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All Music Library - Royalty Free Music

All Music Library has the highest quality royalty-free, buyout, and production music tracks available. All music from All Music Library comes with an UNLIMITED royalty free license with tracks at very low prices.

American Film Institute

The American Film Institute. Dedicated to the advancement and preservation of the moving image. The AFI Conservatory offers an MA degree in seven disciplines: Cinematography, Editing, Digital Media, Directing, Production Design, Producing, and Screenwriting. AFI also offers the Directing Workshop for Women, the AFI/Sloan TV Writing Workshop, and the Annual Television Writer's Workshop. For a catalog, please contact AFI at 323.856.7698.

Analysis/Consult Screenplays and TV Scripts

Helping Screenwriters achieve success. Critique, coverage or consulting of Film, Movie or TV Script. Visit before submitting your script to a Producer, Studio, Agent or Screenwriting contest. Also view suggestions to the Screenwriter and helpful links.

Angell Productions screenwriting and web services

Angell Productions screenwriting and webpage services offer many free services as well as great online screenwriting courses. We build and service your Web Page to your own specifications (no templates) at competitive prices.

Archive and protect your Scripts online in minutes

Providing writers, artists, inventors and creators a highly credible online Intellectual Property Date-stamping and Archiving Service, affordably protecting their ideas in any digital file format.

Augusta Pictures

Producer Diana Osberg is offering her script analysis services to serious screenwriters who are trying to sell their scripts and to producers or directors with scripts in development who need a fresh eye to help them through the next rewrite. She is uniquely qualified to assist you in rewriting your script for today’s feature film marketplace. With over 15 years of practical experience in the feature film industry, she offers a wide range of expertise as a screenwriter, as a development exec for an A-list actor/producer, and as a film producer.

Austin Film Resource

Austin Film Resource is the ultimate source for filmmaking, DV video and screenwriting for Austin TX. Search the directory, chat, get downloads, and search film related classifieds.

BDR2000 Productions

BDR2000 productions is an independent production company. We also sell movie and television scripts, we option scripts, review scripts, critique scripts and films, produce films, edit videos, and add music to videos plus much, much more.

BG's Place -- Satire, Suspense, Commentary

A writer shares excerpts, funny short stories and her irreverent take on justice, truth, whatever! Includes an opinion column dishing out analysis with attitude, election humor...

Boss Up Records

Record label for movie soundtrack music, very low in prices!!!

British Screenwriting Institute

A site that lives and breathes for new screenwriters. Many FREE screenwriting resources for new writers supported by people working in the industry - Now. Check out our FREE screenwriting course writen by Hollywood professional. provides comprehensive proofreading, copy editing and formatting services for screenplays. We correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and structure to give your screenplay the professional look it needs to get the consideration it deserves.

Celluloid Crest

Writers message board on a membership site for studio and independent producers. Post your log line, and have discussions with other writers.

Chicagoland Scriptworks

Chicagoland Scriptworks is an individually maintained and operated screenplay coverage and analysis service dedicated to personal, professional advice for writers everywhere.

Cinemarquee's Screenwriter's Lounge

The Cinemarquee has gathered together the best Screenwriting resources to be found on the net, with links to the best writer's resource and reference sites for the professional writers.

Comedy Collaboration

A free group dedicated to bringing together feature comedy writers to form partnerships.

Comedy Screenwriter's Home

Only www site exclusively for comedy screenwriters. Free.

Comedy Screenwriting Discussion Group

New and only such comedy screenplay discussion site on www. Open to all comedy writers.

Comedy Writing Services

Looking for great comedy specs? Or re-writes? Or maybe an original comedy? Click here.

Complete Screenplay

An intensive one-on-one analysis with professional screenwriter, producer, teacher and east coast editor for scr(i)pt magazine, Sally B. Merlin.

Copyright Witness

Copyright registration service protecting your work across the world. The site offers information about copyright protection, infringement and laws, as well as a simple, fast comprehensive and secure registration service.

Crafty Screenwriting

A well-executed site that includes lots of good advice for screenwriters.

Create Your Screenplay

FREE resources for screenwriters. FREE advice. Over 100 screenplay writing articles. Formatting templater. Screenwriting book IT'S ALL ABOUT THE STORY. Hosted by award-winning screen and television writer/producer Barry Pearson.

Creative Script Services

Creative Script Services is decicated to helping aspiring screenwriters break down Hollywood's locked doors. We will read and if viable REPRESENT your material. Have your work read by an established literary manager and Producer.

Demeo Films

Screenwriting & filmmaking columns & courses.

