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Messages posted since 08/30/2014

Topic: Donna White and Script Savvy update

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 05/10/11 04:59 PM

Hey all,

Just wanted to update you on the disaster that has become Script Savvy.

I, like Philip, was a Honorable Mention winner and have received no updates or timeframe as to when the prizes will be taken care of.

I tried to contact Script Savvy several times with no success. Next, I found Donna White on Facebook after my call to her wasn't returned.

Below is a copy and paste of or interaction via Facebook private messaging. You'll notice that not once does she apologize for taken people's money without providing a service.

After the last contact to her, she blocked me. I find it strange that she would do such a thing if she really cared about the screenwriters that she is screwing over. Maybe it's me, but I don't think I said anything too harsh or unfair that would warrant blocking me and closing the line of communication.

I would suggest that you all now steer clear of Donna White considering the fact that she never addressed my concerns about our money, refunds, etc...

Script Savvy is surely dying, but be on the watch out for a future contest which she may start with a new name.

See below to following our interactions:

Hi Donna,

I just left you a message. No offense, but if you have time to update photos on your facebook page, you may want to update the massive amount of people who have been waiting months for feedback that they've paid for.

I've sent Eric several e-mails with no response. It's becoming increasingly obvious that is par for the course right now with most of the screenwriters who've paid money to your company.

Please let me know what's going on with feedback and the prize package for THE LEANER.

Dana Garrity.. May 6Donna WhiteHi Dana, I am on leave from Script Savvy at present, living in my mother's home in Dallas to care for her. I am sorry that Eric has not responded to you. I will contact him and let him know you are waiting. I know that he is very overwhelmed and I will try to give him more direction. As for changing my profile picture, that is a picture of me and my mother that I put up for mother's day. As this may be her last year with us, I thought it was appropriate. It took two seconds to do. It is not as if I have loads of time to play around. I am acutely aware that Script Savvy is struggling and I care deeply, I simply can't do that and this at the same time.I'm doing my best to give Eric direction. I will tell him to seek out the help of one of our senior readers if he thinks he can't cover admin on his own. Sincerely, Donna White.. May 6Dana Garrity Hi Donna,

Thanks for the response. I really do appreciate it.

I'm sorry about your mother. And I totally get it. I lost my father a few years ago to liver cancer after the transplant I was planning to do with him was cancelled at the last moment because the cancer spread and they wouldn't let me donate knowing the transplant would ultimately fail. I've lost a brother to cancer as well. And most of my family for that matter.

Spending time is the most important thing you can do. And I respect that.

But, the lingering problem is that you took money from people for a service and that service hasn't been provided in months. That's bad business.

You once had the best contest going and now it's become a bit of a joke around the net. I can't tell you how happy I was when I finally placed with a script in Script Savvy. And then the immediate disappointment came... when I realized that customers from 2010 are still waiting for feedback. With things that backed up, it become quite obvious that the promotion of my HM would be minimal at best. It's been a month and I haven't even gotten an update on the prize package.

I'm sure I'm beating a dead cat here so...

My only suggestion is that you offer people a refund as the vital part of your service has always been the feedback. Most of the scripts you are still holding feedback for have already been revised. Some... multiple times I'm sure.

Enjoy the time with your mother because you'll look back at it and smile. It took me a couple years, but now I'm glad that I spent time with my father everyday for the last six months or so.

Dana.. 8 hours agoDonna WhiteThank you for contacting me at my private page to tell me that my heart and soul is a joke around the internet.

You will receive your service and the prizes you won.

donna.. 7 hours agoDana Garrity Donna,

The fact is that you've sat on people's money and I don't know of anyone who's gotten their feedback in months. Also, for the winners, no one's received their cash prizes or any reads from your sponsors.

How long does it take to send a cash prize via paypal? It's literally a click of the mouse. -- A click of the mouse --

How is it not a joke that nobody has gotten anything they paid for in months?

Sorry that your mom is ill, but by not refunded everyone who paid you money for services being withheld, you decided you were still on board with your contest. At least on board with the part of accepting people's money...

What about this whole script savvy situation isn't a joke right now?

I'm actaully offended that you tried to call me out on the fact...

Dana.. 7 hours agoDonna Whitethank you again.

all my best to you, donna..


If you noticed the only "slight" apology was that Eric was overwhelmed. At no point did she apologize for taken a money and hold back our service.

Regardless, I wanted to share this with all of you for what it's worth.

I for one am done with Donna White and any contest she is a part of in the future. I want my prize package and want to move on. This is a woman clearly skirting the issue and hiding behind her mother's illness. Many of us have lost loved ones, but did that allow us to avoid our business obligations for endless months? And the 100s of people who's money we've collected while it was all going on?

Author: Nick Stoli Posted: 05/10/11 07:14 PM

A sad situation all around. Script Savvy was one of the few contests I could tell people to enter without fear of being ripped off.

Its good name is gone and, frankly, no matter what they do, they'll never get it back.

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 05/10/11 10:15 PM

Like I said, I was so pumped when I placed, then I realized I was a few months too late because the placement doesn't matter anymore.

Author: Mike McGeever Posted: 05/15/11 04:03 AM

This note isn't an attempt to be argumentative, as I'm not denying anything anyone has said. I understand, and I think you have every right to be angry and upset.

Simply to relate my experience, however, my script won Script Savvy a few years back and I never got a check sent to me so fast. Donna continued to promote my script to people years after my winning, and continued to give me advice, and to be my friend.

