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Message Date Posted: 2/25/2017 10:18 AM

Belizaire Jeanfreau

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What we need is a satirical sitcom called Down in the Trumps.
It would be about the hysteria, meltdown, nuttery, panic, paranoia, and lunacy of the progs, Jewish globalists, feminists, Muslims, etc. in the Trump era.
It can be funnier than ALL IN THE FAMILY. And we wouldn't even need to invent much since real life people are supplying all the craziness. Just represent them as they are unfolding before our eyes.
Imagine a family where the father is someone like Apatow, mother is someone like Meryl Streep, uncle is someone like Michael Moore, grandpa is someone like Soros and grandma is someone like Hillary, and kids are like Lena Dunham, Shia Lagoof, Miley Cyrus. And the school teachers are like Joy Behar, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, Sarah Silverman, and etc. And the neighbors are like Robert Deniro, Paul Schrader, Ashley Judd, and etc. And the town mayor is someone like Joe Biden.
The topics for episodes: intersectionality of muslims and feminists, rape culture, KKK sightings, Haven Monahan comes to town, homo parades and BLM and Muslim pride and Israel pride all on same day, pussy hatters, etc.
Actually, a reality TV show with all these people together would do the trick.
And for extra fun, let's say there is a Trump supporter in town who happens to be Russian. Think of the rumors among townfolks about this suspicious Russian.

Belizaire Jeanfreau

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Message Date Posted: 2/26/2017 3:26 PM

Patrick Gamble

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This sounds like a great show. Could also have funny scenes where Trump addresses world leaders as if they are contestants on Celebrity Apprentice. America - what were you thinking?