Done Deal

An impressive, informative list of recent screenplay sales.

Drew's Script-O-Rama

Probably the best list of downloadable screenplays available anywhere on the 'net. is a website that presents the latest drug-related information to entertainment writers and feature journalists. This unique website is designed to help writers quickly locate and research critical information on specific drugs and provides writers with the opportunity to email specific questions to a select list of drug experts. DrugStory, which was developed by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), is a clearinghouse for online resources with detailed content on specific drugs and drug related issues.

DV Cafe

A digital source of information on the DV revolution, including useful tips, informative articles, entertaining interviews on the art and technology of digital video.

Editing International, LLC

Our staff provides in-depth critical analysis, seminars, and support for writers of fiction,nonfiction, novels and screenplays. / Entertainment Industries Online e-Zi

ne of the fastest growing entertainment industry e-zines on the Net. is a leading national career network containing jobs in the film industry, television industry, and allied media. Find internships to executive level jobs with leading and emerging entertainment companies nationwide.

EuroScreenwriters & European Film

Calling all European Screenwriters. The first database/showcase for Euroscreenwriters has been created, offering a place on the net where European screenwriting talent can be displayed, regardless of language or European nationality.

Fade In Magazine

The on-line version of Fade In magazine. Full text of selected articles.

Film Connection

Film Connection is an entertainment industry placement service with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels. There are programs for film editors, producers, writers, camera people, and much, much more.


Filmfest aims to cut the cost of filmmaking by providing comprehensive info on many important international film festivals. - Traffic to your film industry web

Join the FilmJumper traffic exchange system and start getting IMMEDIATE targeted traffic to your film industry web site. It's free. Crew Placement - Entertainment Jobs is where people go for Entertainment Jobs. Film production and television production listings are updated daily, as well as jobs on commercials, music videos, theatre, and interactive projects. The Interactive Film Finance Communit

FILMTies is the world’s first Membership based, Social Network Interactive Film Financing Community. The FILMTies model is a Patent Pending Film Finance model that is changing the ways independent films are financed. We provide the complete interactive tools to our members who visit the site to socialize, meet friends, classmates, and interact with the film and music industry.the power of Hollywood to the individual and the necessary funding sources to the movie industry. FILMTies is part of the AdFilmTies Film Finance Model it empowers screenwriters, musicians, actors, directors, producers, sponsors and most importantly the movie watching public.

Find the Funny WIRE

Daily news and nonsense from the world of comedy filmmaking.

Five and Dime Screenplay Contest

The Five and Dime Screenplay Contest was born after a development assistant at Warner Brothers witnessed how many scripts are tossed because of boring beginnings. Our goal is to inspire writers to combine great writing with the strategy needed to beat the typical Hollywood reader. We also seek to break down the language barriers to Hollywood by accepting screenplays in multiple languages.


Personal manager with 15 years experience seeking quality screenwriters to represent to the industry.

Fourth Wall Coverage

A Comprehensive screenplay consulting company created and owned by Jennifer Kenning specializing in studio coverage and script analysis.

Free Professional Screenplay Coverage

FREE script coverage. Limit one per writer. Limited time offer so hurry! No gimmicks and no obligation.

Free TV Tickets

Online distribution of free tickets to TV tapings in Los Angeles.

Future Movies UK

As well as film-making, script-writing and movie reviews you can find various UK copetitions for film and scripts. Cash, get your film made or placement years on cources are on offer.

Gotham Writers' Workshop

Gotham Writers' Workshop, New York City's largest creative writing school, offers comprehensive writing classes in NYC and online at Students can choose from a variety of workshops, including screenwriting, children's book writing, fiction writing, poetry writing, and nonfiction writing, among many others. For more information, or to receive a free catalogue, please call 212-WRITERS (974-8377). You may also visit our website, where we have course descriptions, a contest for a free class, community events, tuition prices, registration information, and a writer's resource page.

Great Lakes Independent Film Festival

The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing independent films in the digital medium and to presenting the works of independent filmmakers and outstanding achievements in cinema.


This is a professional script-doctoring service offered by Aubrey M. Horton (MFA, UCLA film school). Doctored screen-plays have won numerous awards and landed writers agents & option deals. The site has a special column ("") which updates writers each week as to the breaking news. Enjoy.

Helium Feedback

Created by writers for writers, Helium Feedback is a unique approach to the business of getting valuable feedback. One of the site's members, Joe Blackerby, recently got a movie deal because of Helium affiliation. The site is free to join.