I'm very, very sorry about all the troubles the contest is having, but I believe that Donna is a good person, and she and her family are in my prayers.

That being said, I'm sorry for your bad experience with Script Savvy, and I do understand your frustration. Hopefully when her personal situation improves she'll get the contest back on track and make amends for things gone wrong. Good luck to you, and to all of us!

Author: Martin Holloway Posted: 05/15/11 01:08 PM

Actually Dana, the term is beating a dead horse, not a dead cat. Also, it's too bad about Donna - she was a great friend to writers.

Author: kevin finn Posted: 05/16/11 03:14 AM

No one has received feedback from S.S. in months because, quite honestly, they haven't sent scripts to readers to give feedback on since the very beginning of March. That's over two months now. So if the readers aren't getting scripts to read, writers aren't getting feedback.

I know this for a fact because I read for S.S. and the last scripts I provided feedback for were March 10. Eric, Donna's assistant, was supposed to handle the admin part of S.S. I had two communications from Eric in March and April assuring me Donna 'would be in that week that take care of business.' Of course that didn't happen. Now there's been no communication or response of any kind from Eric or Donna for over a month.

Eric is in Austin, at S. S. headquarters. Donna is supposedly at her mother's house in Dallas. What's so unreasonable about Eric or another assistant taking the work to be done to Donna in Dallas, if she really can't get back to Austin? In this day and age no one is truly out of reach.

I've also cared for a sick, bedridden mother for four months before she passed, so Donna and her mother have all my sympathy in dealing with this illness. It's draining and exhaustive, but you learn life goes on and must be attended to.

Maybe complaints to the local county attorney general's office or consumer affairs division would generate some action at this point.

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 05/16/11 04:34 PM

Mike, not doubt this WAS a great contest. Now, it is NOT. I loved what this contest once offered. However, now it only takes...

And Martin, I know what the saying is. Didn't realize I would offend a writer by straying from the cliche.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 05/16/11 05:48 PM

Based on that facebook exchange, she really doesn't seem to care that she, via her company, have ROBBED and DEFRAUDED people. Hence, I doubt that a BBB complaint will get the desired results, but a a nice process server with some lawsuits might get her attention.

Author: Janet Hogate Posted: 05/16/11 07:41 PM

Sorry, but Im finding this a little amusing. When I came on this site a few years ago all of you went on and on about Donna and SS and how Great she was. Well my experience with her was not so great but I didn't dare say a word for fear that all of her devoted fans on this board would swoop down on me. Now look at all of you.

You know maybe the problem is you all set her bar way too high and continually expected way too much from her and her company. It seems like she just thought EVERYONES screenplay was GREAT. That right there should have told you something was wrong.

Anyway, Im sorry all of you are so disappointed with her now but per my own experience with her at the very beginning it doesn't surprise me a bit. She was actually very rude to me. She must have thought (for some reason) I wouldn't be around very long so why bother. Ha! I showed her.

Author: Happy Day Posted: 05/17/11 10:14 AM

I don't mean for this to come off as insulting during her time of hardships, but I must say what I strongly believe in.

I know for a fact via emails, Donna is very inflexible in her opinion of specific scripts and films and how a customer service dept at Script Savvy should run and operate.

Donna, if you are listening, please act cool and learn to accept differences and the the daily stresses of life. It's no big deal, we all suffer and manage dying friends and parents as we get old. It's life, you will get used to it.

You have to develop as true leader in this business, like PAGE (Zoe and Jennifer). My Dad and Mother died on the same week and I refused to close down my Professional Practice. I worked 7 days for over one year to keep everything steady and functioning. My cash-flow and customer service and families and friends was never affected negatively.

In any business, the customer comes first. No matter how grave your personal situations are, a true business leader work gracefully under pressure and illnesses and other trials and tribulations.

In general Script Contests Providers need more Leaders with :\\

The five leadership traits/leadership qualities are:

Honest Forward-Looking Competent Inspiring Intelligent

Thank you, H Day

Author: Philip Sedgwick Posted: 05/26/11 04:09 PM

Just got an e-mail from Eric saying their yahoo e-mail has been hacked. He cautioned not to open any e-mail links.

Author: Sam Price Posted: 05/27/11 11:03 AM

I wonder why Eric didn't sent that caution out to all the people still waiting months for feedback. I didn't get the "caution" not to open any emails from them, chance would be a fine thing to get anything from then. Sounds like another excuse as to why they can't send out feedback. How convenient that their account was hacked. So, Eric, if I get my feedback sent I should not open it? You guys are ridiculous. I don't know how Donna White sleeps at night. She's nothing but a scammer.

Author: Robert Watson Posted: 05/27/11 01:36 PM

First, before anybody else says it, I don't claim to be impartial. I won the competition about a year and a half ago.

But for God's sake, I'm stunned by some of the stuff said here. Is it a good situation? No. But this demonizing Donna is ridiculous. A lot of writers feel that they were treated fairly and were happy with the competition and the feedback they received. Apparently it wasn't universal, but I wouldn't expect that from any business. For years, prizes were awarded promptly. The competition did lead to script requests for many writers, both directly and indirectly.

Then something happened for which she was unprepared. Perhaps she should have been, but she wasn't. Hasn't that ever happened to any of you? Maybe not. Consider yourself lucky.

