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Messages posted since 08/28/2014

Topic: Script Savvy

Author: Ron Henslee Posted: 02/19/11 05:52 PM

Does anyone no what's going on with Script Savvy? Are they having a Feb. contest? I realize they've gotten behind but it seems to me they should at least up date their web site.

Author: Bryan mora Posted: 02/20/11 12:58 AM

Hey Ron,

My guess is as good but yours but they've definetely been behind. I think information on upcoming events should be posted soon but I wouldn't be surprised to see if they cancel the Feb contest.

I entered the October contest and still haven't recieved feedback. I'm not too upset about it, i really just wish I knew when I could expect it.

Author: Ron Henslee Posted: 02/20/11 01:33 AM

Hey Bryan, I'm waiting on feedback for Oct also. What concerns me is they pulled their ad on Movie Bytes home page. I e-mailed them a couple days ago but have yet to receive a response.

Author: Ron Henslee Posted: 02/21/11 01:37 PM


I heard from Donna at Script Savvy. I guess her "former" assistant really screwed things up and marked things as sent out that were not.

She said there IS going to be a Feb. contest and will update the web site asap. Suggest you e-mail them for your Oct. feedback. I did and she said they'd get right on it.

Author: Bryan mora Posted: 02/22/11 09:22 PM

I sent them an email three weeks ago and never got a response. I guess i'll try my luck one more time without being a bother.

Author: Mike McGeever Posted: 02/23/11 06:47 PM

I'm sorry Donna's having troubles. :-( In my own experience Donna has always been incredibly helpful and responsive, and has epitomized integrity. I believe strongly in Donna, and I believe she is working to make good and get things back on track!

Author: Mick Lo Posted: 02/24/11 12:07 AM

Donna, we are here for you, the "Doc" is in the house, but actually being a Doctor is easy, so feel free to talk to us and ask advice and help,

you know, writing MCAT and f******* getting into medical school is a pain in the a***********, doctors are not, you know intellectuals, they are good AT MEMORIZING..

but I think helping out as a Doc dispensing peps and motivs, is easy and we should all do it,

LET ALL HEAR LOUD AND CLEAR....HIP HIP, HOORAY, HIP HIP ROORAY, ...GO DONNA GO DONNA, you can do it, don't give up now, life is a sand castle on the beach of Nigril, so talk to us, WE are not trained in business, we are, some,- renegade writers, but we are here for you...

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 03/22/11 04:16 PM

Uhm I'm not sure what's going on as I've been away for a while. I was going to enter this contest to get some feedback on my scripts and I'm wondering if I should? I have read people still haven't recieved feedback from last year so if that's the case then not sure if I should enter or not. It seems like if people still haven't gotten feedback they will be delayed in giving current feedback. Plus I see that they now have a television and short scrip contest which seems like it would take up more time. Have people gotten their feedback for any of the 2011 script savvy contest? Thanks for any information.

Author: Bryan mora Posted: 03/22/11 05:31 PM

Hi L.J.

While I do recommend script savvy when it comes to feedback, I just can't advise you to enter yet. Still having yet to receive feedback from the October contest, I feel like they are getting out of a really bad groove. From what I understand they've done a major overhaul in restoring what script savvy used to represent, which was thorough and in-depth feedback in a short amount of time. It has been five months since I've even received an email from them, but I know that they are working to fix the problems they have.

Anyway, I'd suggest waiting awhile until word comes around that they have gotten back on track.

Good luck with everything!

Author: d. santiago Posted: 03/22/11 06:29 PM

According to their website, it sounds like Donna hired a new assistant.

There is also a post about an email regarding the January contest but I never received one. Emailed them to be "put" on the list but so far, nothing.


Author: Ron Henslee Posted: 03/23/11 12:24 PM

They have fallin behind writing e-mails to say they have fallin behind.

Author: d. santiago Posted: 03/23/11 07:12 PM

Just received the email today and it pretty much confirmed my suspicion about the new assistant.

Sadly, Donna had an illness in the family in December and left work to be done by her assistant. The assistant did not do the work and now they are so backlogged, they are still trying to catch up.

January results are expected now around March 31.


Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 03/24/11 01:22 AM

Thanks everyone, I think I'll just wait until they get caught up. I still think the service could be like it was before and I understand that things happen in life so I'll be there when they get better! Thanks for the info. Hope Donna's family is okay.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 03/24/11 07:19 PM

I've been waiting on a feedback from August, about which I sent 2 e-mails, and finally realized that I'm not getting the feedback or a refund. Hence, when they sent me an email one day this week, I unsubscribed from them and am done with Script Savvy.