Hollywood Creative Directory

Hollywood Creative Directory supplies entertainment business contact information to, and for, Hollywood’s elite insiders. The directories are available as an online database (, as well as print editions. Each listing contains company names, staff lists, job titles, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and Web sites. The Hollywood Creative Directory’s full reference book line includes the Hollywood Creative Directory, Hollywood Representation Directory, Hollywood Distributors Directory, Hollywood Music Industry Directory and the 2005 Blu-Book Production Directory.

Hollywood Experts Online

Get a Hollywood education from Industry insiders... online, on demand. Take online courses in the art, practice, and business of movies and television.

Hollywood Military Advisor

The Hollywood Military Advisor provides military technical advice to the motion picture and television industries. The HMA provides the following services: General Research; Screenplay/Story Board Consultation; Pre - production/Location Consultation; Production/Post - Production Consultation; Weapon and Military Equipment Acquisition and Supervision; Training; Weapon Master/Specialist; Re-enactment/Re-enactor coordination and supervision; and Costumes/Uniforms/Accouterment Acquisition.

Hollywood Network

A slick commercial enterprise featuring a wide variety of information, products and services for screenwriters.

Hollywood Reporter

Most of this site is available to subscribers only, but there's still enough free stuff to make the site worthwhile.

Hollywood Screenplay Software

Formerly Movie Master, "The best screenwriting software in the world."

Hollywood Script Express

Script submission and intellectual property registration service that lets you upload your script and have it professionally printed, bound and shipped from one of our Los Angeles Printing Partners the same day.

Hollywood Script Writing

HOLLYWOOD SCRIPT WRITING: HOW TO BIRTH YOUR IDEA INTO A BANKABLE SCREENPLAY, now available online, directly from this site. Full of insider tips, and a step-by-step method to get you from idea to sale.

Screenplay consultant. Real industry credits. Fairly priced, $150.00 for full consultation. It's tough out there. Honest professional feedback withhout risk is a wise move. Confidential. Free query advice.


An extremely well done site devoted to independent film making, distribution and exhibition.

International Film and TV production resources

Variety of Film & TV Projects, Freelance and Full Time Available. Register as either a supplier of services or as a booker.

J. T. O'Hara and Associates

We help writers prepare and submit book proposals to our contacts (agents and publishers) in New York and Hollywood. Our motto is: "Frankly, my dear, we DO give a damn!" WE SPECIALIZE IN HELPING SCREENWRITERS TURN REJECTED SCRIPT CONCEPTS INTO BOOK PROPOSALS.

James Russell Publishing

Publish scripts and a screenwriting book on how to sell your screen play with a strong marketing focus. Lots of advice on this Web site.

Kaye & Mills, LLP

Kaye & Mills is an entertainment law firm offering a broad range of legal services to companies and individuals in the entertainment industry. The firm`s clients include screenplay and teleplay writers, actors, producers, directors, studio executives, artists and authors.

Let's Do Lunch

Screenwriters dine with executives from some of the industry's top production companies in a relaxed, classy environment. It's a great way to develop contacts with script-seeking development executives as well as pitch that perfect screenplay.

Literary & Screenplay Consultants

Intensive Screenplay Analysis and Script Consulting by Major Studio-Produced Screenwriter. Clients include: Academy Award Nominees - Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay - Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Site includes 25-page sample analysis. "Click on ScriptZone's sample analysis and decide if your screenplay needs the same exhaustive criticism." New York Times (01/09/2000).

Lone Eagle Publishing

Lone Eagle Publishing supports the entertainment community, colleges and universities, researchers, writers and aspiring artists in publishing "how-to" trade books on screenwriting, filmmaking, acting and the music industry. To learn more about Lone Eagle Publishing's line of trade books, visit

Mad Screenwriter

The Mad Screenwriter: acting, writing and filmmaking directory.

Metropolitan Tribe

The Metropolitan Tribe was formed after 9-11 by creative visionaries, Alison Blackman Dunham and Brandon Stewart. Their organization is re-defining collaboration between artists and arts organizations. The organization reaches out to encourage shared resources (intellectual and actual) and brings different types of artists together in holistic, non-competitive ways that other organization, don't. The active participation of members, and the awesome sum of their collective wisdom and skills make each person more powerful and successful. In the words of the ancient, Klamath Indian tribe: Ha-sat' waaY - naat cii-wapk - we help each other; we will live. This is particularly important for today's urban artist, dealking with increasing competition and declining financial support. This is particularly significant in the face of declining support for artists.

The organization also has a web site with two dozen interactive forums on which members exchange ideas, establish connections with other artists, get information and feedback, barter goods and services, and socialize with other artists in over 45 countries. There are also links to members’ work, a chat room, an extensive resources list, and an advice column.