This ''Hey, your mother's dying. No big deal. Get over it!'' attitude is kind of ghoulish. On top of all that, she stands to lose the business she has devoted years to. (I'm not saying she bears no responsibility for that, I'm just saying it's been her career. And now, when the situation is over with her mother, she will, quite possibly, have nothing to return to.) I find it odd that writers can't accept somebody reacting differently in a situation than they would. People are different.

And you're talking lawsuits? Really? Over what, a hundred bucks at most? Serving her with papers? Where? Maybe you can find out where her mother is in the hospital, or hospice. Or with luck, she's dying at home. Probably a public record of that. Get on tracking her down. Knock on that door. ''Hey, Donna, use the hand that's not holding the hand of your dying mother to take these papers. You've been served.''

There are some crummy contests out there, and some unscrupulous contest runners. I have to believe that's not the case here. I don't believe it was ever Donna's intention to take people's money and leave them hanging. I truly believe it's a situation beyond her control.

I'm sure, though, that Donna would gladly trade places with you. She'd gladly have the biggest problem in her life be that she didn't get her feedback on her script when she wanted it. She'd gladly lose the few dollars each of you are out, to have her mother back and healthy.

I wish her the best in her current situation. I hope she comes back to what she loves doing, and I hope she is somehow able to make things right with the people who have lost faith in her. I hope the fact that so many of the people she served over the years have turned on her so quickly doesn't make her give up working with writers altogether.

And for all of the people who have badmouthed her here, I hope if the same thing were to happen to you, you would be treated with more compassion than Donna has been shown by you.

Author: Julia Kubik Posted: 05/27/11 02:54 PM

Well done Robert. Donna is on leave of absence people. Send your remarks to Eric.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 05/27/11 04:30 PM

Yes, good post Robert. I personally think that Donna and Savvy don't deserve to be lumped with all the other contests that have scammed and/or don't help - though you can say I'm also biased as a winner. But I do know that Donna was very helpful to me and Savvy got me more reads than any other wins and placements in any other contest (and I've placed in a quite a few).

The bummer here is that this could've been avoided if Donna had come forward a while back and told people that there was a problem, and that she was doing her best. If she had stopped taking submissions to catch up with feedback and results - many months ago. Even now, I believe a personal post would help things a lot.

Now, it's going to be hard to fix Savvy's rep, especially as people still wait for what they paid for. And that's a shame.

Author: Nick Stoli Posted: 05/27/11 05:16 PM

If you charge people for a service, either provide that service or refund the money. One or the other. Anything else is fraud and should be dealt with accordingly.

What's going on in her personal life--as sad as it is--is irrelevant.

Would it be okay for a teacher not to teach his students because he was looking after an ill parent?

Author: d. santiago Posted: 05/31/11 07:17 PM

Well said Robert.

I was going to post something earlier regarding this but kept my mouth shut because I've never won. But essentially, stalking someone on Facebook is not right and she had every right to defriend.

Everyone deals with personal problems in their own way. In Donna's defense, there was an email stating that she had left it to an assistant who screwed up badly. Thus, we do not know if Donna is involved in a legal action with that person. Now Eric must clean up the former assistant's mess and try to maintain the integrity of the contest as well.

I for one hope for the very best for Donna and that Script Savvy returns. And I will not participate in needless personal attacks especially against someone who had a great reputation in running a contest .

Author: James Edwards Posted: 06/01/11 02:37 PM

"This 'Hey, your mother's dying. No big deal. Get over it!' attitude is kind of ghoulish." That hits the nail on the head, Robert.

I actually sent a script to SS in late March, but then again going against the tide has always been a bad habit of mine. I don't know if I really expect to get my coverage. I view it as being an act of (misplaced?) loyalty to a quality contest that's come on hard times.

In the meantime, I intend to be perfectly patient. There'll be no dunning e-mails from me, no threats of having the Better Business Bureau lean on the stricken culprits, no caterwauling about my own hard times (which are considerable - you wouldn't want to walk my life around at the end of a short leash), no bad faith if I can bloody well help it.

It wasn't my last ninety dollars. I spend that much every month on charities that have done far less good for me personally than Script Savvy has done in the past. So I don't view it as money ill spent.

Enough said about this situation.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 06/01/11 05:38 PM

I just got an email from Eric yesterday saying my February (2011) Honorable Mention cash award is in priority mail, and to pick my prize from the on-line store.

I will keep you posted.

From Eric's email: "Ms. White is seeking solutions from afar and has ordered that Script Savvy remain closed until all open tasks are completed, which we are seeing to with a sense of urgency."

Author: kevin finn Posted: 06/02/11 12:01 AM

While I think some of the posters above are off the mark about the full scope of the situation, it's time to let it go because-

Apologies have been made, olive branches extended, good faith is being restored, etc. At this point, Donna and Eric are going far above and way beyond to make amends to all sides. It is what they do from this point on that will seperate them from the 'crummy' contests or services Robert mentioned above.

I can't recall ever knowing anyone who's tried to make things right in the manner they are. I'm not too proud to say I was wrong and I'm back on their side. Stick with them, people.

Author: Jimmy Bromberg Posted: 06/02/11 02:20 AM

While I have little knowledge about the current situation, in my personal experience, Donna has been extremely prompt with prizes and very kind in e-mails. Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon and more people can have the pleasant experiences with this contest that several of us seem to have had. At its finest, this contest is easily one of the best.

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 06/03/11 07:07 PM

I got a check today too. For the January contest...let's keep in mind.

