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Open Folder Topics > Me Too, Your HARVEY WEINSTEIN story

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Message Date Posted: 10/20/2017 9:27 AM

Script Oracle

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Just saying I had a boss once who was like Harvey Weinstein.

*She gave me the job on the spot.
**Hired me on the spot. The eye contacts was too unprofessional.
***Gave me the best office on the floor.
*Supper nice to me. Very touchy. Like she was picking a spot every day.
**Gave me gifts.
**Asked me out every day. I had to be creative on how to say NO.
***And forced to walk her to her place after work.
*Get called in office if I talked to other staffs
**Forced me to buy her coffee
***And when I fought back, she would threaten to fire me.

That is my Harvey Weinstein story.

Script Oracle