Chris Soth's Million-Dollar Screenwritinng! Let Chris Soth teach you his Mini-Movie Method of writing sequences and finish your million dollar screenplay this year!

Movie in a Box

Movie in a Box brings hit filmmakers off of the set and into our seminars. We proudly present Hollywood's only one-day, comprehensive filmmaking class. We offer introductory, advanced and documentary filmmaking seminars, with award-winning movie makers. Plus, students "do lunch" in our Resource Room, with the instructors and key industry contacts (entertainment attorneys, equipment packagers, stock houses, professional organizations, software companies, etc.).

The instructor list includes **producer Scott Rosenberg (Home Alone, Smoke Signals, etc.), **director Lisanne Skyler (Getting to Know You, etc.), **writer/director Miguel Arteta & producer Matthew Greenfield (The Good Girl, etc.) and **Fine Line Features Exec VP of Distribution, Steven Friedlander. In the documentary class, participants pitch directly to ITVS.

So...why haven't you made your movie? Movie in a box. One day. Three filmmakers. Only fifty students. And all the contacts you need to get your movie shot, sold and seen.

Movie Outline Software

Screenplay Outlining Software for simple story planning, easy scene reorganization and simultaneous reference to successful Hollywood movies.

Movie Productions by Dean H. Crook & Robert C. Joh

Specializing in screenwriting, location scouting & film production. Visitors can read screenplays on-line and help cast movies. We also offer investment opportunities and 15% first sale agent commissions. Actors can promote themselves to act in a feature film and at the same time earn commissions.

Movie Vine

Movie Vine presents a way for movie buffs to find fellow movie buddies. Movie Vine visitors can review movies, find movie show times, watch trailers, have their own blog, message fellow members, have a static webpage with their favorite movies listed, upload pictures, and much more.


Royalty free music for Film, TV advertising, Video, DVD productions, Radio jingles and multimedia web developement. Stereo broadcast quality MP3(192kbps) and WAV(44.1KHz). Full soundtracks (1-3 min) for use as the main theme or background music and 30 second cuts ideal for Flash intro's, interactive presentations and television advertisments.

My Script Needs Help!

My Script Needs Help! offers the following services: Coverage, Analysis, Repair, Formatting, and Ghostwriting. We provide these services on most material, from treatments & screenplays to manuscripts. Although our primary focus is feature films, and supporting those who want their material reviewed, polished, or rewritten from a film perspective, the team is available to support those who need help with improving TV scripts, stage plays, short stories, or novels.

The company remains unmatched in its wide range of services, price, turnaround, service quality, commitment, and bonus offers. Why settle for less than everything that one company can provide?

National Creative Registry

Online script registration services since 1994. Register your work in minutes.


Netribution Film Network: A huge collection of free resources for UK filmmakers. Covers funding, stats, contacts, links, company info, festival listings, weekly news and interviews, submission reminders, screening groups, sunrise-sunset times, free-ads and more.

New Voices Screenwriting Group

A new group for screenwriters has formed, called The New Voices Screenwriters Group. Several aspiring screenwriters who want to reach their dreams have banded together. Members exchange ideas, collaborate on scripts, help network, share experiences and support each other in our quest for that script sale. There is NO CHARGE to join us. All you need is a creative imagination and a will to write.

New York Film Academy

Largest private Film and Acting school in the world with eight locations worldwide. We offer hands-on, intensive workshops in Filmmaking, acting, editing, screenwriting, Producing, and 3D animation.

New York Screenwriter Monthly

With its informative editorial on getting read, represented and produced, The New York Screenwriter Monthly is a screenwriter's essential. In-depth interviews with successful screenwriters, agents and producers give you the pros' insight. Visit our site to order a free issue.

Novelpage Productions

Novelpage Productions is part of, an ezine dedicated to genre fiction, with genre contests, writers resources, literary listings and reviews. Novelpage is currently accepting genre related screenplays. Free critques given.

Organization of Black Screenwriters

OBS is a non-profit professional organization founded in 1988 to foster the development of diverse stories and screenwriters. In addition to holding an annual writing competion, OBS holds bi-monthly meetings where working writers, producers, directors, agents, managers and executives share their knowledge about the current state of the entertainment industry. The organization has an international, multicultural membership of over 300 television and feature film writers.

Pale Moon Productions

Site is for a start-up independent producer/writer looking for funds.