Also, I have not received feedback which is 5 months overdue. I not sure how this is going above and beyond. For those getting feedbacke, this was an utter waste of money, if not larceny. If anyone entered this comp for feedback, and they haven't adjusted their script significantly since they entered, they can not be serious about writing. Writing is re-writing and this contest has been a disaster for the last 7 or 8 months.

So, progress still sits at:

Where is the feedback that money was collected for? Months ago? Where is the product that was paid for by contestants?

Author: kevin finn Posted: 06/04/11 09:35 AM


The feedback will be coming. Eric is going to start sending out scripts to readers for feedback this weekend.

Yes, it's long overdue and I certainly couldn't say for sure when you'll get yours, but the feedback service is going to resume after this long layoff. Keep in mind some of the readers may not rejoin them after all this and there is a months-long backup of scripts to covered. (FTR, after clearing the air with Eric and Donna this week, I will be rejoining them as a reader).

In any case, it'll take time to catch up. That's a cold, hard fact.

Maybe an email to eric that specifies how long you've been waiting would help get your script pushed to the front of the line?

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 06/04/11 12:49 PM

Hey Kevin,

The point is people use Script Savvy for the quick feedback. That helps with re-writes. My script from December has been changed many times over. How is sending it out now going to help? For most people, the feed back is no longer valid to the draft they are on.

The point is that people paid a fee for a service that should be helpful. Script Savvy prided itself on the monthly aspect of it, and now people are waiting 6 months. People should have been offered refunds. It's bad business. No two ways about it.

I will not run on about this, but it is ridiculous to think that supplying the paid for service now, some many months later, is a good thing in any way, shape, or form. It's simply fufilling and obligation to justify taking people's money for a service Donna knew she wouldn't be supplying in time... Or even close to it.

I'm done whining about this. Sorry for rambling.

Author: David Barkley Posted: 06/04/11 05:56 PM

Hey Dana,

In your fifth post on this thread (and one on another thread to call attention to this thread), you say you're not going to run on about this. Hopefully, you write comedies.

You say she should be able to carry on as if nothing happened, even while she's caring for her ill mother. But look how obsessive you've become. How much time have you spent trying to recover a small amount of money, and how much time have you spent coming back here time after time after time in an effort to destroy her business? It's gone way past being made whole for you. You want blood. Over a few dollars. It's kind of sick, really.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 06/04/11 07:05 PM

Just got my check from Donna/Eric in the mail today for my February Honorable Mention.

On the other hand - AJ Myers at SaveMyScript has not responded since early April to many emails and a phone call. No (late) coverage delivered as promised, nor refund as was promised.

April 6 he said he was recovering from computer problems, and would be back to me in a matter of days.

Has he closed his shop? Is he ill? Anyone???

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 06/04/11 08:17 PM

Hey David,

I'm a writer. I type fast. So don't assume you have a clue as to how much time I've put into anything in my life.

If you want to stroke Donna White for the things she's done in the past, do so as it's your right. Hell... Derek Jeter just got paid millions based on past performance. Of course, you wouldn't want him hitting with the game on the line these days.

As for ill relatives, I will not reiterate my own situation again, I will simple say... the show must go on.

And yes, I do right comedy. And I reserve the right to change my mind. America is still good for some things, huh?

Author: David Barkley Posted: 06/04/11 09:30 PM

Hey Dana,

My post wasn't about giving Donna strokes. She needs to put things right, and it appears she's trying to do that. My post was about a guy who seems hell-bent on destroying somebody's career over a few measly bucks. And saying you're done with Script Savvy or any competition she's involved with in the future doesn't sound like somebody open to changing their mind.

Maybe you could answer a screenwriting question for me, though. I've heard of romantic comedies, buddy comedies, dark comedies, etc. What exactly is a ''right'' comedy?

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 06/04/11 10:23 PM

Hey David,

Bare minimum... 6 months at about 150 entries per month could EASILY equate to about $54,000. That's if everyone did feedback with one reader, which I believe was $59.99. Of course, some didn't do feedback and others used more than one reader.

That number is JUST FOR FEATURES as I am not including the new TV and Shorts categories that were added. But, let's be conservative and say $54,000 in the bank for Script Savvy. And don't get me started on paying readers. We already know they lost communication with them as well.

Shall I begin a standing ovation because Donna is working to fix things and checks for the last six months are now going out to the winners?

That's a little more than, and I quote, "a few measly bucks," Donna was sitting on. I guess my typo regarding, "right comedies," (Hardy har) rivals your math skills, huh buddy? But, you are a plant, so...

Why is it that I haven't seen your name on any other threads? You seem to have a vested interest in this contest and Donna White.

This has been fun though. I enjoy taking the tools out of the shed and cleaning them every once in a while.

Stroke away, but I'm probably done with you. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind if you manage to say anything useful. But really, you haven't yet. Now have you?

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 06/04/11 10:36 PM

My apologies. $59 for Standard Feedback and $99 for Full Analysis. Do the math.

Now, I'm done. And sorry to MOST of you for taking up so much space on this board. Consider yourselves lucky you aren't my wife.

Author: David Barkley Posted: 06/04/11 11:11 PM

Hey Dana,

First, you can click that little link at the lower right corner of this post and see that I've posted on other threads for quite some time. A simple click would have prevented you from making an accusation that could easily be proven incorrect. It's funny, each time I post something in defense of one of my fellow writers or a contest, I'm accused of being a plant. It's kind of a sleazy tactic. If you can't fight the argument, accuse them of ulterior motives.

