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Messages posted since 08/23/2014

Topic: Final Draft Question - page numbers

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 07/07/11 11:43 AM

The page numbers vanished from my script. Anyone know how to get them back?

I used a Header for a little bit and I wonder if I did something when I removed it.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Author: d. santiago Posted: 07/07/11 04:58 PM


Not sure if this helps. I also have FD 8 but I'm sure it's the same.

Under Tools > Options > Header/Footer: There is a check box for "Show Header", "Show Footer" and "Starting Page Number". Perhaps, the "Show Header" is unchecked?


Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 07/08/11 09:28 PM

Thanks so much. Fixed it.