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Messages posted since 08/27/2014

Topic: Austin?

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 10/23/11 09:40 PM

Who went? How was it this year? Let's hear some stories!


Author: William Bienes Posted: 10/24/11 01:40 AM

I went and thought it was fantastic. I absolutely think this festival is a must attend for screenwriters - will have more when I get back home.

Author: Heather Hughes Posted: 10/25/11 06:46 AM

Yes, please give us stories. I was so sad to miss it, so I need to live vicariously.

Last year the most amazing wisdom came from Michael Arndt in a two hour lecture that changed everything for me. Did that happen this year? Any insights you want to share?

Author: Irin Evers Posted: 10/25/11 09:02 AM

I second that. The best thing I got out of last year's was Michael Arndt's advice and ideas - just brilliant.

Author: William Bienes Posted: 10/25/11 01:09 PM

Yes, I went to that this year and it was outstanding.

Another great workshop that I went to just before Michael's, was Terry Rossio: Description, Dialogue and Rewriting - it was something new they added this year and it was amazing. Both of those were worth the entire cost of the trip, let alone everything else gained.

Terry was great, talking about the syllable to value ratio - that how a longer description can read shorter by what it offers the reader, that being economical is not less words but by a higher syllable value ratio.

AFF was so much more than I anticipated. The writer is king at this festival and I will be attending next year. Every aspiring screenwriter should attend just once.

Author: Patricia Fox Posted: 10/25/11 01:50 PM

I agree with William, Terry's panel was amazing.