You keep trying to make this about Donna, and how I'm lauding her. I've made it clear she needs to make things right. Why are you trying to convince people I'm saying something I'm not?

As for the money: Do you really believe there are no costs associated with running a business? None? No phones, computers, rent, paper, postage, nothing? There's at least one employee beside Donna. You don't think he's being paid? You really think all money from entry fees is pure profit? Seems like you're the one who needs a little remedial math. Or maybe you've created a business model where a business can run with absolutely no overhead. If so, I'm happy to invest in it. But the few measly bucks I was talking about is about the amount you're out personally. (I was focusing on you, since you're the one with the personal crusade.)

And rest assured, each and every day, from this day forward, I will give thanks that I am not your wife.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 06/05/11 03:43 PM

Received today from Eric:

I am going to make major progress this week and next in getting everything caught up. My last day is June 30th, and I've vowed to have ALL open issues resolved by then.

Author: Bryan mora Posted: 06/06/11 09:56 PM

Hi Edward,

would you mind if i ask you how you are getting these emails? I have been sending Erik and script savvy emails since January but have no replies. I send them with time in between so I am not bothersome but if I did not frequent these boards then I would know absolutely nothing with what was going on with scriptsavvy.

I am still pulling for them though, the last time i sent a script in for feedback I was more than happy with the quality!

Author: kevin finn Posted: 06/07/11 01:28 AM


try or

those are where my latest emails from SS have come from.


Author: lauren poe Posted: 06/08/11 02:38 PM

Hi i honestly dont know who to talk to. Im a teenager and I wrote a treatment for a show everyone thinks is great. I submitted it to CEM the top producer called,the man who deals with investors called also, and the producer asked me to send them my treatment and they would contact me by friday. This was a little over two weeks ago. She sounded so interstead, and spoke of who we could pitch it too. She spoke of a budgets, and sounded excited. Should I be nervous that I haven't received a call back yet?

Author: d. santiago Posted: 06/09/11 06:06 PM


Start a new topic so it will get bumped. I'm sure you will get a lot of advice.

For now, I'm not sure how the tv side works in comparison to movies. But you should not be nervous as of yet. Producers are very busy and it is buying season.


Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 06/14/11 02:42 AM

Just got my gift today - tote bag for February contest, and also email from to submit my query for another prize.

Eric said that he was determined to catch up on all outstanding chores before they resumed contests.

Author: kevin finn Posted: 06/14/11 12:59 PM

i can confirm readers are once again working on scripts for feedback.

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 06/14/11 06:03 PM

I've received all my gifts and prizes from the January contest that were promised. Of course, based on the outwardly nasty mood they put me in, I wouldn't be surprised if they skipped me regarding sponsors.

But, I got everything else, so at least they are finally fufilling their obligations and trying to catch up.

Author: Jim Nevins Posted: 06/14/11 09:09 PM

I was a Honorable Mention winner and did receive my "winnings" for my screenplay: Say Something Funny. Eric has contacted me several times via email. So, I end this comment with a thank you and I hope the best to all looking for answers... James Francis Nevins

Author: Susan St. Peters Posted: 06/16/11 02:29 AM

I entered the contest a few months back and received my delayed feedback recently - it was truly insightful, thorough, and a huge help to me as I prepare to rewrite.

As a former Script Savvy Honorable Mention and Winner, I have nothing but good things to say about this competition. Yes, Script Savvy has had some problems in the past year, but the organizers are striving to rectify them.

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 08/26/11 05:14 PM

I understand that readers are again working through scripts, however as winners have been announced for the January and February contests shouldn't feedback already have been completed. If so, why has it not been sent out yet?

Kevin can you confirm what months scripts you are working on?

I know there is a new coordinator working at the moment but I have had no response to my e-mail to her a week ago asking about feedback for January, February and March.

I have always defended the competition and Donna, however I am now starting to wonder if I will ever receive this feedback.

Author: kevin finn Posted: 08/28/11 11:37 PM

Brian, I have not heard anything from Donna White or anyone at SS since the end of June 28th.

When they resumed feedback, I did two scripts for feedback in three days. Since then, I have not heard anything from Donna, Eric, the 'new coordinator' or the 'new management'.

The last email I had with Donna was terrific--I told her she still had a chance to revive her company based on the good will she'd built over the years, including many of the posters who came supported her here. She seemed genuinely excited about a 'second chance'. Since then, nothing.

I don't know what to tell people anymore.

If you're interested, I may be able to help you with your feedback. send me an email.

Author: Eric Shuler Posted: 08/29/11 05:41 PM

I am one of those waiting for my feedback from the March contest. I don't think Eric is with them any longer. One of the strings on here had an email from him saying 'I need to finish things up before my last day on the 30th (June 30th).'

This contact info popped up a few days ago on their site: "**Please contact the new Interim Coordinator at"

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 08/31/11 02:44 PM

Thanks Kevin, I'm not sure where to find your e-mail details but I would be grateful for any help you could offer.

I've never tried to claim my money back for the January, February and March contests, but I just don;t know what to think anymore.

I will wait until tomorrow and see if anything changes on their website as the "new management" are supposed to take over.

Author: kevin finn Posted: 09/01/11 01:00 AM

Eric Stoler: during my last email chat with Donna, she told me to contact Eric for more scripts to do feedback on. She said it made no sense to replace him at that point, so close to the changeover to new management. eric never responded to any emails sent him after that point.

Brian & Eric: drop me an email at if you'd like some help with your feedback.