Planet Shark Productions

About Planet Shark: Full-service Los Angeles film & video production company with 200+ industry links @ We also carry a full line of entertainment industry promotional products & publish a LA Industry Events e-mail list for 4500+ entertainment professionals. To join Shark's list, email: with "ADD MY INDUSTRY ASS!" in the subject.

Playwrights on the Web

An international database of playwrights & their websites, freely offering production & publishing opportunities.


Prelude2Cinema recreates the Hollywood Studio System for a Digital Age. We are holding a screenwriting contest, where the winning script is produced as a digital movie. We welcome the Digital Revolution. is an online database of studio and independent feature films and television shows in pre-production and active development. Search and print out hard-to-find contact information for films and TV shows about to go into production, where they're going to shoot and when they're scheduled to start.


All the best links for professional screenwriters and people looking for screenwriters and screenplays.

Reignmaker Entertainment

Reignmaker Entertainment is an independent management and production company. We have formed in order to find new writing and directing talent and also plan to acquire film and television screenplays as well as other literary properties. Screenwriters interested in submitting to Reignmaker may do so through our e-query page at

The writer's and artist's on-line source for misery, commiseration and inspiration. Read others' rejection letters and tales of woe or submit your own. Postings are anonymous, laughs and catharsis are free!

Revelations screenplay epic brings Bible prophecy

Reuniting mankind with the truth about his past, this free, original screenplay epic combines recorded history and Bible prophecy while explaining many unsolved world mysteries.

Rob Gallagher, Literary Manager

Former Development VP, turned Agent, turned Literary Manager and Producer, Rob Gallagher accepts pitches of completed screenplays via instructions listed on his website.

Rocky Mountain Films

Rocky Mountain Literary is looking for Romantic Comedy Screenplays. Letters Publications accepting submittals in a unique publishing opportunity.

Runnin' at Midnite

Synopsis of the recently completed independent feature film, "Runnin' at Midnite".

Scene By Scene

We are award-winning writers who provide screenwriters with personal feedback on their scripts, at reasonable rates.

Collection of the greatest science-fiction movies ever made. Offers merchandise and FREE reviews, forums, videos, sounds, images, quotes, downloads and more!


Screenplay evaluation services with a difference. We can broker marketable scripts through Guild Signatory Agents. Anyone who doesn't have an agent knows how hard it is to get one. Request our FREE REPORT: Getting an Agent! Why so Difficult.

Screendreams Writers Academy

Screendreams is an international school for aspiring screenwriters. Combining face-to-face classes with online interactive learning, their mission is to guide, mentor and inspire writers to create professional screenplays for TV and movies. Students can study at their own pace, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. The web provides a meeting place, a support network and a forum for debate.

Screenplay Coverage - Hollywood Script Analysis

NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE THAT YOUR MOVIE WILL BE MADE ... but We Can Help You To Send Out A Script That Will Make It Past The First Round Of Readers - The People Who Can Only Say "No" - And Into The Hands Of The People Who Can Actually Say "Yes".

Screenplay QA

Bring us your over written log lines expository dialogue and unnecessary flashbacks. Bring us your needless voice overs and poor formatting, we're here to help. Screenplay QA is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for screenwriters and film makers.

ScreenTalk Movie Script Gallery

From today's releases to yesterday's classics, we have the most complete collection of FREE, downloadable screenplays in CORRECT SCREENPLAY FORMAT on the Internet. No text files or transcripts.

Screenwriters Consulting Group

The Screenwriters Consulting Group is compiled of industry insiders that provide in-depth script coverage and screenplay analysis.

Screenwriters Cyberia

Resources for Screenwriters. Well-organized by category, over 1,000 links to sites, contests, coverage, festivals and more. Add your own event to the community calendar. Chat.

Screenwriters Group

The Screenwriters Group provides a positive and unique experience for writers. At its foundation are market-focused classes that emphasize an iterative approach to story development and storytelling. The core curriculum consists of Pro Track I (transferable for four credit hours to an undergraduate degree) and Pro Track II. Pro Track II builds upon the foundation skills learned in Pro Track I. In this 18-month, intensive program, The Screenwriters Group specifically prepares writers for a professional screenwriting career focusing on two keys to success; developing market-focused ideas and a body of work. In Pro Track II program participants develop two new movie scripts and write and produce a short film. Additional instruction emphasizes developing ideas and characters that are inventive and unique, a deeper understanding of character journey, and the art of concentrating cinematic power through editing.

Screenwriters Resource Center

Links, chat, and all the top screenwriting software for sale at discount rates.

