking you've come a long way.

Anyhow thanks but I'm done looking. I'll just save up some money and pay for professional feedback so that I can get a complete read and figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Author: Paula Smith Posted: 06/17/10 11:31 PM

@L.J. I would seriously consider going the free route before paying for it.

It will require you to read other screenplays and write reviews, but that is good experience too.

Both triggerstreet and zoetrope have this service. It's free, it's your peers, and it will be useful. You will need a thick skin, however.

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 06/18/10 12:04 AM

Yes, thanks.

I have a thick skin. I just don't know if people will actually read what I wrote, as this person said they couldn't get through it. But that is just one person.

In any case I will find my way. I'm %100 confident that someday I'll be a very successful screenwriter. Thank you all for your suggestions.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/19/10 07:11 PM


If you were my sibling I would tell you to;

1. Read Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, Story by Robert McKee and a script formatting book.

2. Make sure your current script, properly formatted, isn't more than 115 pages longs. Use Final Draft or Adove Story (which is free online)

3. Go to and look around for a script of a movie you like and read it.

4. Correct the sciript you've written using what you've gleened from doing 1-3 and then enter it into Script Savvy for a score and feedback. Scipt Savvy gives you some idea of where you stand and the feedback comes back within a month without too much cost. Then use that feedback to make your script even better.

5. When you've done that send it to Barb Doyan (you can find her address in this site by searching for her name)

If you do all those things you will be a better screenwriter within two months for very little cost.

Best of luck... Heather

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/19/10 07:19 PM

LJ - scanned your answers too fast and didn't read that you've already done quite a bit of this. Sorry, busy day. H

Author: Eric Shuler Posted: 06/19/10 08:09 PM

--3. Go to and look around for a script of a movie you like and read it.

Or read a script for a movie you've never seen. I've always found that if I pick a movie I like I just rewatch the movie in my head instead of reading the screenplay.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 06/19/10 11:26 PM

Good point Eric.

Author: John Arends Posted: 06/20/10 03:30 PM

Adding to Heather and Eric's advice: go to Ted and Terry's Wordplay website ( and read the archive of columns there. Priceless wisdom, chiseled with astonishing honesty and generosity.

Author: John Arends Posted: 06/20/10 03:32 PM

Sorry, Susan. Like Heather, scanned things too quickly and missed your earlier post with the same advice.