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 09/07/11 03:13 PM

According to the website and Facebook post, Script Savvy was be under new management from the 1st of September and all issues resolved by the new interim coordinator.

I have e-mailed the mysterious Marisa twice - guess what no reply to either. I sent a message via facebook - no reply.

The 1st of September passed with no new management, instead a message stating the new management would now take over on Tuesday the 6th, again after ALL open issues are resolved.

It is now the 7th of September, the website still shows the above message, so either the new management are worse than the existing or more likely there is no new management, it's just another delay tactic.

As I have said previously, I am waiting on feedback from January, February and from the March contest which still hasn't even been judged!

I think I have been patient, I had supported Donna by waiting, always believing she would come good as she has in the past. Well no more, I will be contacting my credit card company to reclaim my money.

If there had been communication, some sign of life then I would have considered sticking with the "new management" but not now.

Clearly the competition and company is done for, they could at least be honest and return people hard earned money instead of being known as thieves.

Kevin - I will contact you shortly about feedback.

Author: James Edwards Posted: 09/29/11 12:39 PM

Just got an e-mail saying Script Savvy is back "under new management" and offering coverages for "half price" until October 3rd.

"We are aware of pending issues and have designated specific staffers to focus entirely on the needs of previous customers. If you have a pending issue that has not been addressed by Monday October 3rd, please contact us at (e-mail add)."

We'll see if I get the coverage for the script I submitted in April (or was it March?) by Monday. I'd advise the rest of you, if you haven't gotten paid-for coverage, to be expecting it or know the reason why, before letting this wrecked train back on the track.

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 10/04/11 03:29 AM

The "new management" has let their deadline pass without any sign of the three months of feedback I am waiting for. I have contacted Marisa Gomez as requested on the site, however if this is the same Marisa I e-mailed in August and early September without a response I do not hold out much hope!!

I advise that NO-ONES gives any money to these people until the people awaiting waiting for feedback from January, February, March and April receive theirs.

I cannot believe they have reopened the competition. How can they possible provide feedback for this month when so much is still outstanding???

Author: Bryan mora Posted: 10/04/11 07:28 PM

Unfortunetely people missing feedback extend way back from last September!

I've sent some emails recently(after the last few i sent this passed year) and still haven't gotten a reply.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 10/04/11 07:46 PM

You speak the truth, Bryan. I am one from August of last year!!

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 10/04/11 09:12 PM

It seems to me that the new management is going to move forward with a new contest on one end, while catching up on old feedback on the other. Not saying it's right, but it's probably tough for them to just catch up on all the old stuff and that's why this is what's happening.

What I'm even more concerned with is will Savvy get the reads of Winners/Finalists that it was once able to get? That's the thing I liked most about Savvy (even more than the great feedback).

Author: Nick Stoli Posted: 10/05/11 08:06 AM

Script Savvy should either, 1. provide all outstanding feedback before proceeding with new contests, or 2. refund those who haven't received the feedback they paid for, and then proceed with new contests.

One or the other. That's it.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 10/05/11 08:50 AM

I hear you and that's what Donna surely should have done. She shouldn't have continued forward.

But with someone new taking over - they've promised to work on the old stuff as they move forward, and I think that's (unfortunately) the best we can ask for. No one would take over a business where they have to do 6 months of old work that brings in zero income before being able to move forward. I'm not saying it's right, but I think this is probably the best scenario as the way things looked with Savvy, I thought it would go out of business and everyone would get screwed.

Author: aaron zelman Posted: 10/05/11 12:09 PM

I tried twice to contact Savvy regarding the half-off special they advertised. Never got a reply. No one is minding the store. Not even the looters can get in. It seems odd that they would send emails to encourage people to submit, then have no one around to reply to questions from people who actually considered it. I'm glad I saved my coin on this one.

Author: Ron Brassfield Posted: 10/06/11 10:10 AM

I loved Script Savvy when Donna White was still able to run it, and run it well she certainly did. For now, I've also opted for caution, I'm afraid. I got the shaft this year in my working life and now that I'm finally working steady again, I'm working for a third less income. Caution's probably the trend now for writers submitting to Script Savvy, and, if so, it's a shame, because can't be good for their cash flow at the contest organization. If so, it becomes a question of whether they can survive the promised catching-up process, or not.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 10/06/11 10:48 AM

I hear you Ron. I'm a 2-time winner of Savvy and obviously a fan. I want to see how the feedback is and if the scripts get out to sponsors/industry before I send in my latest. I know this hurts Savvy and it's unfortunate, but I only send to contests that I'm sure can help me in some way. I feel bad writing this.

But as I've said over recent years, my list of contests has gotten smaller as I only enter the ones that matter to me - the ones that can help me in some way (whatever way that is). And I feel everyone should do that and it would get rid of all the ones that don't help. I'm not saying Savvy won't help. I look forward to being about to enter Savvy again in the future. I'm just going to wait a little past the present...

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 10/07/11 03:15 PM

I'll be perfectly honest, I do not believe there is any NEW management. I believe it is part of the ongoing SCAM to encourage more people to hand over hard earned cash.

The current pattern of behaviour is exactly the same as it was before. NO RESPONSE TO E-MAILS, NO SIGN OF FEEDBACK, DEADLINES BEING CHANGED, only requests for our MONEY!!

Unfortunately I don't live in the U.S., but please someone who does MUST report this company - even with it's "NEW" management. They should not be allowed to continue to STEAL money from people, clearly knowing they cannot or WILL NOT provide anything in return!!