Screenwriters' Room

If you've written a great screenplay, but don't have the connections to break into Hollywood, The Screenwriters' Room is the answer. The Screenwriters' Room provides affordable and comprehensive screenplay consultations. Our executives draw on years of professional experience to identify original and marketable screenplays. If we think your script is technically and artistically ready, we can find you a respected agent, and help sell your screenplay to a studio or production company.

Screenwriters Utopia

A content-rich site featuring articles, interviews, and a vast collection of links.

Screenwriter's Voice

A vocal platform where industry professionals and screenwriters from all walks of life can speak their mind. A great place to turn for the latest news, reviews and interviews or simply learning the craft through the eyes of others.

Screenwriter's Workshop

A nice UK site with lots of information about European contests and screenwriting resources.

Screenwriting Links and More

A screenwriter's resource page with: Books, Software, Interviews, and many other useful links for established and aspiring screenwriters.

Screenwriting Links and More

Screenwriting Link and More is a site devoted to Screenwriters and Filmmakers.

Screenwriting Software

Created by Jeffrey Alan Schechter and using the methods and principles of the TOTALLYWRITE screenwriting system, THE TOTALLYWRITE DEVELOPMENT SUITE streamlines the development process from the first glimmer of an idea to a professionally structured, bullet-proof story outline. And as William Goldman says in his book ADVENTURES IN THE SCREEN TRADE, "Screenplays are structure."

No confusing jargon to learn, this four-module program is simple, powerful, and above all, TRULY USEFUL!

Script Agency is not only a service for Producers, Development Executives, Agents and Managers working in the motion picture industry looking for pre-screened material.   But it is also an important marketing resource for un-represented and represented screenwriters.

Script Doctors

We do whatever it takes to make your scripts work, whether you're a writer, producer or agent with a script that has potential but problems as well. We do coaching, story notes, rewrites, polishes, co-writing, writing from concept or treatment, adaptations. We're extremely reasonably priced, extremely quick, and, most importantly, we're extremely good at what we do. Contact us at: or 310-226-8080. Good writing to you.

Script Fix

Affordable screenplay coverage, script analysis and development notes from screenplay literate readers.

Script Reviewer

Script Reviewer specializes in screenplay analysis and story consulting for aspiring writers and independent filmmakers. Services include script notes, comprehensive reports, editing/proofreading, polishing, and more. Your voice is unique. Script Reviewer understands how to maximize your potential and help you express your vision more effectively through the medium of film. The script is the foundation for all that happens thereafter... invest the effort to create your best screenplay.


Scriptapalooza (screenwriting competition) was founded by a diverse group of individuals who have worked their way from obscurity to establish relationships with industry professionals and break the barriers surrounding the Hollywood machine. Our main objective at Scriptapalooza is to reach the untapped well of genuine screenwriting talent that hasn't figured out what we know. Each founding member has experienced the difficulties of "getting their foot in the door" whether it was due to lack of contacts or not being related to the "right people". Scriptapalooza is truly the antidote for nepotism.


ScriptAssist™ is the ultimate Screenwriting Tool covering over 1000 topics including: Plotting and Structure, Story and Character Development, Writing great Dialogue, Over 200 Genres and Genre Conventions Discussed, Every conceivable Formatting Question answered, Formatting Examples from actual screenplays, The lowdown on Agents, Managers and Attorneys, Contracts & Copyright explained, Screenwriting Competitions – when to enter, what to look for, How to Network, Getting Your Script Read, Links to Screenwriting Resources, Development, Inside tips on "The Biz", Grammar, Even an Industry-Speak Glossary.


ScriptCrawler features the internet's largest and most searchable database of free movie, tv, and radio scripts. Great for searching down all of your favorite screenplays to aid you in writing your own, or to simply have fun!

Contest specialist. Hollywood consultant offers screenplay editing. Aubrey M. Horton -- script doctor. Top credentials. Horton has consulted on projects for Warner Bros., Paramount, and HBO. He has edited five books for the Directors Guild and has worked as a story analyst for the Dick Clark Film Group. He has an M.F.A. in screenwriting from UCLA film school.

ScriptForSale Screenwriting Newsletter

Twice a month, this free ezine comes out with articles, industry interviews and screenwriting and marketing tips.

ScriptForSale assists writers to create marketable screenplays. We provide industry interviews, articles, and advanced Screenwriting classes.


Expert script coverage and world class story notes from a working screenwriter and veteran script consultant. The testimonials speak for themselves...


Scriptiverse is a website dedicated to the art of screenwriting. We offer free six month listings of your script on our Spec Script Marketplace, along with a Script Notes services, where you can get expert coverage of your material.