Author: L.J. Wright Posted: 03/24/11 09:39 PM

Wow, all the way from August. No feedback and still no refund? That's seven months. I think I'm just going to look elsewhere for feedback.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 03/24/11 10:23 PM

Yeah. When this all went down, they sent out an email saying it had all gone to hell, but send an e-mail and they would send the feedback and give you a free entry. I sent an e-mail. Time passed and nothing happened, so I sent another e-mail. Here I am still waiting. I'm done.

Author: Nick Stoli Posted: 03/25/11 10:31 AM

It's a real shame. While I sometimes disagreed with their feedback, I had to respect the fact that my scripts were read thoroughly and honestly -- and that's all one can ask.

I'll never enter this contest again, though. The delays (or perhaps outright failure to deliver) are ridiculous.

Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 03/25/11 11:20 AM

Donna's a great person and I think she's going through a rough time right now with family illness. But the sad thing is, people are losing confidence in the contest as a result. I myself am waiting on October feedback, and I have sent three emails that have gone unanswered. I would respectfully suggest to Donna that she stop running any new monthly contests until all the work is caught up on past contests. Also, it may be that if she wishes to also accept TV and short scripts, that it's too much to get through in a single month. Entrants would be much happier if she promised to deliver results in, say, two months, and then made all her deadlines, instead of trying to do it in one month and constantly running late. Customer satisfaction is all about delivering what you promise to deliver. If that is not happening, people will stop entering the contest and will start grumbling on boards like this one. Script Savvy has been a terrific contest in the past, and I hope it can continue to be so. I hope this post will be taken in the spirit in which it is meant, i.e., constructive criticism.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 03/25/11 12:46 PM

I completely agree Margie. Well said.

Author: Scott Roberts Posted: 03/25/11 05:19 PM

I made the honorable mention list for October but never received the prize or requests for the script. I haven't gotten feedback from the Sep or Oct contests. I understand family issues but I don't understand still excepting entries with promises of winners and feedback at the end of those months. They should really just shut down until they get back on their feet, they had a great thing going before all this started.

Author: Timothy Jay Smith Posted: 03/26/11 12:03 AM

As if one contest is that important. We send out queries, and wait months for... nothing? A rejection if we persist? Some of us probably forget some of the contests we enter and never hear from. I'm not saying that's good, but it is the business. And if you win the January Script Savvy contest, will it really change your life? Or will it simply be an excuse to contact people again, say "I WON NOTHING THAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU" -- and wait for them to say sorry, again?

I am totally into the contest circuit. I live in Paris so I don't have the opportunity to schmooze and/or sleep around in Hollywood. I think the contests are my way, ultimately, to some recognition. But am I worried about Script Savvy being overdue? Will their notes be the end-all that propels me from rejection to option? I seriously doubt it. If I win, it's a marketing point that might get someone to read what they will probably decide is not a commercial script because it doesn't include zombies.

I am, by no means, a discouraged writer -- I am as far from being discouraged as you can imagine. I believe good writing will eventually win the day. Will Script Savvy win the day for me? No. Can it possibly open one reader to reading my script if I win? I hope so. ONE reader. That's all we can hope for from these contests.

So if the January winner is announced this instant, or last October, or tomorrow or next month... in this business, why are you fretting so? These contests are ticks on your resume, and nada mas. They are nine words in your query letter. If you think they are more than that, you're focusing on the wrong stuff, from your logline to your query letters. And if you really need professional feedback to "fix" your script, you're not going to get it by entering a monthly contest but by paying for real coverage.

Reality check.

Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 03/26/11 12:34 PM

Sure, Timothy, there are lots of contests and most have little significance. But each one charges an entry fee, which begins to add up after a while. Maybe that's not an issue for you, but it is to many. So if I hear that a contest, at the end of March, still has not delivered a prize from the October contest, I would normally cross that contest off my list. If it wasn't Script Savvy, I would wonder if that winner was ever going to receive the prize at all. And by prize, I mean the industry reads, which in my opinion are the only real reason to enter any contest.

Whether or not you think Script Savvy's feedback is worth paying for, the fact is that if someone DID pay for it, it's of little use to receive it six months after the fact. I generally have already made so many changes to my script by then, that the feedback would no longer apply. The money I paid for feedback, wasted. Again, I would normally cross the contest, and its feedback, off my list.

The reason I haven't done so with Script Savvy is because of their past performance and follow-through. But the current delays are beginning to threaten their stellar reputation. I think that's a shame. Especially since it seems like, if they would only pause for a month or two, they could get caught up and back on track, and most of us would forget all about this temporary snafu.

Author: d. santiago Posted: 03/29/11 07:28 PM

Well said x2 Marjory.

I believe Donna frequents this board so maybe she will heed our advice and temporarily suspend operations.


Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 03/29/11 09:11 PM

Thanks, Irin and Don!

Author: d. santiago Posted: 03/30/11 06:27 PM

New email today.

No April contest.


Author: Julia Kubik Posted: 03/31/11 03:47 AM

I read that email as just no feedback for April. Am I wrong?

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 03/31/11 09:29 AM

That's how I read it too.

Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 03/31/11 09:35 AM

I read it that way too. But maybe not doing feedback next month will give them the time they need to catch up.

Author: d. santiago Posted: 03/31/11 04:59 PM

Maybe you guys are right.

But that's the point of entering this contest, right? Feedback with entry?


Author: Irin Evers Posted: 03/31/11 09:13 PM

Yes, you're right.

Author: Nick Davis Posted: 04/15/11 01:52 AM

There are ways you can get good feedback without having to trust your money to a contest who doesn't care. You have to be careful who you trust in this industry because ideas will be stolen, as well as money.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 04/20/11 09:21 AM

After seeing the disappointing comments here, I just was notified that my "The Free and the Brave" won Honorable Mention for February. I will post here when I receive the listed prizes, etc.

Author: June Escalante Posted: 04/20/11 12:43 PM

Congrats, Edward. Would you mind letting us know if you've received your feedback yet?

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 04/20/11 01:25 PM


Savvy has done a great job in the past of getting reads for their winners and honorable mentions, so hopefully it'll continue.

Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 05/10/11 02:24 PM

Wanted to let everyone know that I received my October feedback, a letter of apology, and an offer of a free contest entry in future. It looks like they have closed down for the month of May, so hopefully Script Savvy will soon get all caught up.

Author: Philip Sedgwick Posted: 05/10/11 02:37 PM

In this past January's contest I was an Honorable Mention with a feature screenplay. Since the e-mails of the announcement just over a month ago (April 8th), I've heard nothing, despite e-mailing a few times shortly after that congrats e-mail.

Recently I figured what the hell, I send in a short that's played well and see what happens. This I did on April 29th. About three days later my e-mail provider bounced the e-mail that had my submission attached to it. The system took my money, but the submission bounced. Odd.

So I e-mailed Eric and also info@ script savvy. Those e-mails bounced. I called last week and left a message. Nothing. I e-mailed again last Friday. Yesterday those e-mails came back as bounced, and longer able to stay in the keep trying queue. Yesterday I called the offices and the phone message mailbox is full. I'm guessing my e-mails bounced because those boxes are full as well.

Since I have no way of making contact with them (I'm allergic to Facebook) I filed a complaint with my CC company to cancel the payment for my short submission, since it can not be submitted.

Messages on the home page have been inconsistent as to whether the contest is closed or what.

Where I am most disgusted now is that while placing in the contest, it appears they have no ability to deliver on prizes.

Time for taps?

Author: Happy Day Posted: 05/10/11 03:02 PM

From reading this thread, I really don't know how a Script Contest works. And on a profit level, is there money to be made? After paying their taxes, mortgage and rent and prizes - is it worth it? I really want to know the margin? What kind of profit are we looking at? Actually, WHO THE F*** CARES! I'm really fed with these contests and their problems and desperate marketing strategies.

Let's say in the year 2039, there's absolute no screenplay contests? Will we still see great movies and great spec scripts?


Screenplay contests only exist to give us a tiny bit of hope. For that I thank you.

Does it guarantee us a big career or a prosperous career or a long term career?


But seriously ladies and gents, let's pull up our sleeves and let's make this promise - before the end of Jan 2012:



H Day

Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 05/10/11 05:02 PM

Hey Philip,

FYI, if you want to try contacting them again, these are the email addresses that I have: and I replied to both addresses and the message didn't bounce.

Good luck.

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 05/10/11 05:05 PM

See my new message regarding Script Savvy for an update (sort of).

Author: Philip Sedgwick Posted: 05/26/11 04:10 PM

Just got an e-mail from Eric saying their yahoo e-mail has been hacked. He cautioned not to open any e-mail links.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 06/01/11 09:50 PM

Just got an email from Eric yesterday saying my $100 is on the way via priority mail. And I was invited to pick out a gift on their web site.

He advised that they are shut down for new scripts until they are all caught up.

Also see post on more recent thread.

Author: Philip Sedgwick Posted: 06/03/11 06:51 PM

Per an e-mail of earlier this week, I did receive my check today for January HM. Also put in my gift order. So some progress.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 06/04/11 07:07 PM

Got my check today for my February Honorable Mention. I also selected my gift from their web site - I'll post when it arrives.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 06/14/11 02:50 AM

Just got my gift today - tote bag for February contest, and also email from to submit my query for another prize.

Eric said that he was determined to catch up on all outstanding chores before they resumed contests.