Author: Robert Blacka Posted: 10/08/11 12:49 PM

I'll once again consider Script Savvy when I either get my promised fedback from the October 2010 contest or have my $99 refunded. I think the previous posting is right on the mark. But if I'm proved wrong, I will retract my comments. In the meantime, I've found alternative contests that actually do what they say in a timely manner.

Author: Bobbette Findley Posted: 10/08/11 01:13 PM

Brian, I get what you're saying, but I would suggest directing your comments to those who entered the contest after September of last year as dishonest people will always try to take advantage in anyway they can. As I mentioned above, I entered the August 2010 contest and did not get my feedback in September, but got all the emails with the promises. Did I enter again? No. I will not even consider entering this contest again until I get my feedback, which is currently useless, or my money refunded.

Author: Marjory Kaptanoglu Posted: 10/08/11 01:52 PM

I agree with others that Script Savvy should deliver all outstanding feedback and prizes before launching new contests. I can't believe this would take much more than a month if all efforts are concentrated on this (and not diffused by reading new entries at the same time). Script Savvy doesn't owe me feedback or anything else, but I'm not going to enter a contest which has not followed through on its obligations for the last year, until the contest proves it's back on track by delivering all that it owes past entrants. Moreover, that no one is even responding to questions about the new contest launch is a strong indicator that customer service is still in a sorry state over there.

Author: Anthony Filangeri Posted: 10/13/11 08:58 PM

I'm so happy I'm not the only one this is happening to. Not that anyone else deserves it, but I thought I was alone on this one. I can't believe this bullshit of a contest this is (excuse my language, but I'm pissed.) I've always been on a tight budget, so I only submitted to one contest a year. Of course, I hear good things about this one and enter the January 2011 contest, and for what? NOTHING. This Marisa Gomez bitch (I'm sure she's a nice person, but when it comes to this, she's a bitch) won't answer ANYONE'S e-mail and she's probably being paid too. I don't want the feedback. I want my money back, simple as that. I'm going to never recommend to ANYBODY to submit to this contest.

How hard is it to hire more than a few readers to get at least one script a day. If they did this from the getgo, they would have had 90 scripts done a month. We'd all have out feedback by now. What a bunch of robbers.

By the way -- I've sent probably about 15 emails since April and even called twice. NOTHING.

Script Savvy = Shit Savvy

Author: Lana Rory Posted: 10/14/11 11:50 AM

Just despicable. I wonder--did any of you pay by credit card? Maybe you could get your money back that way. This contest clearly did not fulfill its obligation to you guys. I always pay my entry fee with my American Express because they're so good about refunding money from evil-doers. Just a thought. Good luck.

Author: Philip Sedgwick Posted: 10/14/11 12:30 PM

I've also sent multiple e-mails. No responses. I demanded that entrants receive direct communication instead of online website posts, which are never fulfilled. Nothing.

Is that the sound of "Taps" in the air? I think so.

Author: Eric Shuler Posted: 10/14/11 01:27 PM

My credit card only allows disputes for 120 days. They have successfully dragged their feet enough.

Author: LaNell Haydon Posted: 10/18/11 02:52 PM

I have left a couple of voice messages and sent some emails, all with no response. I don't think they are up and running, despite what the website says. Please be cautious about sending in money or material to this contest. It's unfortunate, because it used to be very good.

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 11/04/11 02:48 AM


Do not trust this competition and under no circumstances give them any money!!

Still no feedback, no e-mails - NOTHING!!!

According to the website March and April are being re-judged. If they were judged in the first place surely we would have had winners announced.

It will be interesting to hear on the 30th of November who has won the October contest.

Author: Anthony Filangeri Posted: 11/04/11 04:45 PM

SOMEBODY has to do something about this. This is robbery. Yet they are getting away with it??? How??? HOW? How is this allowed.

Author: Script Dude Posted: 11/04/11 06:43 PM

I have to laugh at all of these comments....

How can they get away with it???

1) It's the Internet.

2) It's America. You can get away with anything and everything.

3) Lack of ethics, honesty, and integrity.

And unless you folks act as a group and file a complaint, it will continue...

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 11/04/11 07:44 PM

4) We give them money.

Author: Timothy Jay Smith Posted: 11/04/11 09:19 PM

Time to move on, folks. Yelling at Donna White post-mortem is a waste of typo possibilities. It's a contest gone south, and probably not intentionally. I mean, at this point, is it worth the energy to even care?

Author: kevin finn Posted: 11/05/11 11:15 AM

the next step to take:

Author: James Edwards Posted: 11/11/11 03:52 PM

Just when I thought it was safe to forget about this contest, I get an e-mail containing the following:


The new team decided that the two pending contests (Mar-Apr) should be rejudged. This is to ensure quality in the selection process. But also we were concerned that too many of the feedback documents were not in keeping with our goal, which is to be constructive and help authors find a way forward. For these reasons, we've set up a team specifically to revisit those contests and get them posted ASAP.


Feature entries = 104 Short entries = 32 TV entries = 37



It's the number of October entries that flabbergasts me. Oh, the humanity! If only they'd bothered to spend a minute and a half on!

Author: Chris Barkman Posted: 11/11/11 05:08 PM

I just got that email too, so I thought perhaps I should try one last time to email them and get my feedback or refund from the January contest.

Does anyone know of a website where other people are sending complaints? Better Buisness Bereau maybe?