ScriptNet posts synopses of unproduced scripts and markets the site to production companies. is an online magazine that shows screenwriters how to write and sell screenplays to Hollywood.

Affordable, in-depth coverage with fast turnaround time. Submit your feature, one-hour drama or short script online and receive coverage via email.


New site, showcase for new British writing. Seeking new UK-based writers to help promote each other's work. Log-lines and contact details of projects in all media and all genre.


Highly regarded software, and an excellent web site.


Scriptware is the best-selling word-processing program for scriptwriters (film, TV, theatre, video, etc.). The Journal of the Writers Guild of America West said: "Scriptware is the best overall program for scriptwriters on the market today." Our web site includes downloadable demo software. (Scriptware is available in Windows, DOS, and Macintosh versions.)

ScriptWriter Magazine

The UK's leading resource, commnetary and critic of the British film and television industry. Articles, reviews and interviews by premier professionals about the issues that matter most to the country's writers, producers and directors.

Insider System of Script Consulting, Screenplay Analysis, Studio Script Coverage, and Script Doctoring -- by top industry pros who know what it takes to sell your script. Also the only place on the planet where you can learn how to make 6-figures as a script consultant. is the official site of occult fiction author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative history, philosophy, secret societies and other areas of the esoteric tradition.

Shades of Day - the Art of Independent Producing

"Shades of Day" is a site dedicated to the art of independent film and video making. We're developing and producing quality films and video based on original stories and the masterpieces of the world literature dealing with a variety of contemporary issues often neglected by the mainstream cinema (both by the studios and the "independents").

Short Films Wanted!

Short Films Wanted! A comprehensive list of announcements and calls from everyone who wants your short films: buyers and distributors, who are looking for your shorts; showcases and festivals, who need your short movies; investors and financiers, who want to give you money to produce your short films; foundations and other non-for-profits, giving grants to short filmmakers; TV stations and TV channels, seeking for shorts; and all others with quite extensive descriptions.


The premier resource for scripts, screenplays and transcripts on the net. Read movie scripts, television teleplays, radio transcripts from the golden age of radio, anime scripts and transcripts and plays. View our showcase of original scripts from some of the hottest writers on the net.

Sophocles Screenwriting Software

Sophocles is a stand-alone word processor for writing screenplays and other dramatic scripts. It provides customizable, industry-standard support for feature film, television, and stage-play formats, along with advanced, fully automated revision handling for scripts in production. Sophocles also provides a number of unique tools to help you visualize your story's overall structure.

Spalding University brief-residency Master of Fine

Spalding University of Louisville, KY, offers a two-year MFA in Writing in screenwriting. Students come to campus for ten days at the beginning of the semester, then return home to study one on one with a mentor by correspondence for the rest of the semester.

Spec Screenplay Website

Dedicated to the spec screenplay and screenwriter, this site posts interviews with industry professionals as well as articles about writing and selling spec screenplays.

Spec Script Library

The web's biggest source of new and original scripts for film and tv. Add your spec today!

Star Interviews

From actors to athletes and back to musicians and other talents, only interviews that matter.

Star Trek and the Craft of Screenwriting

Information on submitting to Star Trek and Hollywood Hot Links.

Story & Script Development

Award-winning screenwriter and international script consultant provides in-depth script evaluation and development notes, to help you write - and sell - your screenplay.


Professional Studio Screenplay analysis and screenwriting portal. The screenwriter's hangout with forums, chat, product and book reviews, frequent screenwriting articles, and tons of links to online scripts, contest lists, and other screenwriting resources.


The most comprehensive online marketplace for buying and selling stories. You can post screenplays, manuscripts, published books, stage plays, poetry, short stories, articles, video, film, and true stories. Buyers can register to gain access to the Story Vault to search for their next project.

Su-City Pictures East

S U - C I T Y P I C T U R E S E A S T takes a creative and practical approach in assisting writers turn ideas into movies, a production team struggling through rewrites, directors looking for "a third eye" in post-production, distributors making final decisions before release, or an independent producer seeking hands-on production advice.

Taos Land and Film Co.

We produce independent feature films funded by real estate in Taos, NM. We also help sponsor the Taos Talking Picture Festival by providing the Annual Land Grant Prize (5 acres of Taos land awarded to the most inspired film in each years festival.) We are just starting the First Annual Screenplay Contest which will award 5 acres within our Taos filmmaking colony to the winner as well as TLFC purchasing an option to the produce the winning screenplay.

The ScriptSmith Script Consulting

Script consulting by award winning writer/director gives your script the edge with affordable rates, FREE analysis, tips on getting an agent, screenwriting software & books, contests and more.

THIRD MILLENNIUM entertainment

Enter one of several different theater presentations and explore the intriguing realms of production, screenwriting, story boarding, a 450 term film/video/screenwriting glossary, an FAQ by a LA based producer, a journal log of a script-in-progress, plus loads of valuable links, info on graffiti art, movie trivia, comic books, and more. and Post Wanted provide complete post production services for independent film and video productions.

Urban-American Filmmakers Workshop (UAFW)

The Urban-American Filmmakers Workshop (UAFW) is a touring workshop series designed for the urban filmmaker and film enthusiast. Attendees have the opportunity to win copies of the Final Draft software, issues of The Hollywood Creative Directory, and a scholarship to the Fox Searchlab program. UAFW's resource page is a vast source of information for filmmakers.

Van Den Hogen Law Firm

Providing legal advice and counsel in the areas of Copyright, Licensing, and Intellectual Property.

What's New This Month

From Charles Deemer's Screenwriters and Playwrights Home Page. Nobody does a better job of searching the 'net for new sites of interest to screenwriters.

Word Into Pictures

Words into Pictures is a three day forum featuring an uncensored public dialogue between Hollywood's top motion picture and television writers, and agents, lawyers, industry executives, producers, directors and critics. This is an opportunity to analyze important issues with your colleagues through a comprehensive series of panel discussions, interviews and case studies. For seasoned writers and newcomers alike there will be a stimulating cross-fertilization of ideas, lively networking opportunities and, above all, plenty of fun.

WORDPLAY - Pro Secrets for Screenwriters

Simply put, this site gives away secrets. Professional secrets. From working screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott. Secrets weighted specifically toward selling scripts to Hollywood.

Upon completion, 52 essays covering all facets of screenwriting -- a full course in writing screenplays, covering both business and creative issues. Plus guest columns from industry professionals, with practical advice and real-world perspectives, written by people doing the jobs today.

So if you want to make a sale, get an assignment, be able to quit that day job... Wordplay is for you!

Words From Here

Sick of having your friends and family read your work? Words From Here is a site dedicated to all kinds of writing, primarily screenwriting! With weekly reviews of amateur scripts, movie reviews and message boards, we'll help you iron that script out and get it ready to sell!

Writer to Writer Network

Script Guidance by Top Grossing TV and Film Writers.

We are writers who have written scripts that have been bought by Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros. Newline, Universal, MGM/UA, Miramax, Sony, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, Disney Channel, TNT,TBS, USA and WB.

We offer script coaching, career mentoring and our connections to help you market and polish your script.

Writer's Blueprint

Affordable script analysis offering not just coverage, but detailed breakdowns of major screenplay elements and constructive tools on how to repair problems. The goal is to provide the writer with a "blueprint" for a better script.

Writers Boot Camp Home Page

Writers Boot Camp's unique approach to full conceptual development has been helping writers realize careers in film and television for 14 years. Check us--and our Success Stories--out at our informative website.

Writers' Computer Store

In our 15th year, The Writers' Computer Store is the most comprehensive source for all specialized software products in the writing and film production industries. Offering the best pricing, selection and service is our ongoing goal offered by the most experienced product consultants available.

Writer's Consortium Home Page

Monthly articles about screen writing and schedules of seminars held by Writer's Consortium.

Writers Copyright Association, UK

Copyright protect your screenplay, book or other literary work here. Also download legal contracts for the film industry and film and budgeting templates.

Writers For Hire

This forum is intended to help writers and screenwriters connect. Writers can post their contact info, websites, etc. here.

Writer's Guild of America

The official site of the Writer's Guild of America includes interviews with a wide variety of screenwriters as well as feature articles and links to WGA member web sites.

Writers Wanted

Filmmakers looking for scripts and/or writers can post their ads here and find listings of writers for hire.

A site for both novice and professional writers and speakers. This is the companion site to, an Internet research and marketing guide for writers and speakers. Site includes free a subscription to the e-zine and tons of helpful links.


A gathering place for working and aspiring writers of Film, Television, Prose, and Verse, featuring 24 hour chat rooms, message boards, and user recommendations of movies and books.

Writing World

More than 250 articles on just about every aspect of writing (fiction, nonfiction, freelancing, greeting cards, international, etc.), plus over 500 links to other resources, market information, contest listings, and more. It also offers a free biweekly newsletter that offers feature articles, columns, markets, contests, links, and news from the writing/publishing world.


Manuscript, Screenplay and Query editing at low rates.