Author: Kevin Mantegna Posted: 11/13/11 08:41 AM

I'm actually one of those lucky ones who received their feedback (six months late, though...). But what I remembered the other day is this email I got from Eric who apparently doesn't work there anymore, offering free entry w/ feedback any time in 2011 because of the delay:

"Ms. White has asked that I extend a free entry w/feedback any time in 2011 to you. Just let us know when you'd like to use it and we'll set it up for you. -- "

So, is this free entry with feedback still applicable? What do you guys think? I have no intention of giving them any more money but if it's free, why not, right?

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 11/26/11 04:05 PM


Did you try to contact them to find out if that was still valid?

Author: Brian Whiteman Posted: 11/26/11 04:06 PM


Did you try to contact them to find out if that was still valid?

Author: carolyn Haywood Posted: 12/08/11 07:29 AM

For those of you who have been victimized by the Script Savvy contest, please file a complaint on the following web address:

This is the internet crime complaint center. You will need the ip address for Script Savvy

Names: Donna White and Marisa Gomez

Marisa Gomez contact info is: phone: 512 222 9478

Taking money and not delivering the service is a CRIME.

Please take the time to file a complaint with this government agency. Perhaps, if enough people complain, they will be shut down.


Author: Anthony Filangeri Posted: 01/05/12 01:17 AM

Anything new on this? I filed the complaint but nothing. Didn't really expect anything to happen though.

Author: Athena Smith Posted: 01/05/12 08:01 AM

The website has changed with their message. They've closed the contest till completely caught up - final.

Author: Nick Stoli Posted: 01/05/12 04:03 PM

Don't want to say anyone deserves to get ripped off, but if anyone enters this contest from this point forward... they kinda do deserve to be parted from their money. All the red flags are here.


Author: Andrew Crane Posted: 01/06/12 01:12 AM

One option is to file in Small Claims Court, demanding refund of the entry fee. I can't determine from their website if there is a filing fee in L.A. County Superior Court Small Claims, but if there is it is nominal. Bring a copy of your credit card statement to the trial; most likely the defendant will not appear. When you win your case the filing fee is reimbursed by the defendant so there is no cost to you. If the defendant does not pay as ordered by the Court you ask for a judgement which enables the Sheriff to seize money or property owned by the defendant. I have used Small Claims in the past and it is simple and gets results.

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 01/06/12 08:48 AM

I know Donna lives in Texas, possibly Austin, so the company is probably from there. You might have to file in Texas then.

Author: Andrew Crane Posted: 01/06/12 04:47 PM

Yes, it appears that both ScriptSavvy founder Donna White and current coordinator Marisa Gomez reside in Austin.It may be possible to enlist the help of the Austin Police Department in filing criminal complaints against them. Will keep you posted on progress.

Author: Andrew Crane Posted: 01/08/12 12:24 PM

I am working on pursuing a claim through the Travis County, Texas, Small Claims Court. Meanwhile, here are two other possible resources to obtain refund of entry fees, payment for feedback not provided, or prizes not awarded from Script Savvy: Script Savvy is registered as an LLC (limited liability corporation) in Texas, and the registered agent is Donna L. White. Consumer complaints about a company can be filed online with the Texas Attorney General at Another agency is the Texas Consumer Complaint Center at You can register your complaint online and they sometimes initiate litigation against companies on behalf of complainants, so this could be promising. If everyone files complaints with both agencies there may be hope. Here is the information you need to file: Script Savvy LLC ID#32044376443 8600 N. FM 620 Apt. 2311 Austin, TX 78726 512-212-9478 Registered agent: Donna L. White (same address) Good luck.

Author: Anthony Filangeri Posted: 01/10/12 06:15 PM

At this point, I don't even want feedback. It's been so long, I've completely done a whole new rewrite for the script myself. The feedback will be deemed useless. And I didn't pay 100 dollars for feedback over a year later... I want my money back. Simple as that.

Author: Martin Holloway Posted: 01/12/12 01:25 PM

What does the lady have to do - hit in the head with an axe. Ladies and gentlemen, you have been had. Maybe at one time the lady was very legit, but it seems things have changed. You best get back to writing and go on with your lives. Don't pout, because it happens to everybody.


Author: Scott Kramer Posted: 01/21/12 02:20 AM

People, do yourselves a favor, and check out this script coverage service called

I entered so many contests over the last two years. Nothing. I tried a few script analysts, mostly crap. These guys not only gave me the best coverage I've ever gotten, but they introduced me to a manager who agreed to read my script.

Author: Robert Blacka Posted: 01/21/12 02:55 PM

I checked out and it looks good from the website. Someone should start a new topic on that so people using the service can share their experiences.

Author: Dana Garrity Posted: 02/05/12 04:37 PM

Wow! I've been away from this site for quite some time, and boy, this tune has changed. A year ago I called Donna White and Script Savvy out as scumbags, and the majority of people jumped to their defense. It saddens me to see that these people went on to steal money from even more people since that time.

Author: Edward Rathje Posted: 02/09/12 04:49 PM

Hi all,

Sad to see all the horror stories here.

I won honorable mention Feb. 2011, was notified by email 4/18, got my $100 check in June, along with my tote bag and the emailed query blast, which generated 2 requests to send my WWII script, and a call from Barry Perelman, along with 3 dozen "no thank you's"

Maybe that was the last month that the contest was actually functioning.

Anyone who needs to contact me about this see my entry "The Free and the Brave".